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R.P Chapter 187: Horrible expression

After pursuing for three hours.

Su Xiao still held the broken elf and continued to shoot. There were only a few dozen people left in the Survey Corps.

The members of the Survey Corps were very miserable, leaving only a few dozen people from the original 800.

This was the price of chasing without strength. It was not that Erin was stupid to cause this scene to appear, but Su Xiao’s surprise attack on the ‘wall Rose’ was too sudden.

From Reiner being exposed to kidnapping him and fleeing, the Survey Corps did not have time to prepare.

The current situation was only a chain effect, Su Xiao just took the preemptive opportunity.

Survey Corps chose to face the situation when the people and horses were exhausted. If they don’t chase, they’ll feel unwilling. It was an infinite loop.

On armored titan’s shoulder, Su Xiao tried to touch the broken elf’s barrel with his hand.


It was very hot, if he continues to shoot for a while, the broken elf may break.

A maximum for the shooting was dozens of bullets, broken elf must not be able to hold if he shoots more. The barrel was too hot.

Su Xiao’s sights gradually sharpened, the muzzle was aimed at Levi.


Without hesitation, it was a shot.

Levi’s horse screamed, and a bloody hole in the chest of the horse appeared. The whole horse fell down with Levi.

Levi was quick in movements, he tried to adjust his figure in the air.

Levi landed with a boom and squatted to the ground after rolling for a few loops on the ground.

Although Levi looked unrestrained, he felt faintly painful, he immediately got up and wanted to chase with another horse. The pain in the joint made Levi stagger for two steps.

A shot hitting Levi’s horse made Su Xiao very surprised. He aimed at Levi’s trunk.

Sure enough, wanting to be a sharpshooter was just a dream.

However, Su Xiao, who is away from the level of ‘shot where he aimed,’ was already very satisfied. The previous shooting skill was really embarrassing.

Levi falling from the horse represented the Survey Corps collapsed, members of the Survey Corps stopped chasing.

There was no meaning to chase. The enemy’s means were too ‘shameless’.

Although the Survey Corps stopped chasing, the figure was still going on, she was Mikasa.

After discovering that there was only Mikasa left, Su Xiao put the broken elf away.

The Survey Corps was still nearby so the armored titan could not stop. If they run out for a distance and Mikasa dares to keep chasing, she will fall into the snare.

Moving the right hand which was a bit numb, Su Xiao sat on the armored titan’s shoulder.

Looking at the remaining time of the main task, there were 12 days and 17 hours, which made him feel a little worried.

He did not know how big ‘Paratitivu’ was, but it should not be small from the world inside of the wall. He could only look forward that ‘Paratitivu’ was not far from ‘Marley Empire’.

Su Xiao had some concerns whether he could arrive at the Marley Empire in the time limit of the main mission.

If it is not the pattern inside of the wall is too small, there is no potential to dig, Su Xiao will not cooperate with Reiner and others.

Several organizations in the world inside of the wall were the training corps, Survey Corps, Stationed Corps, Military police regiment, and the strongest royal family.

He did not consider Several corps. The gains from joining these corps were not great.

As for the royal family, Su Xiao even did not want to join. In his opinion, the royal family inside of the wall was not a good choice as well. It was ten times more dangerous to join the forces than to join the CCG in the last world.

So Su Xiao thought of the world outside the wall, the Marley Empire was a good choice, there were Reiner and others who could help him.

And the basement of Eren’s house, even if he can’t reach the Marley Empire, there won’t be much loss.

If there are no Reiner and others leading the way, trying to find the basement of Eren’s house was found a moon in the sea, which is the main reason for Su Xiao to cooperate with Reiner and others.

What’s more, Reiner and others were still a kind of insurance. Now Su Xiao had gathered the six inheritors of the power of titans that Su Xiao intended to gather when the plan failed he could get the final benefit.

The main question now was how far the Marley Empire was.

Su Xiao sighed in his mind, he had a feeling that the Titan world was not suitable to dig vaguely.

The duration of the task was too short, and the number of tasks was less.

The scope of the derivative world was so broad to let people speechless, the distributions between the forces were far away, there was no way to travel quickly.

This derivative world was like the reincarnation paradise wanted him to familiarize with the small and medium wars.

Temporarily forgetting all kinds of thoughts in his mind, these things would be concluded later.

The speed of the armored titan gradually slowed down, but Mikasa behind was not close, her horse also gradually slowed down.

Five minutes later, the horse under Mikasa gradually stopped, even if Mikasa whipped it, the horse still stood in the same place.

The horse was squatting to the ground, the foam appeared in its mouth. The undulations of the horse’s belly were getting slower and slower. Finally, the horse stopped breathing and died.

Mikasa looked at Eren, who was gradually going far away. Her sights began to dim.

Mikasa squatted on the grass, her arms hung down powerlessly, she had tried her best to pursue, but Eren was still going far away.


Mikasa shouted.

Su Xiao sided to look at Mikasa, the winner took it all. The person lost this game, and she was lucky not to lose her life.

After being chased for three and a half hours, Su Xiao got rid of the Survey Corps. Although the Survey Corps looked very miserable, the real casualties were not great.

Because he could not accurately shoot, Su Xiao chose to shoot horses, but it was not known how many members of the Survey Corps could return to the wall.

The armored titan, Reiner, ran for an hour and then stopped. At this time, the armored titan began to vaporize.

After Reiner released titan mode, red marks appeared on both sides of his cheeks, which was a feature of physical strength overdraft.

“We finally get rid of the Survey Corps.”

Reiner lied on the grass without strength, Bertolt Hoover stepped forward to give some water to Reiner.

Su Xiao sat silently on the ground to think about something, thinking about two minutes later he went to Reiner.

“Reiner, how long it will take to return to the empire from here?”

Su Xiao this question seemed careless was related to the lives of several people.

“At our current speed..”

Reiner seriously pondered.

“It will take about three days to leave Paratitivu. After that, we will travel on the sea for eight or nine days back to the empire. We hid a boat at the seaside when we came, so don’t worry about crossing the sea.”

Reiner barely sat up.

“You don’t know the way back, how did you come?”

The doubts appeared in Reiner mind.

Su Xiao calculated that the time limit of the mainline mission was more than 12 days in his mind. It could take about 12 days to reach the Marley Empire. There were still eight or nine days of traveling on the way. If the weather at sea is not good, time will be longer.

His heart gradually sank, the most fearful thing happened. The titan world was really not suitable for development. It was indeed a reincarnation paradise’s way to make him adapt the small and medium wars.

“I almost have a headache.”

Su Xiao lightly pressed his forehead.

“Byakuya, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Reiner’s tone became serious. Su Xiao was not a spy with them, so they would not fully believe in Su Xiao.

“Ah, that question….”

Su Xiao’s body was getting tighter. He actually had a good excuse. Just say that he came by airship, but it was not necessary now.

“I have never told you a secret message.”

Su Xiao spoke to see Eren and other captives and indicated Reiner and the other three people were close.

Reiner and Bertolt Hoover looked at each other. Because of Su Xiao’s previous performance, the two men approached Su Xiao, but Annie stood in the same place and did not move. This may be a woman’s intuition.

“I am not actually a person from the Marley Empire.”

Su Xiao smiled, his eyes flashed a cold light, the dragon flash appeared in his hand!

When Reiner saw Su Xiao’s expression, his pupils tightened, and his face was full of fears.