Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 195: Um, is it?

Su Xiao had some doubts and immediately thought of who challenged him.

He looked at the rankings of the challenged, which was a lot better than him.

“Accept the challenge.”

The arena was still the original scene, his opponent was still the robot, this time the audience did not scream.

“I don’t believe I can’t win.”

Miss’s angry voice came.

Su Xiao’s muscles slightly tightened, the dragon flash appeared in his hands.


He used full speed this time. He rushed to the front of the robot in a few steps.

Dragon flash in his hand flipped, from the originally held sword to the backhand, the tip of the sword flashed the cold light.


The armored glass of the cockpit was directly pierced, and the robot gradually disappeared.

Everyone in the auditorium was stunned.

“Mi… Miss is killed in seconds?”

“It seems that Miss encounters a cruel person.”

“This is the fastest athletic battle I have ever seen.”

Su Xiao returned to the restroom, he felt a little tired, he was not going to continue today.

[Personal fight is over, victory, twenty-game winning streak!]

[The arena ranking of the hunter has increased from 6,701 to 2,600 (first stage).]

[Receiving this opponent’s message, yes/no to check.]

After the 20-game winning streak, Su Xiao’s ranking showed a growth like the jet, his ranking directly entered into the 3,000.

There was still a message this time, Su Xiao opened his hand.

‘Owoo, my ranking falls out of the five thousand, you must be sent by the angel sister to punish me, ask for teaching. ’

Su Xiao smiled and didn’t reply to here, it seemed that she just had a spoiled appearance, but not stupid.

Fighting in the arena would consume physical strength, he was now slightly tired.

After leaving the arena, Su Xiao went straight to the trading market, he still had some equipment to sell.

In the trading market, he found the previous booth, there was no one, after paying 10 paradise coins, he got the right to use the booth for three hours.

After sitting behind the booth, Su Xiao began to sort out the equipment to be sold and priced.

Love shank (Green weapon) was priced at 4000 paradise coins.

Iron bone boxing gloves (Green weapon) was priced at 4,600 paradise coins.

The love of the dead wife (white jewelry) was priced at 2,500 paradise coins.

He hesitated for a moment, Su Xiao took the Knight king (honor) 1/8, the price was 100000 paradise coins.

That was right, it was 100,000. The property of this thing was not good, but it was a set.

The single attribute of the set belonged to the person who could not afford it, and the person who could afford it but did not want to buy, only one person would have the intention to buy. Su Xiao was waiting for that kind of person, just trying his luck.

Of course, the high price of 100,000 paradise coins was impossible, but it could still be sold by 40,000 or 50,000 paradise coins.

If it sells as a single attribute, the Knight king (honor) will be up to 3,000, which is also because it’s blue equipment.

After pricing was completed, the booth was named ‘Boutique booth’. Su Xiao sat behind the booth, he took out the tablet that Xia gave him and started playing puzzle solving games.

In addition to the Knight king (honor), the price of other equipment was very sincere.

From time to time, there were contractors to bargain, Su Xiao just responded with a few sounds casually.

It didn’t take long, [the love of the dead wife] and [love shrank] were sold, he obtained 6500 paradise coins.

Su Xiao was not in a hurry, so he was ‘fishing’ after the booth, after the booth time arrived he then continued for three hours.

He hadn’t been so leisure for a long time, his tight mind had gradually relaxed.

“Sister, I find equipment that increases the recovery speed of hp, but it is a set, it is very troublesome.”

The crisp voice came, and Su Xiao looked up.

Knight king saber?

The appearance and dress were very similar to Saber, blond hair, and green eyes, but the appearance was slightly different, there was no such saber’s grace.

Su Xiao’s eyes widen , and he might get the fish, which took 7 hours.

“How much?”

A Shisu came in slowly, she frowned after seeing the price of the Knight King (honor).

“Whatever is treated as a treasure, I’m leaving.”

Shisu turned and wanted to leave.

“Don’t go, sister, he obviously doesn’t know the price. I will talk to him.”

The girl who looked like a Sarber lightly coughed.

“Hello, can this equipment be cheaper, even if the set is not as valuable as you think.”

The girl’s voice was soft, and her face was full of smiles.

“Well, is it?”

Su Xiao paused the puzzle solving the game and turned his mind quickly.

The girl’s acting in front was a bit poor, the acting of Shisu was much better.

“How about the 5000 paradise coins? Although it is blue equipment, we only need it to speed up the restoration of hp.”

The girl started to perform.

“Well, is it?”

Su Xiao looked a little impatient, the expression was if you do not buy, do not hinder him from playing games.

“How is it? 5000 paradise coins are not too small, right?”

“Well, is it?”

The same answer three times made the girl unable to hold the smile on her face.

“I say… you only can say, ‘Well, is it‘ these three words?’

“Of course not.”

This time was four words, the girl was angry in her mind, but she still had to keep a smile on her face.

Su Xiao had already determined that the girl must have other parts of the Knight King, certainly!

The reason why he used this attitude was a test to know whether the person was eager to get this equipment.

If the person only wants a single attribute for this piece of equipment, the person will never endure his current attitude.

Shisu looked at the negotiation between Su Xiao and the girl, she was nervous in her mind and knew that she might pay more than the original price today, but Shisu’s emotion was not revealed on her face.

“Hello, this friend, I am Jasmine from Lycoris radiata adventurous group, and I am responsible for logistic supply.”

After hearing Shisu’s introduction, Su Xiao was very surprised, but he looked as usual.

The person should not know who he is. It seemed that Lycoris radiata did not get his photo.

Only the contractor of Lycoris radiata knew his appearance, this one should be the worker of Lycoris radiata.

There were so many contractors in the reincarnation paradise, he met the member of Lycoris radiata for the third time, what a coincidence.

“The contractor of Lycoris radiata?”

“No, I am a worker, how can logistics supply be a contractor.”

There was a smile in Jasmine’s eyes. She was worried that the person had never heard of Lycoris radiata adventurous group. Now things were much easier to deal with.


Su Xiao looked at Jasmine.

“A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, we need this suit. This is a member of the God King adventurous group, is my good friend.”

Jasmine successively said the name of the adventurous group and wanted to use the reputation of the adventurous group to lower the price. The general contractors would not offend the adventurous group so the bargaining would be much easier.

“One price….”

Su Xiao looked at the two, the two eyes showed expectation.

“Fifty thousand paradise coins! It can’t be lower, I will continue to stay here for a half hour, if you can find other same suits, then go to other booths to buy.”

Su Xiao no longer spoke. His original price was about 40,000 in his estimate, and her identity made him not lower prices.

“This is looting and burning houses…this is not good, right?”

Jasmine’s voice was a bit cold, the girl’s face on the side was not very good.

“Did I force you to buy?”

Su Xiao did not care about jasmine’s threatening tone.

At the moment, Jasmine was regret in her mind. When she didn’t pay attention, the girl asked for the price first. If it’s she, she has many ways to fool the man in front.

“Up to 30,000 paradise coins, we can’t accept more.”

Su Xiao continued to play the puzzle solving the game. Now it was a competition of the patients. The eight-piece suit had a small chance of appearing in a single piece.

In this way, the two sides deadlocked for ten minutes.

“40,000, this is the highest price I can give, otherwise forget it.”

The girl spoke, and she was the real buyer.

Su Xiao began to close the booth.


Jasmine’s chest rose and fell strongly, she whispered something to the girl’s ear.

“Fifty thousand, you win today.”

The girl made a request to trade, Su Xiao accepted, after paying the Knight king (honor), he got the 50,000 paradise coins.

This is the windfall of flying, he did not expect this thing could be sold.

“Today’s business, Lycoris radiata, and Gold King will remember.”

Shisu Jasmine was very unhappy about Su Xiao’s behavior of looting the burning house. Looking at Su Xiao coldly, she seemed to want to remember Su Xiao’s appearance.

Just as Jasmine and the girl turned and left, Su Xiao spoke.

“Go back and tell your head Icy Lunar, the next time if I meet her in the derivative world, that will be the time for her to die, she escaped in the Titan world, it will never happen next time.”

The jasmine which was back to Su Xiao, her body suddenly became stiff, a cold air rose from the feet. She seemed to know who Su Xiao was.

“You… you are the man with the sword, Byakuya.”

Jasmine turned to look at Su Xiao stiffly, the cold and anger on her face had long since disappeared.