Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 194: I don’t accept it, you cheat.

Su Xiao just rushed to the front of the fighting nurse, the blade in his hand had a cold light on it.

The fighting nurse just raised the staff in her hand.


An arm with a staff flew out, there was no blood splashed out under the protection mechanism of the reincarnation paradise.


The fighting nurse’s face was stunned and looked at the arm.

“Spirit guard!”

A layer of light film emerged around the fighting nurse. The back of the fighting nurse was full of cold sweat. Although she would not die in the arena, the feeling of being aimed by Su Xiao was not good.

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped urgently and cut with a backhand.

With a crack, the light film around the fighting nurse broke open.

The audience was in an uproar, and many of them stood up. The fight was unexpected. They thought that the two sides would fight hard, but whoever thought it was a unilateral crush.

After breaking the light film, Su Xiao did not cut anymore. He first met the fighting nurse and wanted to know the way of she fought.

Surprisingly, the fighting nurse surprisingly stood in the same place.

“Don’t you continue? I am very curious about your way of fighting.”

Dragon flash cut a sword flower in his hand, the blade made a crisp sound.

“I must not see almanac today, how can I meet you this kind of monster, how can your ranking be around 10,000.”

The fighting nurse frowned.

“Exactly, my ranking is out of 10,000.”

Su Xiao’s answer made the fighting nurse speechless.

“Holy Shield.”

“The protection of strength.”

“The melody of the wind.”

“Rapid march.”

“Magic increased.”

“Magic super increased.”

“Life recovered.”

The fighting nurses used a bunch of skills in succession and then stood there.

“This is my way of fighting. I use various gaining effects to enhance myself and use the deduct effect to weaken the enemy. Now it’s over. Though I will not die in the arena, it hurts.”

Meeting Su Xiao this kind of close fighter made the nurse speechless, her ranking may decline.


When she just finished, Su Xiao received a hint.

[Your opponent wants to surrender, yes/no accept the surrender.]

He chose to accept, the body of the fighting nurse in front dissipated.

[17 game winning streak!]

A line of golden sentence appeared on the top of Su Xiao, the audience in the auditorium was even less calm.

“The 18-game winning streak, is that a joke?”

“With this kind of power, the 18-game winning streak is not unexpected, but this record is indeed amazing.”

“I want to take a photo.”

In the crowd’s cheering, Su Xiao exited and returned to the rest room.

[Personal right is over, victory, 18-game winning streak!]

[The ranking in the arena of the hunter has increased from 13,400 to 9710 (first stage).]

After 18 consecutive victories, Su Xiao’s ranking began to have leaping growth, and the growth after the ten-game winning streak was even more exaggerated.

Su Xiao did not know when he could keep winning the game incessantly. After all, there were stronger people in the world.

At this point he was still energetic, so continued to match opponents.

[Matching the opponents for the hunter…, the match is completed, because the hunter has 18 consecutive victories, the arena matches you against an opponents ranked less than 6,000.]

After Su Xiao stood on the arena, he immediately heard shouts coming around.

“Miss, kill him.”

“We support you.”

“The guy with the sword, if you dare to hurt miss, we’ll bake you!”

The shouts incessantly made Su Xiao have some doubts and looked at the auditorium. Some audience in the auditorium on his left side picked up the banner.

[Miss never loses!]

Su Xiao was stunned. He felt that he was not on the arena, but on the stage of a certain star. He was like a staff who had entered the venue by mistake, he was being shouted by a group of fans.

Su Xiao looked at the opponent. It was a four-meter-high pink robot. There was a cockpit in the robot’s trunk. Through the glass of the cockpit, a little girl with pigtails could be seen sitting in there and eating a lollipop.

“When will you finish watching? I have changed the exoskeleton and firepower system. I have to grow my ranking, can’t waste time.”

The little girl with pigtails was also the miss in the crowd’s mouth, her voice was enlarged by the device.

”Gundam? No, a large robot that has been transformed.”

Su Xiao was grateful to participate in the arena. He could meet all kinds of enemies here, which would help him gain great benefit in the future when he went to the derivative world.

“Since you don’t want to fight, I’ll do it, but don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

Miss just finished her words, the robot raised the arm, and a six-tube Vulcan gun popped up from the robot’s arm.

Bizz, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

Strong firepower came, Su Xiao immediately moved.

Although the six-tube Vulcan was similar to Gatling gun, this thing was not a gun, it was a cannon! The US military even loaded this thing into the helicopter which showed its power.

If Su Xiao is shot in front, he will be absolutely unable to bear, it was fortunate that the flying trace of high-explosive bombs from this thing was not fast.

Su Xiao sided, there were explosions coming from the side.

“Not bad, come again.”

Miss was laughing with a lollipop, two small dimples appeared on her face.

The crazy spraying began, the sound of gunshots and explosions continued to sound, but Miss soon found out that no matter how fierce her firepower was, there was no way to stop the enemy from approaching.

Miss in the cockpit pouted, the two white hands were as fast as lightning to press buttons, the slender fingers even appeared afterimages.

Missy was busy here with joy, but Su Xiao was calm, he was close to the robot in a sudden.

When the robot discovered that Su Xiao was close, the four-meter-high robot quickly retreated. Although the speed was not fast, it was not slow.

Su Xiao caught up with the robot in two steps and cut the sword.


A mechanical leg flashed the electric sparks were cut off, and the robot fell to the side.

It was obviously meaningless to continue to attack the robot. Su Xiao jumped up and held the Dragon flash by a backhand to cut into the cockpit.


This sword directly pierced the armored glass of the cockpit, the handle entered. Su Xiao just wanted to see whether he hit the enemy, an impact wave rushed out.


Su Xiao was defeated it in two steps, the robot took the opportunity to climb up.

Miss in the cockpit was a bit embarrassed, the lollipop in her mouth was missing, and pigtails on her head were stabbed to snap. The young lady who was spoiled from childhood was never in this dangerous situation.

“Go to die asshole, eat my missile.”

Miss bit her neat white teeth tightly and used the last way.

More than a dozen small missiles were fired, the sound rend the air came, the arena was instantly submerged by the fire.

When the fire retreated, the robot had disappeared, leaving only Su Xiao.

“The body is really weak.”

Su Xiao waved a few broken hairs on his left hand, the short hair gradually turned into light particles.

Su Xiao’s figure had disappeared before the fans had reacted in the auditorium.

“Does Missy lose?”

“It seems to be.”

At this time, these fans no longer asked to kill Su Xiao, they just talked about it.

In the rest room, Miss was sitting on the ground with anger.

“Damn! Bastard, he surprisingly pulled my hair and let me out of the cockpit, I don’t accept it, I don’t accept it, how can he not die under the firepower.”

The chest of Miss rose and fell strongly, but she still lost. What she didn’t know was that Su Xiao did not use his real power.


At this time, Su Xiao was checking his record, he did not make a full effort. Otherwise, the opponent did not have the opportunity to struggle for such a long time, he could not understand the type of that enemy’s fighting style.

[Personal fight is over, victory, 19 game winning streak!]

[The arena ranking of the hunter has increased from 9710 to 6701 (first stage).]

[Receiving this opponent’s message, yes/no to check.]

Su Xiao hadn’t received the message from the opponent for a long time, so he opened it.

‘You cheat, you cheat, you cheat….’

These three words appeared in the full screen, Su Xiao shook his head, how did she survive in the reincarnation paradise with this kind of girl characteristic, and could still grow to the present level.

[Hint: 5304 fighter send you a challenge.]