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R.P Chapter 186: Chain effect

The armored titan ran at full speed, a large number of members of Survey Corps chased in the rear, the clops were connected.

Su Xiao stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, lifting the guns, adjusting the angle, breathing smoothly, and shooting.


The bullets left the gun.


The crisp sound of the metal collision came.

This could count as hitting an enemy, but the enemy did not fall.

Members of the Survey Corps would not be passively beaten. After Su Xiao shot more than a dozen members of the Survey Corps, these guys untied the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ on both sides of the waist and closed the two ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to block in front which formed a shield that barely blocked the upper body.

Although there was a danger of falling from the horse, it could save lives.

Even so, the Survey Corps had a large team of nearly 800 people, now there were only about 600 left.

He could not easily shoot the members of the Survey Corps, but Su Xiao was not silly, if he could not shoot people then he would shoot the horses.

In the situation where the horses fell down, the members of the Survey Corps will be seriously injured if they are not dead, and they could not continue to pursue.

The second force of the Survey Corps, ‘Mike Zacharias’, left the team because of this, the guy broke one leg.

After armored titan ran for more than an hour, Su Xiao shot more than 200 bullets.

The broken elf in his hand turned hot, the durability was reduced by one-sixth.

Su Xiao’s shooting method had obviously improved a lot. Compared with the human’s body, the horse’s body was obviously much larger.

Boom, boom, boom…

After shooting six bullets incessantly, the broken elf spin for a few times in Su Xiao’s hand, he was getting better and better.

Six shots to make four horses fell, those members who fell off the horses were either injured or fainted, none of them caught up.

It was absolutely horrible to fall from horses which were running at full speed. Even if you are not stepped by your rear companions, it will be inevitable to break a few bones.

Su Xiao waited for the broken elf to fill the bullets, Annie and others were no longer nervous.

Seeing from the current situation, it was impossible for the Survey Corps to catch up with them.

As long as they didn’t run into the forest, the Survey Corps’ ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ was a pile of useless iron.

Two minutes later, the bullets were filled, Su Xiao shot six bullets. This time, three horses fell, but a member’s head was shot, unfortunately.

Waiting again.

Su Xiao here felt nice as the sun is shining over him, but the side of Survey Corps will be overcast.

“This is absolutely impossible, we have to find a way.”

The blue veins stood out on Levi’s temples. He had never been so upset. If he is defeated, he will not say anything, but now he had no chance to approach.

“How about throwing 3D Maneuver Gear away? It will be faster.”

Petra Ral proposed, but she immediately vetoed her own opinion. This was a very stupid way. Throwing away the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, even if they catch up with the enemy, how can they fight the titan?

”If some people throw away the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ and catch up with them, the following team will have a chance.”

Hange Zoe made a choice in the dilemma.

“This can’t work.”

Levi immediately vetoed.


Hange Zoe looked at Levi with doubts.

“If the head is still alive, this is a viable method. If it is our two orders, there will be problems within the Survey Corps.”

Hange Zoe blamed reluctantly, what Levi said made sense.

Untied the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ and rushed forward was waiting for the death. If she issues such an order, it will definitely have problems.

Hange Zoe looked at Su Xiao with hatred, the choice of the person killed their leader first was too evil, resulting in the Survey Corp could only use 5% to 10% of the total combat power.

The chasing was still going on. Su Xiao could only shoot six bullets in two minutes.

After two hours of chasing, the Survey Corps had only 500 people left.

The successive shooting made Su Xiao’s shooting skills more and more accurate. Now he could shoot four horses with six bullets averagely.

After the broken elf filled the bullets,

Su Xiao pointed the gun at Hange Zoe.

The feeling of lacking confidence in the ‘shot where he aimed’ had disappeared. Su Xiao was not a shooter, but he had mastered the basic shooting skills.

The 21 points of power attribute made his arm steady as a rock. The 17 points of agility made the speed of his nerve reflection extremely sharp, and the 17 points of intelligence attribute and heart eyes made his perception increased a lot.

The support from these ‘hardware’ and shooting practice in high intensity, his current shooting method could at least not miss the target.

As for hurting the target every time, it was a dream.

He breathed calmly, the broken elf which became very hot made Su Xiao understand that it was impossible to shoot thousands of times. His body could support, but the broken elf could not hold it.


After the bullet was fired, the light red bullet flew over Hange Zoe.

Feeling the broken hair of her sideburns and the burning sensation from the bullet, Hange Zoe shrank her head subconsciously.


Another shot.

Huh, this bullet flew over the left side of the horse under Hange Zoe, the well-trained horse did not respond, as long as it was not hit, it would not stop running.


The third shot.

The ding sound, the bullet hit the ‘3D Maneuver Gear‘ in front of Hange Zoe, the kinetic energy attached to the bullet made Hanji Zoe’s body begin to lean back, but her legs tightly clamped the horse’s belly.


The fourth shot.

Snigger, blood splashed on Hange Zoe’s lower abdomen, there was a bloody hole which was as big as a fist in her lower abdomen.


Hange Zoe yelled, her legs clamped the horse’s belly tightly, she looked like that even she died, she would die on the horse’s back.


The fifth shot.

The horse under Hange Zoe screamed, the horse rolled forward. The whole horse slammed to the ground after it leaped a half loop in the air.

Hange Zoe, the head of the Survey Corps, detached from chasing team of the Survey Corps.

This situation caused a chain effect, more than half of the members of the Survey Corps tightened the reins and stopped chasing.

Hange Zoe, the head of the team, was defeated they did not want to keep chasing.

This was just an excuse. They became the targets for two hours, the endurance of these people had reached the edge of collapse.

They were not afraid of fighting with titans, they were not even afraid of death, but this kind of fights where they could not resist made them very unwilling.

The titan’s footsteps did not slow down at all, they will die if they continue.

From the 800 people initially to only about 100 left now.

It was not that the strength of the Survey Corps is weak. It has been running for a day and night to let the horsepower reach to the limit. These horses could persist until now was good.

Most of the remaining 100 people had begun to hesitate, the Levi in front was their last spiritual support.

Su Xiao also noticed Levi, who was rushing to the forefront. He didn’t shoot immediately. He was waiting for the broken elf to fill six bullets.