Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 197: Horrifying

Su Xiao had never been here, but he had some understanding of the equipment strengthened hall.

In this case, the equipment could be strengthened, but the cost of enhancement was high. In addition to the equipment used by the contractor, the other equipment would not be sold after strengthening.

Entering the equipment strengthened hall, it was an empty hall with an area of several thousand square meters. The hall was magnificent and bright. There were precision machines placed next to the wall. These machines were inserted in the wall.

There were a lot of contractors in the equipment strengthened hall. Most of them stared at the machine in front. They looked nervous, and their foreheads were full of sweat.

Su Xiao went to a machine, the appearance of this thing was similar to a vending machine that was several times larger, but it was much more precise, there was no button, the control board was a monitor.

[Welcome to the No. 1876 equipment enhancing machine.]

[Start checking the enhancing record, the strengthened record is empty]

[Start to explain the related information of equipment enhancement.]

[Strengthening equipment is an increase in equipment, the improving effect is determined according to the effect of the equipment itself.]


After Su Xiao read a bunch of equipment enhancement instructions, he had a preliminary understanding of enhanced equipment.

The so-called enhanced equipment was to deepen the equipment and further strengthened it on the origin basis.

If the weapon is strengthened, the attack power will be increased, if the shield is strengthened, the defense will be enhanced.

Su Xiao put his hand on the monitor, and the equipment strengthened machine reacted.

[Remaining 30357 paradise coins, please place equipment that needs to be strengthened.]

Shh, steam sprayed on both sides of the equipment reinforced machine, and a heavy metal tray appeared.

Su Xiao pondered for a few seconds, he put the broken elf on the metal tray in front, the metal tray shrank into the equipment reinforced machine.

[Detecting equipment…, the detection is completed, the fee of each reinforcement cost 1200 paradise coins.]

The corner of Su Xiao’s eyes twitched and thought it was so expensive in mind.

Taking the broken elf out, Su Xiao put dragon flash into it.

[Detecting equipment…, the detection is completed, the fee of each reinforcement cost 3000 paradise coins.]

Su Xiao understood what the messages were at the door at this moment, but since he had already come, he needed to try what he would get after strengthening, if there was no benefit, there would no contractors went after another.

“Choose to reinforce.”

[Enhancement start, please wait for five minutes,]

Boom, boom…

The equipment enhanced machine worked, the internal sound was amazing. It seemed that it was carrying out cumbersome operations, he could still hear the sound of current from time to time.

Five minutes passed soon.


Steam appeared around the equipment enhanced machine, the metal tray slowly came out.

[Dragon flash +1 succeed]

Su Xiao picked up the dragon flash. He noticed that the blue light flashed by the edge was different from before, obviously deeper than before.

Dragon flash +1 (edge blade value 48%)

Attack power: 22 to 51 (improve 2 to 3)


The attack power of the dragon flash had improved a bit. Su Xiao held dragon flash and found something wrong. The dragon flash was definitely not as simple as improving the attack power.

He tried to cut a knife, Su Xiao frowned and put the dragon flash into the metal tray again.

[Enhanced fee needs 3,000 paradise coins per time, yes/no to strengthen.]

Su Xiao chose yes, equipment enhanced machine operated and finished it in five minutes.

[Dragon flash +2 succeed]

Su Xiao did not take out the dragon flash and chose to continue to strengthen because he found something very interesting.

[Dragon flash +3 succeed]

[Dragon flash +4 succeed]

[Dragon flash +5 failed, it dropped to +3.]

Su Xiao was hurt, but he still chose to continue.

[Dragon flash +4 succeed]

[Dragon flash +5 succeed!]

Su Xiao chooses to stop after dragon flash enhanced to + 5 if it fails after + 5, then the previous enhancement will be in vain, the dragon flash would directly turn back to +0.


The metal tray popped up, the dragon flash was placed on top. A deep blue light flashed through the edge of the dragon flash. The light blue light that flashed from time to time was turned dark blue.

Su Xiao picked up the dragon flash to view the properties.

Dragon flash +5 (edge blade value 48%)

Origin: the shadow of the law

Quality: blue

Durability: 67/67

Attack power: 30 to 63 (improve 8 to 12)

Equipment needs the inheritor of the shadow of the law.

Rating: 60

Supreme Edge Blade Effect 1: Sharpness +4

Supreme Edge Blade Effect 2: Rc cell rhythm (passive): physical strength +3. (Strengthen 1 point)

+5 attached effect: increasing the ability to penetrate.

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, reborn, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


Su Xiao touched the edge of the dragon flash with his finger, a blood mark appeared after he only slightly touched it.

Dragon flash which had been white weapon became a powerful weapon by him. The current attribute of dragon flash was more than most blue weapons.

Su Xiao’s way of creating a dragon flash was to enhance the sharpness of the sword.

Su Xiao did not need the dragon flash to have too many abilities, but it being sharp would be enough.

Now Su Xiao was not sure how sharp the dragon flash was, let the enemy taste it.

Su Xiao was so happy that dragon flash became stronger, but he could not be happy after seeing the remaining paradise coins.

Did not know when his park coins had changed from 30,357 coins to 9357 coins.

The cost made Su Xiao stunned. If dragon flash failed once again, he would go bankrupt.

But Su Xiao did not intend to stop here, but taking out the Lucky Flame, he was going to strengthen this lighter.

[Detecting equipment…, the detection is completed, the fee of each reinforcement cost 900 paradise coins.]

Lucky Flame was not a weapon, so the cost of strengthening was not too high.

Su Xiao chose to strengthen.

Five minutes later.

[Lucky Flame +1 succeed.]

Su Xiao chose to continue.

[Lucky Flame + 2 failed, strengthen level cleared.]

Su Xiao was stunned, strengthen +2 actually failed? This was somewhat inconsistent with the previous introduction. It said that the enhancement +2 had a 97% chance of success rate.

Continue to enhance. Otherwise, some properties of Lucky Flame were too bad, such as the cooling time was too long.

[Lucky Flame +1 succeed.]

[Lucky Flame + 2 succeed.]

[Lucky Flame +3 succeed.]

[Lucky Flame + 4 succeed.]

[Lucky Flame +5 succeed.]

[Lucky Flame +6 succeed!]

Su Xiao lit a cigarette, did not know when a large group of people gathered behind him.

“Brother, +6 will be fine. If +7 failed, it would be cleared directly. +8 failed, the equipment will even be damaged.”

“Continue, I haven’t seen someone +7 for a long time.”

“Six consecutive successes, what kind of lucky guy.”

Everyone was watching Su Xiao’s next action, the property would change dramatically after the equipment strengthened +7.

Su Xiao looked at the remaining park coins, there were 1257 park coins, which was only enough to strengthen once. He also looked at the recovery products in the storage space. In the titan world, he did not use recovery products. The next derivative world did not need to buy recovery products.

[Yes / No continue to strengthen the Lucky Flame.]

Su Xiao took a deep breath and held his hand in the air.


Boom, equipment strengthened machine was operating, dozens of people had gathered behind Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was also nervous at this time. These park coins were exchanged by his life.

Some evil guys behind him began to murmur and wanted him to fail.

A long wait of five minutes began. Strengthening the equipment could not be done in the blink. This was a process of equipment enhancement. The greater the range the enhancement, the higher the chance of failure.


A stream rushed out of the machine.

[Lucky Flame +7 succeed!]

The result made dozens of people behind Su Xiao were disappointed.

The metal tray popped up, the lucky flame flashing green light appeared. Although the appearance did not change, the overall feeling was quite different. Su Xiao picked up the lucky flame to view the attributes.

Lucky Flame +7 (boutique)

Origin: Tokyo Ghoul

Quality: Green

Category: Jewelry (Lighter)

Durability: 37/40

Equipment needs: Everyone can wear.

Equipment effect: Lucky Flame (active): After using the lucky flame to ignite the cigarette, it will temporarily add 2 points of luck attribute (the reinforcement has increased by 1 point), the effect lasts 15 seconds (the time has increased by 5 seconds).

Tip: Lucky Flame cooldown is 6 natural days. (time has reduced 4 natural days)

Tip: Using Lucky Flame, you will consume 600 paradise coins. (fee + 100 paradise coins)

Rating: 30+ (green equipment limit)

Introduction: It is beyond the scope of green equipment

Price: 5100 paradise coins.