Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 205: The terrible speed

After the sound of rushing footsteps came, Esdeath arrived, and the cave fell into silence.

“I missed; this giant wolf is very fast.”

Su Xiao’s attacking speed was not slow, but even so, the giant wolf Fenrir dodged at the most dangerous moment.

“How fast is it?”

Esdeath and Su Xiao fought before, she knew how fast Su Xiao’s sword was.

“It’s so fast that he left afterimages.”

Esdeath’s pupils shrank.

“Really? Fenrir’s previous…”

Huh, the strong wind was blowing, Esdeath blue long hair was blown up, the giant wolf Fenrir had appeared in front of Esdeath.

A wolf claw wrapped in cyan energy lifted up, fine wind blade emerged around the wolf’s claw.


An explosion came, Esdeath was hit flying by the giant wolf Fenrir.

It was too fast, Esdeath didn’t even have time to react.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao’s eyes pumped, the speed of the beast was more abnormal than he expected.


The same wind breaking sound came, Su Xiao subconsciously put dragon flash in front of him, with the blade facing outward.


Su Xiao was also hit flying as well, the blood was splashed on Su Xiao’s clothes. The giant wolf Fenrir was hit by the dragon flash’s blade. The wolf’s claw was cut open a wound, and the blood stained the white hair.

Su Xiao was hit seriously by this claw, the dangerous species Fenrir was a little terrible.

“Cough, cough.”

There was a feeling of heaviness came from his chest, he got up under the uncomfortableness. The reaction speed reward that he got from the 20 points in agility just appeared. If it wasn’t for it, he wouldn’t be able to react at all.

Huh, the unique wind breaking sound appeared again, Su Xiao subconsciously put dragon flash in front of him horizontally.

A furry claw stopped in front of the blade.

Huh, Fenrir disappeared in the cave, becoming a cyan afterimage.

Crack, crack, crack.

The frozen crisp sound appeared. Su Xiao glanced at it and found that an ice wall blocked the exit of the cave. It became a chamber.

This woman was cruel, blocking the hole meant that they had to fight to the death.

The figure covered by cold air cam, Su Xiao could feel that this was Esdeath.

“This can’t work, I will attract Fenrir’s attention, you attack it.”

“No problem, this giant wolf’s defense is not strong, the appropriate timing is up to two swords.”

The giant wolf Fenrir belonged to the kind of dangerous species that had extreme fast speed but lacked defense.

This type of dangerous species was not easy to deal with, just a mistake could let you die.

“White Ice Plain.”

Esdeath stamped her feet, and a thin layer of ice spread quickly around. This layer of thin ice could not harm the enemy, the surface of ice formed was exceptionally smooth.


A loud sound came, a large piece of gravel splashed, the giant wolf Fenrir surprisingly hit the rock wall.

Fenrir which was hitting the rock wall looked a little stupid, shaking its head and trying to stand up, but the smooth ice under his feet let its limbs to open outwards. This majestic giant wolf lied on the ice with a very funny look.

“This one is very creative, but I can’t move as well.”

Su Xiao’s posture was a bit weird. The dragon flash was stabbed into the ice, his hands held dragon flash tightly, he continued to slip.

“I will release the ice under your feet later, I will consume the breast’s strength and wait for the opportunity.”

Esdeath stabilized her body with a weird pose, the look of this sadism queen was also very funny.

Although it was a bit funny, this did limit the speed of the giant wolf Fenrir.

The giant wolf Fenrir’s IQ was not low, the claws of the limbs stretched out, the shiny claws were stabbed into the ice.

Even so, Fenrir’s speed was not fast, at most, the speed was like an ordinary person walking.

The original killing scene had changed, Esdeath with the weird post walking and Fenrir would fall down after two steps.

Su Xiao tried to control his emotions and remained cold. He just almost laughed.

Excluding the fun, Esdeath’s was a good strategist. If not for such a creative way, they will face extremely fierce killing.

“The beast is a beast, it can never be compared with human’s IQ.”

Fenrir wanted to be close to Esdeath, the speed advantage of Fenrir disappeared, it could not get close to Esdeath in short time.

Esdeath attacked with ice ability before closing to Fenrir, Fenrir was hit, retreated and the balance of the victory began to shift.

Puchi, Puchi, Puchi.

The three ice thorns deeply immersed in Fenrir’s body. After the giant wolf was stabbed to retreat, the hot blood dripped on the ice and quickly condensed.

It was totally stabbed by eight ice thorns, Fenrir could almost not hold it. The ice on the way was stained with blood.

Su Xiao only attacked once, now the battle was going to end.


A howl spread, although Fenrir was a wolf, Su Xiao felt that this giant wolf was as smart as humans.

When the Fenrir’s physical strength was about to be extracted, the giant wolf looked at the rock wall, the wolf’s eyes flashed through the sight that only intelligent creature had.

Su Xiao felt something wrong, this giant wolf may fightback before dying.

Sure enough, Fenrir barely used his limbs to prop up his body, he stabbed his claws into the ice and jumped to the rock wall.

Fenrir’s claws pierced into the rock wall and the whole body was hung on the rock wall.

Esdeath also found it wrong, she immediately removed the ice on the ground and quickly rushed to Fenrir.

At the moment when the ice layer was removed, Su Xiao pulled out the dragon flash, and also rushed to Fenrir.

Fenrir did not pay attention to Su Xiao, it climbed to the high position of the rock wall with claws rapidly.

The entire cave was at least 20 meters high, Fenrir climbs to the highest point in just a few seconds.

After climbing to the top, Fenrir stared at Esdeath with hatred, the human who hurt him most.

Cyan energy wrapped Fenrir’s whole body, this giant wolf became powerful and mysterious.


Fenrir jumped down from the rock wall, and the whole body flew like a cannonball to Esdeath.

In Su Xiao’s sight, Fenrir directly turned into an afterimage, when he found Fenrir, Fenrir had already appeared in front of Esdeath.

The ice surged around Esdeath, Fenrir was ten times faster than the speed of the ice produced.

Dozens of claws flashed in an instant, Esdeath had a few bloodflowers on her body, Fenrir not only moved fast but also attacked quickly.

The wolf claws madly attacked; a cyan claw moved toward Esdeath’s throat. Once the claw hit Esdeath, she would at least be disabled.

Crack, crack, crack.

The ice layer finally spread on Esdeath’s body, Esdeath was frozen into an ice sculpture.

Crack, crack.

Fenrir was still scratching, the ice was splashing.

Just as Fenrir scratched energetically, he suddenly felt a pricking in its throat, and then its body flew away uncontrollably.


A long sword pierced Fenrir’s throat and nailed Fenrir to the rock wall, the wolf body was hung in the air.

The severe pain made Fenrir struggle, the blood puffed made dragon flash red, after being stabbed through the throat by the sharp dragon flash, he would die faster if he struggled.

Su Xiao also kept the action of throwing dragon flash.