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R.P Chapter 188: Ferocious

“Quickly spread out…”

Reiner screamed with a distorted expression, at the same time put his thumb into the entrance, ready to bite his fingers to turn into a titan.

The bright knife light passed through, Reiner lost consciousness after his sight turned black.


A lot of blood splashed on ‘Bertolt Hoover ’s body, and Bertolt Hoover’s mouth opened, his expression was astonished.

After Su Xiao killed Reiner, the action kept going, and he turned his back to cut through the head of ‘Bertolt Hoover’.

Bertolt Hoover had lost his life before turning into the colossal titan. His body fell down softly.

Su Xiao’s movements kept going, he threw off the blood on the blade, the blood glazed on the green grass. He rushed to Eren in two steps.

“What is this…”


Eren’s half of head was cut off, he slammed down and lost his life.

Su Xiao looked at Annie, Ymir and Christa Lenz.

At the moment, Annie was frightened. Su Xiao’s attitude changed too fast. He just helped them to get rid of the Survey Corps previously. At this moment, he suddenly turned to kill them with a knife.

Su Xiao rushed to Annie, only Annie need to fight on this battlefield.

Reiner was unable to resist because he was too weak, Bertolt Hoover had no opportunity to respond.

The first to kill Eren to prevent any unknown things, Annie’s distance was a little far away, she was not close to Su Xiao previously.

Su Xiao leaned and rushed forward, he was already in front of Annie in a sudden.

In this very short time, Annie bit on her white index finger.


Golden lightning fell, and the impact force came.

In Su Xiao’s sight, he was emotionless. He had fought with Annie before, he could easily kill her.

A huge foot stepped on, Su Xiao jumped over to escape the foot.


The soil and the burrs splashed, the knife light appeared.


The toes of the two titans were smashed, and the female titan staggered for a few steps.

Annie now finally understood that they were cheated, but why did this man do this?

Annie tried to recall the scenes on the way in her mind. She suddenly thought of Su Xiao’s moves of overturning cabinets in the basement of Eren’s house.

This man wanted to find the basement of Eren’s house through them.

Annie was right, Su Xiao cooperated with them was to find the basement.

There were not many places could get benefit in titan world, the basement was a good choice.

The humans in the Titan world were not too strong, so the plot of the whole world developed around the wisdom titans.

Su Xiao gathered most of the Titans inside of the wall by arrangements and helped them get out of the wall.

It was a good thing to be able to arrive at the Marley Empire. If he can’t reach the Marley Empire, he’ll use these titans to make up for the loss.

There were nine wise titans in the titan world. After the arrangements, Su Xiao gathered a total of five wise titans, another one came actively, a total of six wise titans.

After successfully escaping from the Survey Corps and knowing that he could not reach the Marley Empire, Su Xiao chose to kill the inheritors of the power of titans directly.

Crack, Boom.

Su Xiao and the female titans fought together, the soil on the grassland splashed, and the sound came far away.

One of titan’s arms was thrown outwards, Annie’s situation was in danger.

Ymir witnessed this scene, she had high intelligence and knew that all of this was done by the man.

Ymir looked around, she saw a small puddle in the grass not far away.

She climbed to the front of the puddle with struggle, Ymir did not care how turbid the water in the puddle, she put her head into the puddle and began to drink.

Ymir, who had not been drinking water for a long time, drank a lot of dirty water, and she obviously felt the strength of her body recovered.

Trying to stand up, Ymir walked slowly to Christa Lenz.

“Christa Lenz listened to me, I will let Annie take you to go first, goodbye.”

Christa Lenz who was tied understood what happened, tears welled up her eyes, and she kept shaking her head.

Ymir shouted after deeply breathing.

“Annie, you take Christa Lenz to go first, I can help you delay this monster.”

The female titan who was fighting with Su Xiao looked at Ymir sideways.

Just a side move, the female titan was almost had a leg cut off by Su Xiao.

Annie only hesitated for less than a second and nodded. Ymir’s face was filled with joy and bit her palm.


Another titan figure appeared, Ymir surprisingly had the physical strength to become a titan.

Ymir, who had become a jaw titan, was about seven meters tall. Because of the lack of physical strength, the jaw titan had not even formed the skin. The whole body had only muscles and skeletons, there were no arms.

When the jaw titan appeared, she rushed to Su Xiao, the big mouth full of fangs biting at Su Xiao, and the female titan took the opportunity to flee away from the battle and grab the Christa Lenz on the ground.

“Quick… escape.”

The hoarse voice came from the jaw titan’s mouth, this titan could surprisingly speak.

Su Xiao held the dragon flash tightly in his hand, the long knife whistled, he cut broke the titan’s calf by one knife.

With the appearance of the jaw titan, it could be seen that she could not last long and did not pay attention to her.

Because of this, Ymir did not take Christa Lenz to escape, she could not run too far.

Annie knew how terrible the sword in Su Xiao’s hand was. After catching Christa Lenz, the female titan turned and ran.

“Don’t even think about escaping.”

Su Xiao’s electrifying burst of speed was faster than the female titan, he could stop the female titan before she ran.

A few steps rushed to the feet of the female titan, the female titan just ran five or six meters away, the body’s inertia had not been raised.

Su Xiao held a sword in one hand and aimed at the female titan’s Achilles tendon.


A loud spitting sound came from behind which made Su Xiao’s flesh creep, the action of waving his sword stopped and tried to move sideways.


A white object flew across his ear, the kinetic energy of this thing was not worse than the bomb, whizzing and flew out of Su Xiao’s sight.

Su Xiao escaped an unknown attack, but the female titans had run out for a few meters away with Christa Lenz.

The most important thing was that the female titan had already run up, now with his speed, he won’t be able to catch up.

Turning his head and looking behind, the jaw titan climbed on the grass, she had no strength to continue to move.

There was one fang disappeared in the jaw titan’s mouth, the attack was a tooth spat out after holding it in her mouth.

Is this a power of the jaw titan?

The power of that tooth should not be underestimated, it was no better to be hit by that tooth than by a bomb.


The steam rose and the jaw titan’s body rapidly vaporized. Ymir climbed out of the wreckage of the titan.

“Cough, cough, hahaha.”

Ymir lay on the ground and laughed. Su Xiao walked to the front of Ymir.

“Reiner and Annie are really stupid. If it’s me, I will not believe you, no matter how much you know about Marley or know their mission.”

Ymir had given up on resistance.

“Ha, do you still think that their mental states are normal? They need a ‘hometown’ too much, and I have prepared a lot of ways to convince them to believe in me, but I haven’t used it.

Look at your smart intelligence and give you a time for the last word. ”

Su Xiao put the dragon flash on Ymir’s neck.

Ymir looked calm, and there was no fear in her eyes.

“I’m satisfied that Christa Lenz can leave, there is no last word, I am defeated by you this kind of guy with horrible power and full of plans, I have nothing to say.”

“You have integrities.”

Dragon flash cutover Ymir’s neck. After ten seconds, Ymir died because of excessive blood loss.

After several bodies appeared on the grassland, three of the four men dropped treasure chests.

One blue, two green.