Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 193: Sport

[The hunter had chosen to participate in the athletic mode: personal fight, you would be transferred into the rest room after three seconds,]

Su Xiao appeared in a rest room after his sight became blurred. There were seats, beds and so on in the rest room. The wall in front was a large display screen with his ranking and the contractors whose ranks near him. There were various situations of the game around.

The top positions on the display screen were ten images of people. These images were strange, and it should be disguised, they lined up from top to bottom. These were the top ten in the arena.

in The rest room not only could he rest but also call the workers in the arena if you need.

[Matching the opponent for the hunter…, the match was complete.]

[Because of the first fight, please choose to change your appearance.]

A lot of appearances appeared. Su Xiao even saw the decoration of the predator’s outer shell, there was the costume that required payments. He saw the whole set of Ultraman in the inside.

The ordinary contractors would make changes to their faces, they change their face to become very handsome or super ugly to scare people.

Su Xiao decided to cover his face. The arena had audiences. If he does not hide his face, his fighting style will be exposed to the enemy easily.

Su Xiao chose a metal mask that could cover half of his lower face. The metal mask was all deep red, covering the nose and mouth while not being stuffy.

[The hunter had chosen his clothes, start transmitting.]

Su Xiao sight became clear after it blurred, he observed the situation around him.

He was in a circular field, the terrain was not small, about three or four hundred meters, the floor was solid and antiskid metal ground, the edge of the field was filled with energy cover.

The place was surrounded by an auditorium made by steps. The overall shape of the arena was like a puddle. The middle of the flat circular arena was low, and the surrounding auditorium was high.

This was more convenient to watch the competition, the audience’s shouting would also encourage the fighters’ fighting wills.

As for Su Xiao now he was ranked [165,743], there were only two or three people in the auditorium.

“Peach brother, cheer up.”

A girl looked delicate stood and shouted in the auditorium.

“Peach, kill him.”

“If you win, i will buy you a drink.”

There was no audience, only a few people who were his opponent’s cheerleaders team.

Su Xiao’s opponent was a boy seventeen or eighteen years old. The teenager dressed like an anime character and held a Colt M1911 gun. He should be the peach.

[Three, two, one, the fight starts.]

“Very fast, I have already won two games, if I win three games incessantly, the ranking will improve a lot.

Peach used his gun, his sight was full of confidence.

“You can just surrender, the guy with the sword, the terrain of 370 meters, you can’t close to me.”

After that, peach showed a standard shooting action, but he did not shoot, the teenager loved to show off.

Su Xiao stood in the same place with a metal mask and looked at the opponent with doubts.

Not the opponent was too strong, but the opponent was too weak.

For this level of opponent, he may not even fight with A class ghoul, how could he be arranged to fight with this kind of weak contractor?

“End early to celebrate.”

Peach held the gun with both hands, boom, boom, boom, shot three times.

“Peach, kill him.”

The cheerleaders of peach in the auditorium began cheering for the peach.

Su Xiao perceived the three bullets flying in front of him, he did not even want to escape.

Ding, ding, ding.

Three bullets were smashed, this scene caused the sound of the audiences to stop.

“What a joke!”

Several people in the auditorium were stunned, and their mouths were slightly open.

They were only contractors with Lv.1 to Lv.2, the sword cut off the bullets were too dreamy.

Peach looked at Su Xiao stunned, he subconsciously wanted to fire a few more bullets.


A black shadow flashed through peach’s sight, his dynamic vision could not keep up with Su Xiao’s moving speed.

The bright sword light appeared in peach’s sight when peach regained consciousness, he was already in the rest room.

“I lost?”

Peach sat on the ground stunned, this was unbelievable.


Su Xiao smashed peach into light, his first game ended.

“How is this a match?”

Su Xiao was sitting in the rest room.

His ability to fight against contractors was strong, this arena was simply his paradise.

It was still not obvious. When he encountered a powerful contractor, Su Xiao would fight with the person and he could quickly improve his combat skills. This may be the meaning of the arena.

Let the contractors practice combat skills in the situation that they would not risk their lives.

[Personal fight was ended, victory!]

[The rank of the hunter had increased from 165,743 to 154,703 (first stage).]

[Receiving this opponent’s message, yes/no to check.]

Su Xiao was surprised, there were also opponents’ messages. He opened and checked.

‘You must cheat, cheating garbage.’

He scowled, this opponent was a bit odd, he chose to continue matching opponents.

Because his ranking was low, the speed of matching opponents was very fast, it matched to the next opponent in less than ten seconds.

It was still the same venue, but this time the audiences were a little more, there were probably more than a dozen, after all, his ranking was improved.

[Three, two, one, the fight starts.]

Su Xiao’s opponent this time was a tank with a shield.

“The man who took the sword, cheer up, I made a bet on you for 50 paradise coins.”

When he heard the shouting from the audiences, Su Xiao was surprised, they surprisingly could bet.

After asking about the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao was somewhat disappointed. It was indeed possible to bet on the fighters. However, the fighters themselves could not bet on their own games, they could not bet through their companions as well. If they have such serious behaviors, they may even be forcibly executed.

This was a reincarnation paradise to avoid the ‘fake game’ in the arena, so the executed contractors were a lot.

After the game started, the tank in front of Su Xiao chose to shrink into the turtle shell and tried to use the counter-attack to kill the opponent slowly.

Su Xiao’s strength was not very matching with his rankings, the contractors he was matched with were all newcomers.

He still used the old skill, he rushed forward at the speed that the person was stunned, and cut the opponent by a sword held with one hand.

One sword broke the shield and killed the enemy to turn into a light particle bursting open.

[Two-game winning streak!]

A line of gold sentence appeared on the Su Xiao’s head, everyone in the auditorium was stunned.


The corner of the mouth of the contractor who bet Su Xiao winning twitched. Su Xiao’s body gradually faded and returned to the rest room.

Su Xiao felt that this situation would continue for a while.

[Personal fight was over, victory, two-game winning streak!]

[The ranking of the hunter had increased from 154,703 to 123,703 (first stage).]

[Receiving the opponent’s message, yes/no to check.]

Open the message, this time the message was normal.

‘Do you want to join our adventurous group? The treatment is generous…’

This time, the message was drawing, he stared at the ranking. The two-game winning streak raised about the ranking of roughly 30,000.

Su Xiao chose to continue. After a dozen seconds, he appeared to the arena, he roughly glanced at the audiences, probably more than 100 people.

He suspected that most of these audiences were workers, the contractors should be a minority.

This time the opponent was a new sorcerer. When he appeared, he ran to the distance, and the short legs ran very cheerfully.

Su Xiao calmly took out the broken elf and fired a few shots. The sorcerer fell to the ground.

[Three-game winning streak!]

Su Xiao was sent back to the rest room.

In the next ten minutes, Su Xiao rushed and cut with his sword when he met close fighter. The remote fighter, he would fire for a few shots, if that can’t kill the enemy, he will rush and cut.

[Four-game winning streak!]

[Five-game winning streak!]

[Six-game winning streak!]


[17-game winning streak! !]

Sitting in the rest room, Su Xiao looked at the current ranking: 13400!

The seventeen-game winning streak changed his ranking from six digits to five digits, but Su Xiao still had no feeling while fighting with the opponent of this ranking.

He was much stronger than his opponents, so the battle was basically no more than ten seconds, most of the time was waiting for a match.

[The match was successful because the hunter had a 17 winning streak, the arena matched the opponents ranked less than 10,000.]

Su Xiao appeared on the arena.

“Come, the red side is a close fighter, the blue side is a fighting sorcerer, this close fighter is unlucky.”

“The guys whose ranking are less than 10,000 are not weak. I feel that this fight will be awesome.”

“Get started, I can’t wait.”

There were thousands of people in the auditorium, the atmosphere was abnormally very warm.

Su Xiao’s opponent was a sexy sorcerer wearing a long red skirt. The long skirt had a high split, the white thighs showed vaguely. Unlike other weak sorcerers, this was a poisonous girl with some chest. The amount of chest was not much, but the ability to attack was very strong.

“The little brother over there, if you lose, don’t say that I am shameless, you may not be able to accept the style of fighting milk.”

“You too.”

Su Xiao stepped on the ground and rushed toward.