Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 200: Supernatural

Five days later, in a pool on a bright and sunny day.

A slightly salty sea breeze flew by and made people feel the taste of the sea.

The sea waves crashed on the beach, washing some small creatures along from time to time.

The blue water complimented the sky creating a perfect painting.

Some girls wore bikinis ran across the beach, laughter came from time to time. Although the beach was beautiful, there were not many travelers.

Su Xiao leaned on a chair, this was his third stop, a small coastal town.

The environment and food culture here made Su Xiao very satisfied. He decided to stay here for a while.

Su Xiao opened his eyes and yawned.

“The feeling of being watched has disappeared in the past five days, the police did not come to find him. It seems that the scavengers do have some power.”

Folding the deck chair, Su Xiao did not wear a shirt but a short pant and walked to a villa near the beach barefooted, now with legal status, he did not need to keep hiding, he simply bought this villa.

When he executed his revenge, he got a lot of money from the enemy’s house. There was nothing more fun than spending the enemy’s money.

Su Xiao was completely relaxed. What surprised him was that his sword specialization improved by one level.

The current sword specialization had been upgraded to Lv.11, which was completely unexpected.

After Su Xiao walked into the villa, the hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Hint: The new derivative world is about to open, the hunter will return to the reincarnation paradise, please make sure there are no witnesses around.]

[Transmission…transmission completed.]

The sense of transmission appeared, Su Xiao returned to the exclusive room in the reincarnation paradise.

[Hunter level: Lv.7, can be notified 35 minutes before entering the derivative world, the hunter will enter the derivative world in an hour, please be patient.]

After returning to the exclusive room, Su Xiao’s lazy sight gradually disappeared, and the pupils became extremely sharp.

“Is it coming? A new derivative world.”

Su Xiao left the exclusive room to go to the trading market. Although he didn’t have the paradise coins now, there’re often some special items in the trade market, so before entering the derivative world, he decided to go around.

The trade square was crowded, and the workers were abnormally active before entering the derivative world.

“Recovery products all are very cheap prices.”

“A variety of rare equipment, no bargain.”

“The worker gives 6,000 paradise coins to seek protection, if you’re a handsome guy, we can have sex.”

In the trading market, there were a lot of different people. When Su Xiao saw the last one, he was stunned, these women workers were quite open.

After going deeper into the trade square, Su Xiao found that there was a lot of people in front of a booth, people were arguing about something.

“What do you mean? 8000 paradise coins is too expensive.”

“If you can’t accept, then leave.”

After hearing the bargain between the booth owner and the customer, Su Xiao was curious about what was sold at the booth.

Su Xiao understood the cause of the incident after going forward, there were only a few bottles of medicine on the booth.

[Magic Juice]

Quality: Green

Type: Restoration

Effect: Instant restore 18% mana values

Rating: 22 (Note: The green scored from 10 to 30.)

Introduction: Luxurious rare items.


[Mental Stimulation medicine]

Quality: Green

Type: Restoration

Effect: Slowly restore 30% mana values

Rating: 27 (Note: The green scored from 10 to 30.)

Introduction: it’s slightly harmful to the brain, it cannot be used more than three times.


In addition to these two bottles of medicine, there were other restorations, all of which were the medicines could restore mana values.

Su Xiao first saw the medicines that could restore the mana values. This thing was exceptionally rare, at least he had not obtained it before.

There were many sorcerers in the reincarnation paradise, but the amount of the restoration of mana was not high. This created a situation that medicine was hard to get. The healer in each adventurous group must learn the skills which could restore the mana values, but the healer had limited mana values.

“This guy is so lucky, don’t know where did he get so many medicines of restoring mana.”

The surrounding contractors whispered.

Although the price was high, rare things were expensive, that sorcerer or healer could only pay it.

The medicines on the booth were sold out in less than five minutes. The owner flipped his palm, and several bottles of medicines appeared on the booth.

Su Xiao observed for a while, the owner sold the medicines for about 30,000 paradise coins in five minutes, the specific profit was not known.

After leaving the booth, Su Xiao pondered. There was only one possibility for the person to have so many medicines. The owner might have mastered the method of making this medicine.

This gave Su Xiao an inspiration. He could also learn a similar ability. His mana value was high. If it is an item produced by mana, he will be much more efficient than other contractors.

However, there were not many such ways to make them, the price was not low, so he would make it after finding how to do so in the future.

After Su Xiao wandered around the trade market, he received the information of the next derivative world.

[The hunter will enter the derivative world after thirty-five minutes: Akame Ga Kill]

After receiving the news of the derivative world, Su Xiao was shocked. The Akame Ga Kill world was very famous in the reincarnation paradise. This derivative world was extremely dangerous, but the benefits were very high.

A large number of tasks and high-level equipment made the contractors covet this world.

Su Xiao had experience in the ghouls’ world and Titans’ world, although the power system was slightly a pseudo-science, it was still barely acceptable.

Akame Ga Kill world was different, there were forty-eight Teigus in the Akame Ga Kill world. Those Teigus had a variety of abilities, some of them even were related to space.

Teigu was made of super dangerous body materials, such as some evil dragons and devils with thin blood relationship.

These are materials with a rare metal called Orichalcum, the more important thing was artisan’s craftsmanship, a huge empire use the whole country’s power to build forty-eight pieces of Teigus.

After creating forty-eight pieces of Teigus, the empire with no power to continue was overtook, those artisans were executed by the empire, the skills were cut off. Finally, the Teigus which passed down to the world was only forty-eight pieces.

In Su Xiao’s view, those Teigus were simply the weak version of the devil fruits.

Some Teigus were somewhat stronger than the devil fruits. For example, the female general Esdese’s Teigu of blood genre ‘demon’s extract’, which was a kind of Teigu made of dangerous kind of blood. After drinking it, if you take the crazy consciousness inside the blood, you will get the ability to control the ice.

Compared with the owner of the frozen fruit Kuzan in the one piece world, Esdese’s physical quality was lower. But one thing that navy general Kuzan could not compare with was that. Esdese could freeze the space.

Su Xiao began to recall the approximate content of the Akame Ga Kill world.

The content of this derivative world was not complicated.

The content was that an empire began to decay after thousands of years. High taxes and tyranny made civilians miserable. Civilians began to resist, and various rebels were consisted by the citizens appeared.

There was one of the strongest and most popular in the rebels. People called it the revolutionary army.

The revolutionary army was getting bigger and bigger, they had constant contradictions with the empire. In large organizations, a group of people needed to hide in the dark to deal with things that could not be known in public. The organization of the revolutionary army was called ‘Night Raid’ which was commonly known as night attack troops, the short name was Night Raid.

The night raid troop was the dark part of the revolutionary army, helping the revolutionary army to assassinate the enemy’s leader, raising money, investigating information. The leader was a woman named Najenda.

The empire also had a similar department, but this type of the department on the empire side was very scattered. In the end, to fight with the night raid troop, the dark part of the empire was totally managed by the female general Esdese.

The Akame Ga Kill world was mainly the change of the empire, the war between the Empire and the revolutionary army, and the cruel confrontation between the two dark organizations.