Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 190: Physical and mental relaxation.

Carl left a tarot card and some information from the ‘Phantom adventurous group’ left.

Su Xiao did not touch the tarot card, just picked up the information of the Adventurous Phantom group.

There were no such rules for the Adventurous Phantom group. Basically, he could enjoy the adventurous group skills and numbers after joining the group.

Information sharing made Su Xiao very concerned. When he received the information, he also needed to pay for information.

“It’s a really good team, but unfortunately.”

Su Xiao dropped the information. He did not intend to join the adventurous group for the time being. The reason was very simple. He was a hunter, Carl’s strength has not been weak. He now at most had sixty percentage to defeat Carl.

He keenly captured the magic surged on his body, he was good at dealing with the Sorcerer.

Carl, a powerful sorcerer, his rank was eleventh in the adventurous group, which showed how strong others were.

Ordinary contractors would be happy to join the adventurous group, but he should be cautious.

He would not join at least until he was strong enough to a certain extent.

If you want to join this kind of adventurous group without limiting your freedom and the head of the team, and the group level is not low, your strength should be strong.

Su Xiao was prepared to consider joining after his strength reached to the top seven of the adventurous group, which was more secure.

It was not that he was timid, the place like reincarnation paradise full of dangers and he never knew what people thought. Only his own strength was true.

Moreover, Su Xiao had always believed that there was no free lunch in the world, not even talked about reincarnation paradise where the weak were the prey of the stronger. He was looking for an opportunity to investigate what the organization the adventurous group was.

Su Xiao picked up the tarot card on the table and gave a message to Carl. The message was very simple.

‘I’m used to being alone, I won’t join, for the time being, thank you for your invitation.’

Su Xiao sighed of relief and leaned on the seat.

The hunter was destined to be alone, this identity brought convenience and costs.

Su Xiao saw the regulations of the reincarnation paradise when he first entered the reincarnation paradise. The second one was:

[What you have to pay for what you get.]

Taking out the dragon flash, Su Xiao looked at the blade of the dragon flash carefully, perhaps only this knife would accompany him until he reached the end of life, or cut open the chains of fate.

“What are you thinking?”

Xia took a glass of orange juice and looked at Su Xiao with her big eyes.

“Nothing, thinking about life.”


Xia chuckled.

“You haven’t even born, what’re you thinking about life, but it’s rare to see a good person like you.”

Su Xiao stunned, looking at Xiao with surprise.

“I? Good guy?”

Su Xiao pointed at himself.

“Yeah, you always come to my restaurant, of course, you’re good people.”

Xia lightly touched her hair in front of the forehead and put her hair behind her ear.

Do you kill a lot of people in the derivative world?”

“A lot.”

Su Xiao spits out a cyan smoke and flicked ash in the ashtray handed by Xia.

“How many?”

Xiao was curious.

“Probably .”

Su Xiao extended two fingers.


Su Xiao did not speak.

“Hey, you won’t kill more than two hundred people.”

Xia looked at Su Xiao, who seemed to be looking at strange creatures.

“Maybe more.”

Xia looked at Su Xiao with stun.

“No… it won’t be two thousand.”

Su Xiao was calm, and Xia was already stunned.

“That…, don’t you feel guilty?”

“Yes, but one day I may die too. Good and evil are given to judge by the Gods, I will accomplish a goal before I see them.”

Su Xiao’s face was still calm, but the long-term killing made him a little tired. He never revealed too many feelings, it would be found weakness by the enemy.

“Although I am not as strong as you, It seems that I live a lot easier than you, take it… don’t thank me.”

Xia handed a tablet which was as big as a palm, there was a puzzle solving game.

”Try it, it will relieve stress.”

Su Xiao picked up the tablet, this was a puzzle solving survival game, the quality of the painting was exquisite extremely, if it’s in the earth, it will be better than any game.

Trying to play for a while, Su Xiao scowled, this thing was very interesting, the content was a person wanted to survive in the original forest, passed through dilemmas, searched for food and so on.

“Thank you.”

Su Xiao got up and prepared to leave when he walked to the door and stopped.

“If we enter the same derivative world in the future, I will protect you.”

Xia was surprised to see Su Xiao.

“The difficulty of the derivative world I entered was a bit high, and it has recently risen to Lv.5, which may make you have troubles.”

In the world above Lv.3, there would be a person who was stronger than human beings, so the Xia with Lv.5 was not low among the workers.

“Oh? Then we may not be able to meet. If we meet, I will protect you.”

Su Xiao left the restaurant.

He hadn’t chatted with people for a long time. After he left the derivative world, he had made efforts to become stronger, and life in the real world was boring as well.

People had their own thoughts in the derivative world, and in the real world, he needed to avoid discovering by the state apparatus.

Su Xiao felt that this could not work. If he continues this way, he may have problems. The human was not a machine. He had been tensed then he may have mental problems. The consequences were unimaginable.

It was impossible to relax in the reincarnation paradise, then he must find a way to relax in the real world.

Su Xiao thought of a solution, but now the first thing was to deal with the benefits in the derivative world.

He would strengthen the attribute points first, and then dealt with other matters.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao arrived at the property enhanced hall, and the hint appeared after entering the property enhanced warehouse.

[Welcome to use the property enhanced warehouse, please pay 100 paradise coins, the start-up fee.]

Su Xiao’s current attributes appeared in front.

Strength: 20 (original 21 has been reduced by equipment bonus)

Agility: 17

Physical strength: 10 (original 12 has been reduced by equipment bonus)

Intelligence: 17

Charm: 3

[Hunter can freely assign attribute points: 12 points]

[Drop, the main attribute of the hunter is detected as strength, agility, intelligence, please upgrade these three attributes first.]

Su Xiao pondered how to assign attribute points. He was prepared to balance the three main attributes. He strengthened strength was for the reward after arriving 20 points previously.

In the end, his distribution results were: strength +2, Agility +5, and intelligence +5.

[The attribute distribution is completed, the strengthening starts, the strengthening will be accompanied by a huge pain. Yes/No use of anesthesia function, this function is free.]

He did not use the anesthesia function, as usual, the property enhanced warehouse began to operate after the assignment was confirmed.

The pain came from all over the body, Su Xiao’s muscles and bones began to increase.

Although he had been experienced twice, cold sweat still came from the forehead.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao was somewhat powerless to rely on the property enhanced warehouse. The strengthening did not end there. He also got a bottle of medicine in the titan world.

Taking out the medicine and the remainder of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Titan refined extract (semi-finished product), yes/no cost 13,000 points of paradise coins to complete.

Su Xiao looked at the existing paradise coins, a total of 21,247 paradise coins, which was his income in the Titan world, he had more than a thousand remaining before he entered the titan world.

Choosing a repair, the [Titan refined extract (semi-finished product)] in his hand floating.

More than a dozen sophisticated robotic arms explored from the inner wall of the property enhanced warehouse and began to complete the bottle of medicine.

The robotic arms quickly moved, and occasionally added some ingredients to the bottle of medicine. After half an hour, the completion was finished. A metal syringe appeared in Su Xiao’s hands.

[Titan refined extract]

Quality: blue

Type: enhanced medicine

Effect: strength +2, agility +2, physical strength +2, intelligence +2 after injecting.

Rating: 67 (Note: Blue items scored from 31 to 70.)

Description: The mysterious medicine after refining, it would affect after injection, no side effects detected by the reincarnation paradise, it required to inject in the muscles.

Price: 13400 paradisecoins.


The score of [Titan refined extract] increased a lot after completing, as for the price, Su Xiao directly ignored.

Piercing the syringe into the arm and the light red liquid was pushed into the muscles, the effect was faster than the last time he used the enhanced drug.

Su Xiao’s muscles gradually tightened, an unspeakable feeling appeared. In general, he was getting stronger.

The feeling of becoming stronger quickly faded, which made him an addict. Su Xiao opened his personal information, his attributes had changed a lot.