Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 198: Exposed?

Two days later.

The arena, in a stone forest.

Su Xiao squatted on a stone pillar and looked like an eagle glance around.

“East side? You’re good at running.”

Jumping from the stone pillars, Su Xiao walked through the stone forest with complex terrain, he escaped stone pillars from time to time.

The figure, who ran quickly, suddenly stopped, the opponent was ten meters in front of him.

A sorcerer with a broken arm went out behind the stone pillar, the helplessness in his eyes.

“You win.”

The bearded sorcerer surrendered.

“How did you find my location?”


Hearing Su Xiao’s answer, the sorcerer was speechless and shook his head and chose to surrender.

[Personal fight is over, fifty-seven-game winning streak!]

[The arena ranking of the hunter has increased from 246 to 163 (first stage).]

Su Xiao closed the record and was ready to continue the next game.

[The time of the hunter to stay reincarnation paradise reached the limit.]

[Going back to the real world, please remember the regulations of reincarnation paradise.]

[You can’t reveal anything in the real world in any kind of forms. Otherwise, you will be warned, if the warning is invalid, you’ll be executed forcibly.]


[Transmission begins, location: the real world.]

Su Xiao was a little surprised. He didn’t expect the time to pass so fast. He stayed in the arena for the past few days.

The feeling of transmission appeared, Su Xiao raised his hand subconsciously.


He did not know how long it had lasted, Su Xiao appeared on the floor of the living room.

He checked the traps placed in the doors and windows, there were no abnormalities.

These traps were just in case. The actual use was not big. After Su Xiao entered the reincarnation paradise, the people in the real world could not go to the reincarnation paradise to find him. This was just to prevent him from being attacked when he returned from the reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao sat on the sofa in the living room and turned on the laptop and began searching for information.

“Not here… the climate is too bad, it doesn’t work either.”

After looking for a lot of information, Su Xiao began to pack his luggage. His luggage was very simple, a sword, a computer, and some clothes.

Su Xiao left the rental house without hesitations, this was just his temporary shelter.

In the old corridor, Su Xiao suddenly stopped after a few steps.


The door opposite his rental room opened, a sunglasses man walked out, but after seeing Su Xiao, the sunglasses men also stopped.

Su Xiao felt sharp that this guy was not an ordinary person. There was a smell of gunpowder on the person’s body, which appeared when people contacted with firearms and bullets often.

Su Xiao just looked at the person and continued to go downstairs. The sunglasses man stood in the same place. Su Xiao completely disappeared. The sunglass man closed the security door with a boom and leaned against the security door.

At this point, the sunglass man’s forehead was full of cold sweat, the sight when Su Xiao turned made him feel like being stared at by a beast.

On the bustling streets, Su Xiao eyes glanced around subconsciously.

Walking into a remote alley, Su Xiao took out the phone and dialed.

“Who is it?”

A slightly hoarse voice came from the phone.

“I have business with you?”


The person on the phone was full of doubts.

“I want some ID papers?”

“Ah, it turned out to be about this, my ‘Umbrella’ fell last month, I don’t do that kind of work anymore.”

Su Xiao frowned, hung up the phone, and dialed another number.

“Can I get some ID papers and the like?”


The phone was hung up, Su Xiao was a little surprised, is this kind of business so hard to do recently?

He tried to dial the last call.


A calm voice came from the phone.

“Can you make help me get some ID papers?”

“What type?”

“Passports or Canada Permanent Resident Card.”

“Passport for 3 million, Canada Permanent Resident Card for 9 million, you need to have the legal status of the country, you need to have more than 20 million assets to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Card, if you agree, we can talk in person.”

“Ok, location.”

After the person said the address, Su Xiao hung up the phone. Of course, he was not going to make a fake certificate. The price of the fake certificate would not be so exaggerated. He was going to get a legal identity.

The so-called money could make people do anything, as long as the amount of the money was enough, most of the things could be done.

The country he wanted to go was not the kind of country that was difficult to immigrate. As long as he was willing to spend money, there was no problem, not to mention that he still had the legal status of his country: Su Xiao smiled.

Su Xiao was preparing to leave the country for a while. Although he did not really want to go abroad, he was wanted by the police.

In a modern society full of monitoring equipment, the police were not easy to get rid of, it was not impossible for the police to find him.

After all, he sneaked into the police station before, he still had to be cautious.

Now Su Xiao was going to take the high-speed train to another city to meet with the person who will make the certificate. Those people did not believe that the transfer money or postal mail, he must pay in person.

This was a very wise choice, the transfer would leave traces, but the cash would not, those people did the business to crush the brains.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao came to a high-speed train station.

“Turn on the function of temporary savings.”

After Su Xiao whispered, the long sword wrapped in the knife bag in his hand disappeared. This was a function of the reincarnation paradise. The items in the real world could be temporarily saved into the savings space by costing 100 paradise coins.

Although this function was convenient, it limited a lot, the weight and length of the stored items were required, and whether it was high explosives and radiation.

The swords were all stored in the edge of the requirement, and he did not even think to put firearms in.

Spending 100 paradise coins did not have the convenience permanently, the time limit was seven days.

Su Xiao took some clothes and the computer to the security check, the people around him moved. After successfully passing the security check, he entered the ground transportation.

Wanting to take a sword to take the high-speed train was simply ridiculous, he used this ability to carry this sword that had been passed for generations.

Sitting in the waiting room, after a while, Su Xiao felt something wrong, there were too few people around.

He glanced at the time, 9:05 am, more people should be present at this time.

Su Xiao got up and walked quickly out of the waiting room.

A group of men with suits gathered around, Su Xiao knew that his identity was exposed. He had prepared.

It was not clear whether their identities were the murderers or the contractors.

Crimson appeared in his hand. This was the name of his family’s long sword. This sword was built by a famous craftsman.

Su Xiao calmly untied sword bag of crimson and threw the sword bag on the ground. Crimson appeared.


The blade made a crisp sound, the sword in Su Xiao’s hand shined cold light at this time. If these people are malign, it will kill them.

Su Xiao’s moves grabbed the passengers’ attention in the waiting room. These were ordinary people. After seeing Su Xiao hold the long sword, they felt their calves were shaking.

Hundreds of suit men around stopped, several of them began to whisper.

“Head, this guy is very difficult to deal with, he is definitely a powerful person in that place, what should we do?”

A strong man nodded and said:

“Don’t worry, we are not coming to fight with him. Talk to him politely, I may not be able to fight with him. You should be polite while talking.”

“Head, I have period today, I’ll go now.”

A girl seemed to want to run.

The corner of the mouth of the strong man twitched.

“Little leaf, if you dare to run, the welfare of this month will be gone.”

Little leaf sighed.

“We agree in advance, I am only responsible for supporting the scene. After the guy takes out the sword, his actions make my flesh creep.”

The strong man nodded.

“To sparse the people.”

The strong man slowly approached Su Xiao.

“Mr. Su, I have no bad intentions. I am talking to you on behalf of the ‘Cleaning the unstable factors planning bureau’, we are the same people, all from there.”