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R.P Chapter 185: Live targets

“Reiner, slow down.”

Su Xiao observed the people of the Survey Corps through a telescope. He was deciding who to shoot.

After considering shortly, Su Xiao chose the target to shoot.

The speed of the armored titan Reiner had slowed down. This scene inspired the Survey Corps.

“Continue to pursue, these traitors are already tired.”

“They killed more than 200 our people, and we must pull out their tendons and tear their skin off after we catch them.”

“No, send them to the cells in the north and let them live a life worse than death.”

The people of the Survey Corps were in a chasing frenzy and the pursuing of a day and night made them physically and mentally exhausted.

“Head, are you ready to fight?”

Hange Zoe was riding close to Erwin.

“Get ready to fight, it seems that they can’t run anymore.”

Erwin looked calm but didn’t know why he was a little worried.

On the armored titan’s shoulder, Su Xiao’s legs were slightly opened and stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, he held broken elf in the right hand.

His shooting method was not good. Under this distance, it was impossible to point a target to shoot. The skill ‘gaze shooting’ attached to the broken elf could.

Su Xiao used ‘gaze shooting’. The left hand wrapped black bracer hung naturally flat, the right hand held guns and aimed.

A red circle appeared in his sight, the red circle was gradually lessening. When the red circle reduced to the size of the needle’s light, it meant that the target was locked. The time was five seconds.

The red circle gradually narrowed, Su Xiao’s muscles of the arm which held gun gradually tightened.

Five, four, three, two, one, locked successfully.

The killing moment had arrived!

Boom, boom, boom…

Su Xiao continuously pulled the trigger of the broken elf, the six bullets rushed out of the gun.

Six bullets cut through the air, breaking open airwaves in the air.

The six bullets flew to the Survey Corps at a high speed, all the members of the Survey Corps were still rushing forward. They did not know the weapons like guns.

Snigger, snigger…

The sound of bullets came into the meat came, Hange Zoe, who was riding a horse, was splashed with blood.

“Blood? This is…”

Hange Zoe saw the unforgettable scene after she turned her head. The head of the Survey Corps, Erwin, had five blood holes which were as big as the fist in the upper body and the entire head had disappeared.


The blood ran down through Hange Zoe’s cheek, Erwin’s body slammed down from the horse.


“Head Erwin!”

The formation of the Survey Corps was immediately chaotic, their head died, he died under the ‘unknown’ attack.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao relieved, the first target of the shooting was of course Erwin.

As long as Erwin died, the Survey Corps would have no one to lead. The Survey Corps though had many captains, no one could replace Erwin, and other people would not follow their orders.

If he chooses to shoot Levi or Mikasa, he can’t guarantee that the one bullet can kill one person. Even killing these two people will only make the Survey Corps lose their combat power. It had no crucial effect.

The horse team of the Survey Corps obviously scattered, some members of the Survey Corps even stopped chasing and went down to check Erwin’s body.

“What should we do, Levi?”

Hange Zoe asked urgently.

“You become the head.”

Levi looked down.


“yes, you.”

“Can I do it?”

Levi stared at Hange Zoe.

“No, you have to do it, or those guys will run away soon.”

Levi’s fighting power was strong, but he could not command.

“Understood, now I am the head, everyone should not stop and continue to pursue.”

At this moment, Hange Zoe could only do it forcibly.

“But the head, he…”

The suspects immediately appeared, although Hange Zoe’s reputation in the Survey Corps was not low, she could not replace Erwin.

“Now she is the head. Do you have any opinions?”

Levi said quietly.

“No, but.”

“Shut up! I ask Hange Zoe to be the head.

Another captain, ‘Mike Zacharias’, spoke, his power was only lower than Levi.

The Survey Corps became stabilized, but internal conflicts appeared quietly.

“Don’t stop, continue to pursue.”

The team continued to move forward, dozens of members of the Survey Corps did not move. They drove the horse to Erwin’s body.

“These stubborn guys.”

Hange Zoe whipped the horse’s bottom hard, the large team of the Survey Corps moved forward again, Su Xiao and others had already run far.

Su Xiao had been watching this scene with a telescope.

“Hange Zoe, the next one is you.”

The broken elf took two minutes to fill in the bullets, and the cooling time was 24 hours.

Su Xiao checked the tips given by the reincarnation paradise.

[You killed the head of the Survey Corps, ‘Erwin Smith’.]

[‘Erwin Smith’ is a key figure in the story. You have gained 2.1% of the source of the world and now have a total of 16.1% of the source of the world.]

Killing Erwin made him gain 2.1% of the source of the world, Su Xiao suspected that Erwin should drop the treasure chest.

The reincarnation paradise was not a game. The treasure chest that was dropped needed him to take in person, so the treasure chest could only be given up.

After two minutes, Su Xiao pointed the gun at the Survey Corps behind.

Now the Survey Corps was the target, it was not a word awesome could describe.


Su Xiao shot, a member of the Survey Corps dropped down from the horse, Su Xiao shot on the shoulder of the member of the Survey Corps, the bullet of the broken elf burst, and the horrible wound appeared.

This was not a fatal injury, the member of the Survey Corps was not likely to live. After he fell, there were hundreds of horses waiting to step on him.

Three seconds later, the member of the Survey Corps was stepped into a pile of rotten meat and made two companions fall down.

this gun was ‘shooting where he aimed?’ His goal was Hange Zoe, and the target that he hit was five meters away from Hange Zoe.

Deeply taking a breath, Su Xiao stabilized the muzzle, the pupil gradually contracted and highly concentrated.


It was another shot. The gun was obviously better than the one just shot. The bullet flew directly through Hange Zoe’s side and hit the member of the Survey Corps behind her.




Su Xiao shot several times, although he did not injure Hange Zoe, he found some good feeling in the shooting.

Su Xiao’s current physical quality and his strong perception, he found that it was not difficult to hit the target.

The broken elf could generate 6 bullets in two minutes, which meant that 180 bullets could be generated in one hour. Reiner could run for four hours incessantly, it meant it could generate 720 bullets in four hours.

Even after Reiner ran out of the strength, Annie could turn into a female titan to replace him.

The female titan was probably able to run for more than two hours with full strength so that Su Xiao had more than six hours of safe shooting time, and the broken elves could generate thousands of bullets.

What was the concept of thousands of bullets? If Su Xiao can ensure that three bullets hit one person, the Survey Corps will be killed more than half.

Raising the broken elf, Su Xiao pulled the trigger, and a member of the Survey Corps fell.

He had a feeling of getting more and more accurate. The rate of shooting the target just now had a relationship with Survey Corps’ dense population.

After shooting hundreds of bullets incessantly, Su Xiao’s shooting method should grow a lot, hundreds of live targets were helping him practice his shooting.