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R.P Chapter 204: Super dangerous species

“Your words are reliable for a while, you will be a soldier in the empire after doing one thing with me.

But! If I find that you have any purposes, I will kill you personally. ”

Esdeath spread cold airs.


Su Xiao’s answer was very plain, it seemed that he had been used to stay in dangers.

At this time, Su Xiao sighed in his mind, it turned out that being arrogant was so tiring, but this was the fastest way to join the empire.

Su Xiao also found one thing. Some female characters in the anime were somewhat different from his previous understanding. It was like Esdeath in front of him. She was a madwoman who was a sadist and aggressive. The level of fierceness was not lower than Su Xiao. It was a dream to let this kind of woman follow his words.

He may be able to kill Esdeath, it was impossible to let her be his subordinate.

Once he joined the Empire camp and met those female characters like Leone and
Akame from night raid, they would basically fight for life. This was the difference between the positions.

Wanting to date with girls in the Akame Ga Kill world was a dream. Those beauties like Esdeath and Akame were the generals or killers that national machine training. They all had their own beliefs. It was a daydream to change their beliefs.

Crack, crack, Su Xiao and Esdeath walked in the snowfield.

“Don’t you be curious about where we are going?”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao sideways.

“I’m not curious.”

If other people pretend to be a member of assassination unit, they may be found out by Esdeath, but Su Xiao, who was full of bloody smell, was suitable with the temperament of the assassination unit.

“Good quality, which country’s assassination troop trained you?”

Su Xiao didn’t speak, but Esdeath in front smiled.

“If you don’t want to say this, then my previous words will be invalid, you can’t join the empire.”

Esdeath’s beautiful pupils flashed.

“Ok, then forget it.”

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped and turned around to go in the opposite direction.

“Just kidding, don’t be so serious.”

Esdeath stood in the same place, but Su Xiao’s footsteps did not stop.

In fact, the assassination unit was similar to the spy in the real world. As an assassination unit, nothing could be said. This was the iron law from the past to now. Su Xiao, who stayed in the underground world before, knew this.

“It’s still the same as I said before, help me do one thing, then you are the member of the assassination unit in the empire, my direct subordinate.”

This time Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped.


Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, sounding out was everywhere, he should be careful in the future.

The two walked in the snowfield, the cold wind was freezing, but Esdeath looked, as usual, it seemed that her Teigu could ignore the cold climate.

Su Xiao walked behind silently, unless Esdeath asked, otherwise he would not take the initiative to speak, saying too many words may reveal flaws, it would be troublesome to be caught, Esdeath was not a reasonable person, although now the situation looked harmonious, once he got caught, he would die.

“Don’t you want to know our destination?”

Esdeath took the initiative to speak, this casual chat hind a cause to kill.

“I don’t want, but it’s best to get to the destination within three hours. Otherwise, the cold climate will cause my combat effectiveness to drop.”

Su Xiao thought in mind quickly, Esdeath might take him to a very dangerous place.

“It doesn’t take so long, it can be reached in half an hour. I used to live in the extreme north when I was a child. There is a kind of super dangerous species called ‘Fenrir’. The giant wolves were its descendants. If I guess right that the extreme north army has reached a consensus with the dangerous species, now we have to remove him.”

After listening to Esdeath’s words, Su Xiao was a little upset.

The dangerous species in Akame Ga Kill world were not weak, and super dangerous species were the best among them. Some strength of the super dangerous species even exceeded Esdeath and naturally could use elements of nature.

Super dangerous species were similar to Warcraft. The body was powerful. Most of the abilities were manipulating the elements of the natural world. Some could breathe fire, some could control the ice, some of them were so energetic that even if they were killed, the muscles could survive for hundreds of years.

The reason why the Teigu had supernatural ability was because of these super dangerous species.

This trip was dangerous but with high benefits. With Esdeath’s character, there were only two possibilities for Su Xiao to come together.

First, the super dangerous species Fenrir was too strong, Esdeath could not fight alone.

Second, Esdeath was testing Su Xiao, not only to test his identity but also to test his purpose.

Su Xiao suspected both, which made him feel a bit upset, the monsters that Esdeath could not fight alone, then he may not be able to fight.

“We arrived.”

After walking in the snowfield for half an hour, the two came to a cave. The cave was at least ten meters high, inside of the cave was dark, the cold wind blew into the cave to make sounds.

”Can you perceive the situation inside?”

Esdeath pulled out the thin sword from her waist and looked straight into the cave seriously.

“There should be a creature, I’m not sure.”

Su Xiao perceived the situation in the cave. The creature in the cave was somewhat strange. The creature could sometimes be perceived and sometimes could not.

”You can only perceive these?”

“It is four meters high and about seven meters long. The vital signs are not obvious. It is very likely to be dormant. If I deal with the creature alone, I will probably have 40% of the confidence to win.”

Thought Su Xiao said this, but if Esdeath really let him deal with it alone, he would leave immediately, Esdeath was testing him, he was also testing Esdeath.

Even if he could not join the Empire camp, he could also consider joining the night raid, at most the progress of the task was slower.

“Isn’t the vital signs obvious? It shouldn’t be wrong. Cover me when I fight with it.”

Esdeath took the lead into the cave, and Su Xiao followed.

The development of the situation was smoother than he expected, Esdeath did not ask him to fight. Then he must be sincere. After all, no one was stupid.


Su Xiao asked Esdeath, and she turned with doubts.

“If my perception is correct, the creature is sleeping, the way you approach is too direct. According to the creature’s strength, I recommend a sneak attack.”

“Sneak attack?”

“Yes, I will sneak in first, and you support me immediately after the battle.”

Esdeath pondered for a while.

“Do you have confidences?”

“I have.”

Su Xiao’s direct answer made Esdeath no longer hesitate.

“As long as there is a sound comes out of the hole, I can support it in five seconds.”

Su Xiao took a breath, now it was the time to ‘show his loyalty’. Doing something would be easier than talking sweet talk to gain trust.

Dragon flash appeared in his hand, Su Xiao’s breath gradually slowed down, the heartbeat began to slow down as well.

The breath was completely gained back, Su Xiao walked slowly into the hole, and his feet stepped on the snowfield without making any sound.

Esdeath eyes widened after witnessing the scene, he was definitely a top assassin, she believed in Su Xiao’s origin even more.

Dived into the cave for dozens of meters, there was a large space in front of him, a white-haired giant wolf curled up to sleep on the ground.

Although this giant wolf was sleeping, the feeling it gave Su Xiao was very dangerous. It made his hair stand up.

Limiting the breath to the limit, Su Xiao quietly walked in front of the giant wolf. This giant wolf was the super dangerous species named ‘Fenrir’.

The dragon flash was rose high, and the blade flashed through the cold light. Su Xiao’s muscles tightened, he tried his best to smash the sword down.


Blood splashed, and a wolf ear which was as big as a palm was cut off.


Fenrir jumped up with a scream like a puppy that was suddenly kicked.

The giant wolf Fenrir had already woken up, the beast’s pupils started at Su Xiao with anger, a threatening to groan from his throat came, the eyes of the wolf revealed confusion and anger.

Fenrir was awakened at the moment that the dragon flash cut down, this super dangerous species was not easy to deal with.

The giant wolf Fenrir was four meters tall and about seven meters long. The hairs on the whole body were like snow, the sharp claws reflect the metal light.

Su Xiao’s sword was on Fenrir’s head. His goal was to cut its head, but the giant wolf’s speed was so fast that it made him fear.

The rushing running sound came from the rear, Esdeath arrived.