Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 196: The person that black merchant feared.

Three hours later, Su Xiao left the booth, he had sold the equipment on the booth.

Selling the Knight king was completely unexpected, Su Xiao had prepared to accept that the thing could not be sold in several derivative worlds.

After selling the equipment, Su Xiao had a huge amount of 65,357 paradise coins.

These paradise coins looked like a lot, but they were not enough, he needed a lot more.

Su Xiao began to find something in the trading market, he wanted to buy a sword weapon with blue quality.

Blue quality weapons were already rare, not to mention the certain type.

After shopping around in the trading market, Su Xiao sighed, not to mention blue weapons, even materials or items with blue-quality were rare.

“Should I go find those guys?”

Su Xiao was worried. He had the means to buy sword weapon with blue quality, but he had to pay a higher price.

After wandering in the trading market, Su Xiao gave up, unless he was lucky. Otherwise, he could not buy a sword with blue quality here.

Taking out an old-fashioned mobile phone in the storage space, Su Xiao did not hesitate but ring directly.

Beep, beep…

“Here is the black sails chamber of commerce. Everything that customer wants is here.”

The low male voice came from the phone, Su Xiao directly said what he needed.

“A sword weapon with blue quality.”

“What rates are required?”

“Above 50.”

“Wait for a while.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and waited silently.

“We have in stock, when will you need?”


“Ok, wait in the booth No.666 in the trading market, we will arrive within five minutes.”

The phone hung up, Su Xiao walked to booth No. 666, he was ready to pay a high price.

The black sail chamber of commerce was like this. You could find them when you needed any equipment, but the price was a bit high.

Less than five minutes later, a figure with a black hood came in a hurry.

”Are you a guest on the phone?”

The black merchant dressed carefully and even used a variable damper.

“It’s me, take out the thing to see.”

The black merchant nodded and took out a long knife in the scabbard. The length of the long sword was about one meter. The scabbard and the handle were gorgeous.

Su Xiao took over the long sword, the attributes of the long sword appeared.


Origin: Reincarnation paradise, sword store.

Quality: blue

Category: Weapons

Durability: 56/56

Attack power: 12 to 39

Equipment requirement: 15 points of strength, 20 points of agility

Equipment effect: blood sacrifice rite (passive), after injuring the enemy, a bleeding effect will be applied, the bleeding effect lasts 4 seconds.

Tip: The bleeding effect could be superimposed.

Tip: Blood sacrifice rite (passive) is not valid for machines, undead people, etc.

Rating: 57 (Note: Blue equipment score is between 31 to 70.)

Introduction: What a beautiful scene of blood splashing.

Price: 11400 paradise coins


Su Xiao mainly looked at two points, the first was the score, the second was the attached effect of the equipment.

From these two points, this sword was good, Su Xiao was ready to pay a high price, and sure enough, what went around came around.

“Bid it.”

The black merchant did not immediately offer the price.

“Mr. Byakuya, I heard that the Adventurous Phantom group has sent you an invitation?”

The black merchant’s question made Su Xiao somewhat surprised, the person actually recognized him.


“Did Mr. Byakuya join?”

“didn’t decide yet.”

Su Xiao did not give a clear answer.

“Things are like this, Mr. Byakuya. For the members of the Phantom adventurous group, our black sail chamber of commerce recently sold equipment at the original price.”

Su Xiao was stunned, when were these black merchants so kind?

“Oh? Can you tell me why?”

“Cough, I’m afraid Mr. Byakuya will laugh, our black sail chamber of commerce was basically not afraid of more than 90% of the adventurous groups in the first stage, 10% of which were like the Phantom adventurous group with perverts and madmen, or those mad believers of the Emperor.”

The black merchant’s words made Su Xiao quite surprised. He didn’t know that Phantom adventurous group was so famous.

But this was also normal, the Phantom adventurous group only invited the strong people to join, a group of people who were not bounded and fought alone, it was not strange that they did anything in the derivative world.

“Mr. Byqkuyq, how do you see this, this weapon sells 35,000 paradise coins to you. If you join the Phantom adventurous group in the future, please help us to talk about it, let ‘Carl’ and ‘cowboy with revolver’ don’t target us.”

The attitude of the black merchant was very low.


Su Xiao certainly accepted this kind of good thing. Whether he joined Phantom adventurous group or not was unknown.

The transaction was unexpectedly smooth. In Su Xiao’s opinion, this black sword merchant would sell for at least 40,000 to 50,000 paradise coins. He did not expect to buy it for more than 30,000.

Su Xiao, who was in a good mood, returned to the exclusive space. He was ready to ‘feed’ a foodie.

“I will be eaten by you to bankrupt one day.”

Using the skill of the Supreme Edge Blade, a group of iron black light appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, the iron black light stirred with the swirled shape.

The iron black light was close to the long knife with blue quality, the iron black light was like to be alive to wrap the long knife with blue quality inside.

“Crack, crack, crack.”

The long knife with blue quality was wrapped in iron black light and made rubbing sounds, the long sword with blue quality was being crushed.

After tens of seconds, a hint of light blue crystal floated out of the light and gradually flew to the dragon flash.

Dragon flash directly absorbed those crystal fragments, the surface emitted a cold light, the blue light flashed through the blade were deeper.

The 35,000 paradise coins disappeared like this, the hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Supreme Edge Blade Effect 2 triggered, please chooses to retain the attached ability.]

[Rc cell rhythm (passive) / blood sacrifice site (passive).]

Su Xiao hesitated, Rc cell rhythm (passive) was to increase physical strength, while blood sacrifice site (passive) was to enhance the bleeding effect.

Su Xiao hesitated for a long time, he did not choose to replace, he will replace it before getting [Mikasa’s minds], but now, the physical attributes were also valuable.

Su Xiao checked dragon flash’s properties.

Dragon flash(edge blade value 48%)

Origin: the shadow of the law

Quality: blue

Durability: 67/67 (improve 7 points)

Attack power: 20 to 48 (improve between 3 to 8 points)

Equipment needs inheritor of the shadow of the law.

Rating: 60 (improve 8 points)

Supreme Edge Blade Effect 1: Sharpness +4

Supreme Front Blade Effect 2: Rc cell rhythm (passive): physical strength +2. (Attached attributes come from ‘Quinque unnamed’).

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, reborn, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


Dragon flash’s various attributes improved, the progress of this extent was not worth 35,000 paradise coins, but this was an investment.

If Su Xiao has equipment that exceeds the blue quality, the first one may be dragon flash.

At most, he needed two weapons of blue quality with a score of 50 or more. The edge blade value of the dragon flash would reach to the limit, dragon flash would not be comparable from today.

Su Xiao had about 30,000 paradise coins left. He pondered for a while, he didn’t choose to go to the trial field, but went out and walked in a direction he had never been to.

After understanding the function of the arena, Su Xiao also cared about other facilities in the reincarnation paradise. He was going to go to a place he had never been to.

After the 20 minutes later, Su Xiao arrived in front of a building, the buildings in the reincarnation paradise were generally magnificent.


Su Xiao heard a heart-wrenching scream from the building in the far distance.

“I’m gonna slam you.”

Boom, boom…

Su Xiao felt that the building he was going to enter was very unfriendly. He saw lines of messages in front of the building.

‘Strengthening will destroy whole life, be cautious to entry.’

‘When you entered the strengthened hall, the equipment would become a passerby. ’

‘Everyone, don’t stop me, I am going to +7 today. ’

Yes, Su Xiao came to the equipment strengthened hall.