Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 192: Mikasa’s ….mind.

The blue light gradually receded, the effect of the lucky flame disappeared, there was an extra pendant in Su Xiao’s hand.

[Mikasa’s mind] (highest grade)

Origin: Attack on Titan

Quality: blue

Category: Pendant (jewelry equipment is a rare item)

Durability: None. (Jewelry equipment has no durability and no need to repair)

Requirement: strength 15 points, agility 10 points, vitality 10 points.

Equipment effect: Asylum (active): Quickly generating an invisible shield to resist attacks. The shield’s durability is equivalent to 70% of the holder’s maximum Hp, and the shield lasts for 10 seconds.

Tip: It consumes 10% of the mana values to activate asylum (active).

Tip: The asylum (active)’s cool down time is 24 hours.

Rating: 70 (Note: Blue equipment scores from 31 to 70, blue equipment with a score of 70 will be marked with ‘Excellent’ and attached special attributes.)

Introduction: The last defense of life, it is much more effective than the restoration.

Price: 14800 paradise coins.


Su Xiao looked at a pendant in his hand, the pendant was for a male, looked exquisite, made of rare metal.

He immediately understood the value of this thing. If he had this thing in the Titan world, he would never be injured when he fought against Lycoris radiata.

Although the shield could only last for 10 seconds, it could defend several fatal attacks for him. If the opening time is appropriate, it will be very likely to turn defeat into victory in a tragic battle.

Su Xiao took off [the dead wife’s pendant (white)], the strength attribute decreased by 1, compared to the strength +1 attribute of the [dead wife’s pendant (white)], [Mikasa’s mind] was much stronger.

Su Xiao, flicking the ashes, was in a good mood. He would not open the treasure chest shortly, his luck had been running out.

Looking at the remaining items, Su Xiao was ready to use the Bronze honored medal.

Going to the front of the honored store, only two items left in the honored store could be redeemed.

[Because the hunter only holds the bronze honored medal, the following could be redeemed.]

[Soul crystal (small)] × 1.

Price: A bronze honored medal.


[Honored restoration]

Effect: Restoring 100% life value after use.

Price: A bronze honored medal.


Su Xiao had two bronze honored medal, the first redeemed a bottle of [honored restoration] to saving his life, he had been coveted this thing for a long time.

With one bronze honored medal left, Su Xiao hesitated for a while and finally chose to redeem the soul crystal (small).

He was going to strengthen the Qing Gang Ying, this ability could be deeply developed after strengthening to advanced level.

Consuming a soul crystal (small) and 1000 paradise coins, Qing Gang Ying increased another level.

[‘Qing Gang Ying’ has been upgraded to Lv.4.]

Qing Gang Ying: LV.4 (active skills)

Conditions of use: After opening (Qing Gang Ying), the hunter consumes 3 points of mana per minute, the skill will stop after the mana drop below 1%.

Skill effect: After opening (Qing Gang Ying), each close attack will destroy the enemy’s 19 points of mana points and cause the same amount of true damage, the enemy will bear the strong pain by the burning of his mana.


After upgrading Qing Gang Ying, mana consumption had not improved, but the power had improved a bit. Su Xiao clearly felt that the energy of the Qing Gang Ying in his body was more active.

After doing this, Su Xiao began to plan the actions in the future.

First of all, he went to the [trial field] to adapt to the current body, he did not need to summon the mirror, the manual mode’s mechanical dolls would be fine.

There were two modes in the trial field, which were auxiliary mode/manual mode.

The auxiliary mode was to summon the image of various strong people, and the manual mode was to summon the bunch of mechanical dolls.

Su Xiao went out and walked towards the trial field quickly.

After operating skillfully, Su Xiao was already in a desert.

[The manual mode will consume 10 paradise coins per minute, yes/no.]


[The manual mode is on, the mechanical doll will appear after thirty seconds, please be prepared in advance.]

The strong wind blew the yellow sand, surrounding became dim and yellow, and a silver metal skull emerged from the sand.

The mechanical doll came!

Dragon flash appeared in his hands, Su Xiao perceived sharply around.

A mechanical doll suddenly burst out of the sand, Su Xiao turned to a side to cut, the metal-structured mechanical doll was instantly cut off, the broken part was smooth like a mirror.


After an hour,

Su Xiao walked out of the trial field, sometimes he clenched and let go. He had adapted to his current body.

Nowadays, he adapted to the attribute points very fast. The three main attributes were more than 20 points, which gave him a strong sense.

Because of taking off the pendant which added one point of strength, his current strength, agility, and intelligence were 24 points.

Su Xiao looked at the remaining paradise coins, after spending, there were 4,367 paradise coins left.

These paradise coins could not do anything. Fortunately, Su Xiao had some equipment that had not been sold. After selling them, he would profit.

Su Xiao just had a good meal and had enough sleep. He didn’t want to sell equipment now. It was not enough to summon the mirror.

At this time, Su Xiao suddenly remembered the arena that Carl mentioned earlier. He also heard that there was such a facility in the reincarnation paradise, but he had never been there.

There is a reason for it. There was no useless facility in the reincarnation paradise. He was going to see it.

Taking out the map of the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao looked for the location of the arena.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao arrived in front of an ascend building. This building was even more magnificent than the property enhanced hall. From the appearance, it was impossible to see how big the arena was.

There were many contractors in and out of the arena, there were many booths near the entrance.

“The latest ranking changes in the arena.”

“the guide or if you quickly beat the opponents(remote article).”

“Sarcastic posture book.”

“The release of skills and the theory of actual fights.”

After seeing these goods, Su Xiao felt that he learned some knowledge, some of them he did not understand.

Su Xiao walked into the arena, and the sense of transmission appeared. He subconsciously caught the back of his head.

This time was a transmission of super short distance, there was no feeling of being knocked on the back of his head.

[You have entered the arena, please choose the mode.]

[Athletic mode/watch mode.]

Below was a bunch of annotations.

Watch mode: You could watch other contractors to fight, you needed to spend 2 paradise coins per hour, you could choose to watch the match.

The current match: 17,354 sessions.

If you want to watch the top 100 competitors in the arena, you need to spend 10 paradise coins per hour.

If you want to watch the top 10 competitors in the arena, you need to spend 50 paradise coins per hour.

If you want to watch the top 3 competitors in the arena, you need to spend 100 paradise coins per hour.


Athletic mode: This mode was for the hunter to participate in the competition, the reincarnation paradise would rank hunter according to whether the hunter had participated in the competition in the arena.

The athletic mode is divided into [personal fight] and [group fight].

The personal fight was a 1V1 mode, group fight was 10V10 mode, the two ranking mechanisms would be calculated separately.


Su Xiao felt that this arena was very interesting. The death here was the same as in the trial field, people would not really die.

Also, no recovery items could be used in the arena, except for recovery skills.

Su Xiao was interested in this, this place was good for practicing combat skills.

“I choose the athletic mode: personal fight.”

[Drip…, start checking whether the hunter has participated in the competition, the detection is finished, the hunter has never participated in any form of competition.]

[Starting to assign ranks to the hunter, you’re now ranked 165,743 (ranking of the first stage). (This ranking had no relationship with the strength of the hunter, it depends on the numbers and the outcome of the competitions that hunter participated in.)]

[Please actively participate in the arena, the top 10 in the arena would get special rewards.]