Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 189: Invitation from the adventurous group.

Su Xiao put away the three treasure chests. There were a lot of tips from the reincarnation paradise. He didn’t check it because he had been fighting with Annie. Now he had time to check.

[You kill ‘Reiner Braun’ (the inheritor of the power of the armored titan), gaining 4.2% of the source of the world, and now you have a total of 20.6% of the source of the world

[You kill ‘Bertolt Hoover’ (the inheritor of the power of the colossal titan), gaining 4.1% of the source of the world, and now you have 24.8% of the source of the world.]

[You kill ‘Eren Yeager’ (the inheritor of the power of attack on titan), gaining 9.6% of the source of the world, and now you have 34.4% of the source of the world.]

[You kill ‘Ymir’ (the inheritor of the power of the jaw titan), gaining 4.9% of the source of the world, and now you have 38.9% of the source of the world.]


[Because more than half of ‘the inheritor of the power of the titan’ was killed at the same time, the power of the titan appeared the phenomenon of chaos.]

[The ancient titan(initial) rebirthed…, drop…, did not find a suitable carrier, the power of the Titans collapsed.]

[Warning: The rules of the titan world have collapsed.]

[Warning: The rules of the titan world have collapsed.]

[Warning: The rules of the titan world have collapsed.]

[This derivative world will reset the time, the timeline reset.]

[Derivative world collapse, hunter, please leaves as soon as possible.]


This series of tips made Su Xiao a little surprised. He had a feeling that he played the titan world to make it break.


A loud noise came from behind, Su Xiao looked behind, he could see a large number of buildings’ wreckages rising into the sky.

“There… the world inside of the wall?”

Crack, crack.

The ground under Su Xiao’s feet began to crack, the surrounding grasses and trees quickly withered.

In less than five minutes, the grassland where Su Xiao was located had become a desert.

The sky was black, the rumbling of the thunders, and several horrible lightning flashed across the dark clouds.


A fireball slid down rapidly from the sky, a long tail flame and slammed to the ground with a bang.

The island where the world inside of the wall located instantly broke into pieces, the seawater overflew from the gaps of the island.

”Is this resetting the world? Why does it feel like the end of the world?”

Su Xiao felt that the ground under his feet was constantly shaking. Fortunately, he had completed the returning condition and could return at any time. He was ready to see what would happen in the titan world.

Crack, crack…

Suddenly there was a large crack in the sky, Su Xiao looked up.

At this time, there was a magic circle made by space cracks in the sky of the titan world. The whole magic circle was boundless. Perhaps this magic circle covered the entire titan world.

[Warning: The power of space-time is about to invade, the hunter need to leave immediately, and the survival rate of the hunter in the invasion of the power of the space-time is 0%.]

After receiving the hint of the reincarnation park, Su Xiao no longer looked around, but now it was important to escape.


A force of time-space covered Su Xiao, this familiar feeling made him subconsciously hold his back head.


Su Xiao cursed angrily in his mind, then fell asleep deeply.

Reincarnation paradise could destroy the world. Was it impossible to change the way of transmission?

Su Xiao was full of resentment unconsciously. When he recovered his consciousness, he was already in the exclusive space. He returned to the reincarnation paradise.

[Transmission is completed, the hunter returns to the exclusive room.]

[Exclusive room is an absolute security point, except for the hunter, no one is allowed to enter]

[The hunter returns to the reincarnation paradise. starting to calculate the rewards of the derivative world.]

Derivative World: The attacking titan.

Difficulty: Lv.7 (difficult).

The source of the world: 38.9%

Number of completed tasks: 2. (attack and defense mission × 1, main mission × 1)

Comprehensive evaluation: A+. (Note: The score is E-to S+. The comprehensive evaluation is based on the sum of the sources of the world and the number of completed tasks.)

Start collecting the source of the world…

The source of the world was collected, and the rewards were settled.

Earn rewards: 12 points of the attribute points (including the attribute points obtained in the derivative world), 12,000 paradise coins.

The overall rating was A+, the hunter level increased 2 levels, you upgraded to Lv.7. (The rating was increased based on the comprehensive evaluation.)

The hunter level had reached Lv.7, and the storage space had increased to seven cubic meters.

The settlement was completed, the reward had been automatically deposited into the hunter’s brand.

Checking the completion of the hunting task, of course, the completion (2/3), reward the bronze honored medal × 2 which could exchange items in the honor store.


After seeing the various rewards, Su Xiao got up and walked to the bed. The whole body fell on the bed. After ten meters, he fell asleep.

In the titan world, Su Xiao could be said as he was physically and mentally exhausted.

Although he did not encounter the enemy with horrible power, he thought for a long time.

The Titan world was a world that made Su Xiao familiar with the battlefield mission. The time limit of the mission was not counted, and the map was so large that people could spit blood.

What was even more speechless was that the task in titan world could be received very few. In addition to the two missions released by the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao did not discover other tasks.

In addition to the royal family inside of the wall, he had been in contact with other important figures, and the protagonist of the plot was more like a pendant never left him.

Even so, he still did not receive any tasks, which showed how many tasks in the titan world.

In such a speechless world, Su Xiao also played it with new tricks.

Su Xiao’s idea was to join Reiner and others to the Marley Empire. Even if they can’t reach the Marley Empire, they will pass through the basement of Eren’s house.

Even if Eren’s basement had nothing to gain, Su Xiao could kill the inheritors of powers of several titans who got out of the city with him.

There were powers of the nine titans, he gathered six, which showed how many brain cells he used.


Ten hours later, Su Xiao woke up, a strong sense of hunger came. After washing up, Su Xiao left the exclusive space.

In a restaurant opened by a worker.

The restaurant was not large, it had only three dining tables, but the restaurant was warm by decorations and the overall warm colors gave a sense of relaxation.

“Sorry to keep you waiting so long.”

A 20-year-old cook walked out of the kitchen with a few plates of the food which were carefully cooked.

The cook was not high, but the figure was good, although she was not beautiful, she gave a feeling of looking more and more pleasing.

The name of the cook was Xia, there was only one word. Su Xiao always ate food in this restaurant when he was in the reincarnation park.

“You just get out of the derivative world? You’re full of the smell of blood.”

Sitting in the opposite of Su Xiao, her hands were holding her chin.

Su Xiao had visited this place many times, so the two were familiar.

“Well, the derivative world collapses, so get out earlier.”

Su Xiao picked up a piece of bacon and chewed it in the mouth. Xia’s cooking skills were very high. Because the location of the store was remote, there were not many guests here. That’s why Su Xiao came often.

“Collapse? How does the derivative world collapse, what did you do in the derivative world?”

Xia looked at Su Xiao with full of surprise.

“Sorry, Sorry, I should not ask about things in the derivative world.”

Xia apologized, asking the actions of the contractor in the derivative world was a taboo.

“I killed a lot of important characters, I’m also surprised that the derivative world collapsed.”

Su Xiao put a bowl of fried sauces noodles in front, and Xia began to tell about her experience in the derivative world.

“I told you that the ghouls in the ghouls’ world are all monsters. If you get there, you can’t be careless. I used to go to the ghouls’ world, and I was almost eaten by an A-class ghoul. These guys are powerful and inhuman. ”

Xia showed an expression that the experience still haunted her.

“Oh? Thank you for your reminder.”

Su Xiao secretly said that he may not be able to enter the ghouls’ world, where he had killed through.

Finishing the food on the table, Su Xiao lit a cigarette to indicate to check out.

“A total of 16 paradise coins, give me 15 paradise coins will be fine, you are a regular customer.”

Su Xiao traded 20 paradise coins to Xia. Although she was a bit talkative, she was very kind.


Xia wanted to refuse, Su Xiao leaned on the chair and waved his hand.

At this time, the door of the restaurant was pushed open, a contractor with a suit came into the restaurant.

The contractor’s pace was steady, probably he was twenty years old, with a calm smile on his face.

“Hello, Mr. Byakuya, my name is Carl, there is something I want to talk to you.”

Carl sat in the opposite to Su Xiao, holding a pair of tarot cards in his hand to play.

Carl’s strength was not weak, Su Xiao rarely felt pressure from other contractors, this Carl gave him a very bad feeling.

“What’s up?”

Su Xiao frowned tightly, the person not only knew his fake name but also knew where he was.

“I want to invite you to join the “Phantom adventurous group”, you don’t have to refuse immediately, the rules of the brigade were different from the ordinary adventurous group.

The adventurous group had a maximum of 13 people, each of the 13 people would not enter the same world every time when they experience the derivative world.

Moreover, there was no subordinate relationship in the adventurous group. There were only 13 numbers. The less the number, the stronger the strength. You don’t have to follow anyone’s orders, because the adventurous group did not have the title of the head.

Even if you become enemies with your companions in the adventurous group, you can declare war before you fight, others will not stop, we will only watch it.”

After listening to Carl’s introduction, Su Xiao scowled. He felt familiar with this Adventurous Phantom group.

“Yes, similar to the phantom troupe of the Hunter World, the adventurous group is our inspiration, but compared to the hunter world’s troupe, our adventurous group is more relaxed, it is a good idea to bring a group of monsters together.”

Carl smiled happier.

Su Xiao pondered for a while, he considered the true and false in the person’s words.

”Why do you invite me to join?”

“Because your strength is sufficient, the adventurous group will share some information and enjoy the skills of the adventurous group.

But…, although you can kill Lycoris radiata adventurous group alone, this does not mean that you can join us directly, you will go to the arena to fight and make sure the position, after that adventurous group, welcomes you to join.”

Carl no longer spoke, waiting for Su Xiao’s response.

“I will consider it and give you a reply within three days.”