Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 191: Chief’s rebel assault.

Contractor No. 13013. (To protect the hunter, this is a false number, and no means can lock the hunter.)

Name: Su Xiao (hunter)

Level: LV.7. (level one). Every 10th level is a stage, the level promotion has no attribute bonus. It is the hunter’s authority in the reincarnation paradise, which corresponds to the world difficulty and task difficulty. )

Hp: 100%. (This attribute cannot be fully digitized and changes depending on the degree of injury)

Mana : 473. (Intelligence × 10, the current mana recovery rate, 9 points every hour.)

Strength: 25

Agility: 24

Vitality: 14

Intelligence: 24

Charm: 3

Luck: 1 (it’s related to open items, manufacture, etc., this property is extremely difficult to upgrade, hunter please cherishes the opportunity to improve)

Note: The standard attribute for adult males is 5 points, and luck is 1 point.


[Agility attribute was the close attribute of the shadow of the law, the agility attribute had reached 20 points without wearing arms, the hunter can choose one of the following rewards.]

  1. Agility: Agility + 2.
  2. Running star: increasing the running speed by 15%.
  3. Electric light and Firestone: Increasing the nerve reaction by 15%.
  4. Jumper: increasing the jumping power by a small amount.


Four options just appeared Su Xiao decisively chose the third item. There were few opportunities to increase the ‘speed of nerve reaction’. In the close fight, the ‘speed of nerve reaction’ was very important. He decisively chose it.

Colorless energy flooded into the body to begin an unknown reinforcement.

After the reward of the agility attribute had just been selected, the 20 points of reward for the intelligence attribute also appeared.

[Intelligence attribute is the close attribute of the shadow of the law, the intelligence attribute had reached 20 points without wearing arms, the hunter can choose one of the following rewards.]

  1. The state of mind: intelligence +2.
  2. Magic increase: increasing the mana by 30 points.
  3. Iron will: increasing resistance to abnormal states such as enchantment, hypnosis, and confusion.


He even did not consider the three choices at all. Su Xiao was most afraid of being controlled, he decisively chose the iron will.

Su Xiao’s current immune ability was already strong. Maybe one day he could ignore various controls.

When he thought to this point, Su Xiao became excited. In that case, his ability to fight against other contractors would be extremely strong.

However, if he wants to avoid control completely, he will still have a long way to go. He could resist the control of Lycoris radiata adventurous group because the intelligence or strength attributes of the controlling department of Lycoris radiata were not high.

Icy Lunar had controlled Su Xiao for a while, so he should be cautious in the future.

Leaving the enhanced attribute hall, Su Xiao moved his body which was a lot stronger, the smile appeared on his face.

The sudden increase of the properties that made his body became inharmonious was not obvious. He had experienced this situation twice, now he could master the stronger body with a little adaptation.

Su Xiao returned to the exclusive space and sat in the bed, putting the harvest of the titan world in front, there were:

Soul crystal (small) × 5.

Love shank (green weapon)

Knight king (Honor) 1/8 (Blue bracer)

Bronze honored medal × 2.

Green treasure chest × 2,

Blue treasure chest × 1


Su Xiao prepared to enhance the sword specialization to Lv.10 first. After that, he started to open the treasure chest. After opening the treasure chest, he would go to the trial ground to adapt to the stronger body. He did not want to summon a mirror. Now he did not have many paradise coins.

Su Xiao opened the skill list and picked up five soul crystals and began to improve the sword specialization.

Upgrading each level of sword specialization required one soul crystal (small) and 1000 paradise coins.

[The ‘sword specialization’ has been upgraded to Lv.6.]

[The ‘sword specialization’ has been upgraded to Lv.7.]


[The ‘sword specialization’ has been upgraded to Lv.10!]

The soul crystals in Su Xiao’s hand broke, and 5000 paradise coins were consumed.

Closing his eyes, the surrounding became dark, a white light appeared. He saw a figure formed by the fragments of the soul crystals in front of him. The figure was the same as him, no matter height or weight.

The figure was standing in the void, practicing the knife skills. The passing time seemed lost its meaning.

Cutting, traversing, Ryu shosen, multiple movements changed, the movements of the figure was getting faster and faster.

Didn’t know how long before the figure finally stopped, the figure raised the sword and cut at Su Xiao.

‘All things have rhythm, steel, water and so on, after initially mastering this kind of rhythm, you can cut off the water. After you well mastered it, you can cut iron like cutting mud, you can cut off what you want to cut, keep everything you don’t want after you thoroughly mastered.’

Su Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and subconsciously took out the dragon flash.

The bright sword light flashed, there was no sound of wind breaking, this knife was very common, but the lethality increased several times.

Su Xiao’s momentum gradually changed, as if he had been practicing the sword for more than ten years, a unique momentum appeared.

Sharp and floating, this was the momentum produced by the upgraded sword specialization.

Su Xiao checked the sword specialization.

sword Specialization: LV.10. (passive)

Skill effect: increasing the close fight’s attack power by 28%, and the proficiency of swords.

Lv.10 attached ability

All things have rhythm (primary): This ability cannot be strengthened in the reincarnation paradise, only by the hunter himself.


The change of the sword specialization was not small, and the extra [All things have rhythm] looked very remarkable. It could not be strengthened in the reincarnation paradise, it only could be master by himself.

What made Su Xiao happy was that the knife specialization didn’t reach to limit after upgrading to Lv.10, which showed that the route he chose was very promising.

Su Xiao tried to improve the sword specialization again, he just wanted to see whether the conditions for continuing to upgrade the knife specialization were improved.

[Upgrading sword specialization: LV.10 requires soul crystals (middle) and 150,000 paradise coins.]

Soul crystal (middle)? Su Xiao asked the reincarnation paradise, the answer he got made him quite unexpected.

[There are not enough permission to view this information….]

[Hunter needs to reach Lv.10 level to view such information.]

Su Xiao thought something bad. It was so difficult to see the information of the soul crystals (middle), the difficulty to get…

Everything would work out.

He was not only curious about how to obtain the soul crystal (middle), but also the quality of the equipment above the blue quality.

On the level of personal information, Su Xiao’s Level was Lv.7 (first-stage), what did the first stage mean?

These things must be explored by himself, he was not in a hurry.

In the reincarnation paradise, there was not only fighting for life and death but exploring the unknown things was interesting. It was also a sad thing to be omniscient and omnipotent which would lose the goal of life.

Just like some rich people who were often depressed.

What did it feel like to be the richest man in the world when you were born? That still useless to say, of course, it was awesome!

Su Xiao took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, a beautiful lighter appeared in his hand.

He was ready to open the treasure chest!

Because of his unlucky hand, Su Xiao did not have any hope of opening the box before the cool down time of the lucky flame finished. The cooling time of Lucky Flame just ended now.

Consuming 500 points of paradise coins, the cover of the lighter of Lucky Flame automatically sprang open, and a small cyan flame appeared.

He ignited the cigarette and took a deep breath. Su Xiao quickly picked up a green treasure chest, and he was ready to try his luck.

The green treasure chest slowly opened, there was no flash, which made Su Xiao relief, he was afraid of running out of his luck in advance.

[You opened the treasure chest (green) and got the following items]

[Get 1000 paradise coins]

[Get 1200 paradise coins]

[Get 700 [paradise coins]


A good sign, Su Xiao grabbed another green treasure chest.

[You opened the treasure chest (green) and got the following items]

[Get 1400 paradise coins]

[Get hard bone boxing gloves]


Su Xiao just glanced at the equipment, it was a boxing glove with green quality.

The lucky flame effect would end in three seconds, Su Xiao grabbed the blue treasure chest that Eren dropped and opened.

The dazzling blue light shined! Su Xiao’s depressed mood of opening blue equipment with 31 scores in the Titan world disappeared.

He earned a lot this time, the flash this time was several times more dazzling than the flash of the last blue treasure chest!