Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 201: Cold

[Time is up, the derivative world: Akame Ga Kill is opened, there is no abnormality in this world, the space coordinates are stable, the power of time and space consumes 0.018 ounces.]

[According to the power of time is consumed, the lowest evaluation for contractors needs to reach D+ level in this world.]

Su Xiao stood in the same place, he had given up resistance.

Boom, the feeling of being hit by a stick on the back of his head appeared.

After transmitting for several times, Su Xiao was used to this feeling.

When he regained consciousness, Su Xiao was already in the world of snow and ice, the cold wind was blowing through the snow. He subconsciously shivered.

The snow flew in the sky, the cold wind penetrated the bone like a knife. At this time, the temperature was at least 40 degrees below zero.

Even Su Xiao couldn’t stay for too long at this temperature, the cold wind was eroding his body heat.

“It’s f**king… cold.”

The trembling sound came not far away, Su Xiao looked at the side. There were more than a dozen contractors nearby.

“Stay…close to me, I am a fire sorcerer….”

An old man with a sorcerer robe lifted his staff while trembling.


The fireball, which was as big as a washbowl appeared, dozens of contractors rushed over like hungry dogs that saw food.

“We’re finally getting warmer.”

“Is the system trying to freeze us? Thank you, man.”

A strong man curled himself up with both hands, this guy was covered with metal armor, his cold resistance was very low.

“We’re poor people who are struggling to survive. You’re welcome.”

The old sorcerer smiled very kindly, he also put his hand on the strong man’s shoulders while he was talking.

“The guy over there, don’t you want to come?”

The old sorcerer greeted Su Xiao.

“Thank you, no need.”

Su Xiao did not feel kindness on the person. Instead, he felt he was ‘the same kind people’.

“Then see you next time, we don’t bother each other.”

The old sorcerer still smiled gently, Su Xiao noticed different information in that smile.

‘Do not bother each other, do not interfere with each other.’

Looking at the contractors far away, Su Xiao put his hands in front of his mouth and breathed hot air. The place he entered the derivative world was very unfriendly. It was actually frost soil.

[Entering the world: Akame Ga Kill]

World difficulty: LV.8. Extremely difficult.

The source of the world: 0%, (It will grow when the hunter explores or communicates with the characters in the current world, it will be calculated with the difficulty of the tasks when the world is settled, and form the final score.)

World instruction: forty-eight pieces of Teigu, the changes of the empire, Jaegers, Night Raid, human experiments, the decaying empire of thousand years.

The collision of the sword and the knife, the confrontation of the Teigu, the choice of good and evil, the cycle of killing and peace.

Teigu: About a thousand years ago, in order to maintain long-term dominion, the first emperor of the empire raised enormous money and power beyond imagination, and gathered the top craftsmen all over the world to use the super dangerous items as the materials, the rare metals such as Orichalcos and a large number of lost secret techniques to develop forty-eight pieces of unreplicable weapons which called Teigu.

Main mission: Supreme Teigu.

Hunting mission: Cleaning up offender No. 113?? Contractor.

When the hunter comes near the offender within one kilometer, the hunting function will be automatically turned on.

Warning: Do not mention anything about the ‘reincarnation paradise’ in this world. If the warning is invalid, you will be executed forcibly!

Tip: It is detected that the hunter does not master the language in this world, you will consume 100 paradise coins to master the language of this world automatically.

The world start!


Su Xiao saw the ‘No. 113?? Offender’ of the hunting mission’, he felt not good.

“Reincarnation paradise, what is going on?”

Su Xiao’s question was related to the hunting mission, the reincarnation paradise immediately replied.

[The official number of the offender is 113?? It has any errors, the hunting function is detecting…, the hunting function is normal, please actively complete the hunting task.]

Su Xiao scowled, there was such a special number, there must be something.

Su Xiao looked at the mainline task.

[Main line mission: Supreme Teigu]

Difficulty level: Lv.8

Mission instruction: getting the key to the supreme Teigu.

Mission information: Emperor’s power is the strongest emperor, and the current holder is the imperial emperor.

Mission period: 30 natural days.

Mission reward: 4 points of the attribute, 12,000 paradise coins.

Mission penalty: full attribute-3.


Su Xiao tightened his collar. He still didn’t know where he was. How to complete the main task still had to be researched.

Su Xiao tended to join the empire side. From the original plot, if he joins to the night raid, it will be not easy to get the key of ‘Supreme Teigu.’

If he follows the normal process, he will have the opportunity to get the key after defeating the little emperor, and it just has a chance.

Would the night raid let him take the key of ‘Supreme Teigu’? The answer was no, they would be likely to fight with him.

Su Xiao was not a regular person. He intended to get into the Empire camp. Although the Empire camp would ultimately lose, this result was irreversible, this was public opinion.

There would not have many contractors to join the Empire camp, but there would be many of them to join the night raid camp. The power of the revolutionary army in the original plot was stronger than the empire, more than 70% of the ministers in the Empire were recruited by the revolutionary army.

Su Xiao was ready to sneak into the top position of the empire, finding an opportunity to approach the little emperor, and directly getting the key.

The competition for the main mission was fierce, the key was only one, the contractors were a lot.

“Interesting, all contractors grab a key, then see who would be faster, but I am more used to cut other people’s hands.”

He shivered in the cold wind again. Su Xiao took out a compass which was he purchased in the trading market. It was said that it was useful in many derivative worlds.

After distinguishing the direction, Su Xiao went to the south. If he guesses right, the current position is in the extreme north, the direction of the empire is in the south.

Crack, crack…

Su Xiao left a line of footprints on the thick snow, the figure gradually disappeared into the blizzard.

The mission period was one month, Akame Ga Kill world was obviously different from the titan world.

Walking in the blizzard, Su Xiao began to feel weak after traveling for an hour and even felt dizzy, this was a symptom of losing excessive body heat.

Taking some food contained high calories to get his strength back, Su Xiao continued to move forward.

Reincarnation paradise would not send him to this for no reason.

After traveling for about two hours, Su Xiao felt that the temperature slightly improved. The current temperature was about 30 degrees below zero, it was still freezing, but there was no danger of being frozen at any time.


A strong wind blew, large pieces of snow flew all over the sky.

Su Xiao blocked his hand in front. He vaguely saw a high building in the distance in the blizzard.

[You have entered the edge area in the extreme north.]

The hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared, Su Xiao became excited and walked quickly to the edge area.

After walking toward, Su Xiao discovered that what he had seen before was not a towering building, but a city wall.

The wall was built by black stone stood in the blizzard, the surface of the wall was pitted, it looked like it had not been renovated for hundreds of years.

From this wall, he could see how decayed the empire was, the borderline was not even repaired. This wall was responsible for blocking the alien from the north.

“Don’t know what’s the timing right now. It is not difficult to join the Empire camp at that time.”

Su Xiao walked close to the city wall under the blizzard.