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R.P Chapter 202: Fighting as they met

Edge area in the extreme north.

This fortress was the important way of the northern border of the empire. Both sides of the fortress were jokul that were not melted all year round. The rock wall was steep, the jokul could not be boarded in many ways except for flying.

The harsh climate in the extreme north led the place was lack of resources. People living in the extreme north could only live by hunting. The customs passed down from generation to generation led the people here were fierce, everyone was a soldier.

The extreme north originally belonged to the empire, the high tax of the Empire led to the extreme north to leave the empire’s control.

The people in the extreme north who struggled on the food could not afford that kind of tax, it was inevitable that they left.

The empire, which was located in the most prosperous position in the center of the mainland, certainly could not tolerate this thing, sending the army to suppress the extreme north.

In the empire’s view, the extreme north was only a remote place. As long as hundreds of thousands of troops were sent, they could easily kill them and also shock other aliens.

Would the people in extreme north who were hunting for a living all year round have weak combat power? Of course not.

The two hundred thousand soldiers the empire sent collapsed in a month, the war between thirty thousand and two hundred thousand seemed ridiculous, but the extreme north got a great victory.

After the war, a key figure appeared in the extreme north: Numa Seika, known as the alien prince of the extreme north, had never lost with a Long Spear. He was a figure like a totem in the extreme north, was also the leader of the extreme north army.

The two hundred thousand armies that empire sent only seventy thousand survived, the rest of them would stay in this frozen land forever.

The empire had never had this kind of loss for hundreds of years. The small emperor of the empire who was underage was furious and sent five hundred thousand soldiers and the trump card of the empire.

At this time, the five hundred thousand soldiers of the empire settled in the ‘the fortress in the extreme north,’ but the situation was not as optimistic as they expected.

The soldiers from the empire who were accustomed to a warm climate lost a lot of members before the war after they had reached the extreme north.

Serious frostbite and heavy cold were like a death god that took their lives.

Although the medical treatments of the empire were developed, it was not popularized because the emperor was fatuous. Only the people with a high position in the empire could enjoy excellent medical Treatment.

Because of the existence of Teigu, the empire did not care about the hot weapons, so the wars still used cold weapons today. Of course, this also had a relationship with the useless emperor.

In the eyes of higher-ups of the empire, soldiers were just pieces that could be thrown after using, it was very inappropriate to give them expensive hot weapons.

The army of five hundred thousand soldiers rushed to the extreme north, the combat power they could play no more than two hundred thousand. This number was still decreasing with time passing.

On the wall of the edge area in the extreme north, a group of soldiers with white winter clothes routinely patrolled.

“This stupid place is so cold. When can I go back?”

A soldier tightened the winter clothes, but even the thicker winter clothes could not block the cold wind in the extreme north.

“Let’s finish it faster, go back to get warmer, the entire wall has been checked, no miss.”

Another soldier spoke, this was a team of more than a dozen people.

“It seems like someone is standing under the fortress.”

A soldier stood on the edge of the wall and looked down.

“The alien in the extreme north?”

“The snow is too much. I can’t see it.”

“He’s not like an alien. Have you seen an alien with the unlined garment? This guy is surprisingly not frozen to death, he should not be weak, let’s ask more people to check.”

Several soldiers asked the others and rushed to the gates. They did not dare to relax because they had a very strict general.

The gates opened and dozens of soldiers with long weapons rushed out of the fortress.

“Who is it?”

A soldier screamed.

The blizzard blew harshly, in this cold temperature, the person with the unlined garment breathed out white air.

“I don’t know if the fortress in the extreme north is still recruiting people. I am a traveler.”

The person had short black hair and a long sword on his waist. Although the long sword was not gorgeous, you could tell that it was not a normal product at first glance.

The small leader among the soldiers pondered for a few seconds.

“Let’s catch him first. He may be a spy from the extreme north army. Now it is wartime, we must not relax.”

The small leader screamed, hundreds of soldiers surged toward, the feet stepped on the snow made sounds.

Su Xiao who was surrounded by the group frowned, the reincarnation park did not provide identity this time, so he could only cover by the identity of the traveler.

Su Xiao had already thought of a status that was similar to his temperament, he would wait until he saw the leaders of these soldiers.

“Sure enough, joining the Empire camp is not that simple.”

Dragon flash was taken out, and Su Xiao was ready to fight with the empire army.


A female voice came, all the soldiers’ movements stopped, their bodies were subconsciously stiff.

A figure with a white military uniform came from the blizzard, the style of the military uniform was very special, abnormally sexy, this was a tall woman, with a blue hair spread over her back to her waist, the strong wind blew the blue hair, The woman dressed like that in the extreme north, looking from the dressing the women should be a female general.

“What happened?”

The general’s tone was not so good, it seemed that she had encountered unpleasant things before.

“General Esdeath, I may have discovered the spy of the extreme north army.”

The little leader looked respectful and lowered his hand.

“A spy?”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao.

“Well…it should be, I just doubt it, after all, it is wartime.”

The small leader told her the previous situation and did not contain personal emotions.

“Well done, although we regained the fortress, we can’t relax.”

“Thank you for your praise, general.”

Getting the praise from Esdeath, the little leader was happy and retreated to the side respectfully.

“So, what should we do with you this spy of the extreme north army?”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao with anger and pulled out the fine sword at the waist.

“If I say that I am not a spy, you will not believe me no matter what.”


Esdeath rushed toward with a sword, the figure was extremely fast.

Su Xiao’s sights were sharp, he raised his hand and put dragon flash in front of him.


The sparkles splashed high, the long sword and the fine sword intersected, the falling snow was blown away by force.

“Interesting, you actually blocked it.”

Esdeath lips were tilted, the ice flame seemed to be burning in her eyes. She was a Sadism queen who would be very excited after meeting strong enemies.

“So, can you block this?”

Esdeath had a row of ice blades in front of her without warning. The ice blades stretched rapidly and stabbed toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was now fighting with Esdeath, the sudden appearance of the ice blade didn’t surprise him much.

Su Xiao’s battle experience was so rich that he had already reacted at the moment when the ice blade just appeared.

He moved aside, dragon flash in his hand moved which both blocking Esdeath’s sword and crushing those ice blades by the blade point.

After a sound, the ice blades cracked open, the ice was splashing.

Su Xiao lifted his foot to kick a large amount of snow to cover Esdeath’s sight, and sided to kick Esdeath’s waist.


Su Xiao felt his calf was numb, he kicked on a hard object.


The ice wall that appeared suddenly had a large crack, which made Esdeath’s expression slightly changed.

“This power…”

Esdeath was even more excited, she was eager to fight against a strong enemy, now she met one.

At this time, a sharp blade broke through the snow, the sharp edge made Esdeath not dare to look down.

She had to attack. Otherwise, she would be at a disadvantage, or she may even die.

After making a judgment in her mind, Esdeath pulled up an ice wall which was half-meter thick.

The ice wall rose, but Su Xiao’s blade did not stop.


The ice wall which was half-meter thick was cut off directly, Esdeath had taken the opportunity to retreat.

Esdeath folded her hands, and her fingertips shone white light.


Dozens of white ice thorns appeared around Esdeath, these ice thorns were abnormally sharp.