Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 199: Law-abiding citizen?

The people in the waiting room were gradually diffused, Su Xiao, and the strong men confronted each other.

”‘Cleaning the unstable factors planning bureau’? I haven’t heard of it.”

Su Xiao felt that these people had no bad intentions, if they come to kill him, it will be impossible for him not to perceive it.

“Cough, the name is a bit long, we generally call ourselves scavengers,
a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, my name is Wei Dong, I’m mainly responsible for negotiating or fighting with people with the same genre.”

Wei Dong took out the documents directly. After seeing the documents, Su Xiao’s eyes slightly closed. If the documents are true, the person works for the government.

Looking at the situations around, the suit men did not cause a stir when they evacuated people, the people at the station did not show up, the police did not move as well. It seemed that the person was likely to work for the government.

Su Xiao had ‘come back to life’ which was not difficult to judge his contractor’s identity.

And there were so many people in the reincarnation paradise, the country should know about it.

With the existence of a reincarnation paradise, the real world was still so peaceful, indicating that there were secrets in it. After seeing these people in front, Su Xiao understood what was going on. These should be contractors who were hired by the government.

Su Xiao was not clear how to operate concretely, there were two choices for him, fighting or talking.

If he chooses to fight, he’ll be wanted all over the country, he still had to go abroad.

“Tell me, why did you come.”

Wei Dong smiled as long as they could talk.

“This is the case. For us, the country initially ruled out this kind of people like us, after all, kinds of things happened, and we’ve been through many negotiations, the ‘Cleaning the unstable factors planning bureau’ appears.

It was obviously unwise to keep fighting with the people who had been trained to fight, and we could hide in ordinary people, and very difficult to find.

You can see the documents here, as long as you sign it, your previous behavior will be forgiven, as long as you do not do unusual moves in the future, no one will interfere in your normal life. Otherwise, scavengers will keep disturbing you.”

After that, Wei Dong through a pile of files, Su Xiao checked it, the contents of the files were acceptable.

The rough meaning was not killing people, not causing social unrest, not raising funds illegally (except for normal means), not making a gang.

These regulations had no restrictions on Su Xiao. In the real world, he belonged to the kind of person that he will not attack others if people don’t attack him initially. Although he was powerful, he would not kill people on the street like a madman.

Although Su Xiao needed his revenge, his current strength was not enough, not to mention his enemies were not in the country, the one he killed last time was the last he could find.

He would sign the document. First, other things could be dealt with later, this was not a contract from the reincarnation paradise.

“Give me the pen.”

Wei Dong looked happy and threw a pen to Su Xiao. After signing, Su Xiao threw the files to him.

“Mr. Su, are you interested in joining us?”

“Not interested.”

This answer,r Wei Dong had expected it, he was not disappointed.

“That’s it, Mr. Su. If I’m right, I think you’re very strong. Our natives generally don’t make trouble in our country. Some foreigners occasionally come to make troubles. Some of them are strong. I don’t know if you can at that time… Of course, we will also give you some rewards, such as providing some confidential information.”

Su Xiao’s eyes widened when he heard Wei Dong’s words.

“We can discuss it later, I will consider it according to the situation.”

If there’s some help from the nation, some information he wanted to find would be less difficult. At most was to help them to kill a few foreigners, he could consider whether he would help at that time.

As for joining the scavengers, it was impossible. Su Xiao did not want to follow other people’s order, but cooperation would be OK, joining them would be impossible.

“That’s good, I will not disturb you, Mr. Su Xiao. By the way, your original identity has been legalized. You are now a legal resident.”

The suit men gradually dispersed, the waiting room was quickly full of people. When he saw this scene, Su Xiao nodded. They were indeed hired by the country. He hesitated and took out the phone to call the person he applied for making cards.

“You have arrived so soon?”

“No, there are some things happen, I don’t need the cards for the time being.”

“We can cooperate next time, goodbye.”


There was no exaggerated plot like in movies. The person was very polite. In fact, the people in the ‘underground world’ were very cautious and generally did not take the initiative to fight with people.

Picking up the sword bag on the ground, Su Xiao continued to wait in the waiting room after putting crimson into the storage space, he did not cancel the ticket.

If Wei Dong didn’t lie, he would be now a free man. He wanted to go anywhere in the country. Why should he hide in a rented house sneakily, he was going to perform harmless now, which would make his future actions more convenient.

“I heard that the food there are good, let’s try it.”

Soon Su Xiao sat on the high-speed rail, all the way was smooth. He did not do too many bad things in the real world other than killing his enemy.

Although he sneaked into the police station, he did not kill any police officer, his purpose was to take back his own things.

And the situation he stayed in the rental house, the danger extent that the government gave him was very low.

Su Xiao was a law-abiding citizen compared to those contractors who were cheeky in the real world after suddenly getting strength.

That’s why the scene in the waiting hall appeared. Compared to fighting with contractors, the country chose to use a more peaceful way.

Judging from the stability of the present society, the country’s choice was correct, but Su Xiao had a feeling that the contractors who live in such a peaceful life may be very likely to be killed.


Two days later.

In front of a magnificent ancient building.

The ancient building had five floors, with a plaque at the top, the plaque was like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing to have the sentence ‘Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.

Su Xiao wore a pair of sunglasses and held a few snacks in his hand to eat while walking.

At this time, Su Xiao, carrying a satchel bag, his usual fierce appearance wasn’t there. He had not relaxed so much for a long time.

He was in a tourist attraction site, the surrounding scenery was beautiful and magnificent, the day was sunny and bright, but there were too many people.

Looking at the crowd, Su Xiao did not want to get close to the crowd.

“Young man, do you want to buy a mobile power bank?”

A passionate aunt came, Su Xiao touched the sunglasses. When the aunt wanted to get close to Su Xiao, she found that Su Xiao went far away.

When he went to the cool place with fewer people, Su Xiao did not want to go to tourist attractions in the future. There were so many people here.

He planned to wander around the country and taste the local food, which was very suitable to relax.

Su Xiao had a feeling, his sword skills had actually improved slightly after he relaxed. People could not always be nervous.

Su Xiao stayed at a hotel that night, he deliberately used his original identity, he was vigilant in the hotel room.


In a monitoring room full of screens, Wei Dong walked in.

“What’s wrong? Is there an abnormality?”

A staff took off the headphones.

“He went to travel, looking from the previous records, he’s the harmless one. He is not a silly person that being arrogant after getting power.”

Wei Dong nodded.

“Then, don’t watch him anymore. If we’re found, it’ll be easy to cause danger, this person is very strong.

This time we’re lucky. The guy’s momentum when he pulled out the sword scared me. I would’ve needed to ask for help from the military if I fought with him two days ago.”

The screen that monitored Su Xiao was switched, Su Xiao was temporarily arranged in the harmless ones.

If Wei Dong knows how fierce Su Xiao is in the derivative world, he will definitely monitor him all day.

There was still something Wei Dong did not know. Su Xiao’s sensitive perception had already detected that someone was monitoring him.