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R.P Chapter 203: Instinctual acting

“Although I don’t know where are you from, you’re a good subordinate.”

Esdeath waved her arms, and dozens of ice thorns rushed forward rapidly.

Su Xiao’s pupils contracted slightly as he began to capture the tracks of those ice thorns.

Dragon flash in his hands cut incessantly, the ice thorns that flew to him were smashed constantly.

Su Xiao felt that Esdeath was very strong. She was stronger than any enemy he had ever fought. She had a lot of nonsense during battle. If they fight seriously, the two are likely to die together. He had a way to deal with the skill of freezing space.

Looking at Esdeath in front of him, Su Xiao suddenly thought that if he wanted to promote quickly in the empire to approach the little emperor, Esdeath was a good opportunity.

“You win, I am your subordinate now.”

Su Xiao’s words made Esdeath stunned.

“Are you kidding me? This kind of combat can’t satisfy me.”

Esdeath was obviously somewhat unhappy.

“It doesn’t matter if there is an army attack in the rear?”

“An army?”

Esdeath stopped the action which was ready to rush forward, she just loved to kill, not irrational.

Su Xiao was half-squatting and inserted his finger into the snow.

“One, three, five, or so.”

When Esdeath heard Su Xiao’s words, she smiled.

“Five people are an army. Even if 5,000 people come, it doesn’t matter. That’s a bad excuse, I suddenly don’t want to accept you as my subordinate.”

Su Xiao looked up at Esdeath.

“If it is 50,000?”

Esdeath looked sideways at the aide-de-camp.

“Is there any news from the enemy?”

The aide-de-camp immediately shook his head.

“General, the spy in front, has no news… “

Boom, bang.

The ground was still slightly trembling, a large piece of black figures came in front could be seen vaguely through the blizzard in the distance.

“Return to the fortress.”

Esdeath immediately took the man back to the fortress.

“You come as well.”

After that, Esdeath rushed up to the wall.

Su Xiao put up the dragon flash and followed a lot of soldiers. According to the information in the original book, joining Esdeath ‘s army was a good choice.

Although Esdeath was a female general with nice body shape, she had a tendency to abuse and torture the enemies, but Esdeath had a high reputation in the military.

The money that the empire rewarded to Esdeath was used to reward the soldiers by her. She had meals with the ordinary soldiers, as usual, she had no habit of receiving private attention.

The army under Esdeath was not the same as others in the empire. She never accepted bribes, she had a good relationship with the civilians. Her reputation in the empire was extremely high.

If Esdeath raises the flag to rebel, the success rate will be over 90% or even higher.

Excluding the habit of torturing the enemies and loving to kill these two points, Esdeath was the field commander with top talent.

The decaying empire could support until now, the great reason was relying on the troops contained hundreds of thousands of members under Esdeath. Of course, it could not rule out that the empire got many Teigu.


The huge sound gradually approached from the distance, several rows of soldiers have already stood on the city wall at this time. Some of these soldiers were sick. Although their spirits were dropping, they will still fight to the last breath.

“How could so many enemies appear? Is the information wrong?”

Esdeath stood on the wall and stared far away.

The shadows that were rushing in the distance gradually approached. After seeing the shadow clearly, the soldiers on the wall screamed.

“Snow wolves, didn’t these dangerous species go extinct?”

A lot of wolves were in their sights, the wolf’s hair was white, the size was as big as a tiger, the white tusk was exposed while they run, they seemed fierce.

“It turned out to be like this. It seems that the extreme north army has reached a consensus with this cunning beast.”

Esdeath whispered, she was born in the northern border area, she knew something about the situation here.

“General, will we fight?”

Esdeath ‘s aide-de-camp asked.

“No need, I was wondering how the extreme north army suddenly dared to invade. It seems that the beast has given the extreme north army confidence.”

Esdeath was more interested in watching the many giant wolves below.

“You follow me.”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao hesitated for a few seconds and nodded. This should be some kind of test. Joining the empire camp was not as simple as imagination. His transmission location was too shitty.

Esdeath asked the aide-de-camp for a few words, the aide-de-camp was a little stunned, and said in a hurry:

“General, this person’s background is unknown, it is too risky.”

“It’s okay, as long as he is strong, my army will accept it. If he has intentions, he will be thrown into the fire after being peeled.”

Esdeath turned to look at Su Xiao, the gaze seemed to be studying where to cut first.

Su Xiao was motionless.

After watching Su Xiao for a while, Esdeath rushed for a few steps and jumped from the wall of a dozen meters high.

As soon as she landed, she made an ice layer under her feet. After she stepped on the ice layer, she landed smoothly.

Esdeath tapped on the snowfield with one hand.


A layer of firm ice was spreading instantly, the giant wolves that were running all stopped and turned into ice sculptures.

Seeing this scene didn’t surprise Su Xiao, Esdeath ‘s development direction was to fight the army, he was to kill powerful individuals.

Su Xiao also jumped from the wall and stood on the ice. A cold air gradually rose, the temperature here was lower.

The extremely cold weather in the north was very suitable for Esdeath to fight, the combat power of killing tens of thousands of enemies by one attack was shocking enough.

“Let’s go.”

Esdeath got up and walked to the distance, and Su Xiao also went along.

Su Xiao, who walked through ice sculptures formed by giant wolves, had doubts. Where would Esdeath go? These giant wolves obviously had purposes.

“You just did not do your best, right?”

Esdeath suddenly spoke, Su Xiao guessed that she wanted to investigate his background, after all, his background was unknown, if he does not talk about the details, the plan of sneaking will basically fail.

Fortunately, Su Xiao thought about a lot of things, he had already simulated the background, experiences, and so on earlier.

“About 70%.”

Esdeath was in front, Su Xiao was behind, the two walked and talked.

“Seventy percent? It seems that I have looked down on you a little. The guys like you will not come out suddenly. If you want to join my army, you should tell me your background and name.”


“My name is Byakuya, I’m from Paxson from the Eastern Empire. I have recently been a killer and a mercenary. I have been trained in the eastern organization. And served in the military for a few years later, I was mainly responsible for: assassinating important people, destruction after the war, killing the enemy’s leader and so on. I served in the army for five years, then the army was ready to kill me, that’s it.”

Esdeath frowned, she thought that Su Xiao’s origins were somewhat complicated. He had been a killer and staying in an assassination unit in the army.

“Why did your army give up on you?”

“I know too many secrets. And my country has already won, they no longer need me.”

Esdeath was thinking whether Su Xiao’s words were credible. Although Su Xiao’s origins were somewhat complicated, Su Xiao’s strength was high, strong people were suspected without complicated origins.

“What is your purpose for coming to the extreme north?”

“I was going to rely on the Numa Seika of the extreme north army, but I feel that the guy was useful, so I want to rely on the more powerful empire.”

Su Xiao’s words were simple and clear, Esdeath did not take the initiative to ask questions. He never said one more. This was the style that the people in the assassination unit spoke. Su Xiao was trying to simulate.

“What purpose will you have after joining the empire? Or what ideas do you have?”

Esdeath asked the last question.

“Ideas? The purpose I was trained is to kill people, give me money, status, and then I will kill.”

When she heard that Su Xiao’s somewhat straight answer, Esdeath was satisfied. She felt that this time, she was lucky. A ‘homeless’ former member of the assassination unit, this kind of people would be very popular in any chaotic country. What they could do was that soldiers could never do.