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R.P Chapter 206: Too honest

[You killed (elite creature) Fenrir.]

[Fenrir is an elite creature, gaining 2.6% of the source of the world, and now has a total of 2.6% of the source of the world.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ activated, permanently adding 15 points of mana values, and the current mana values are 488 points.]

Fenrir died in a struggle, a blue treasure chest fell to the ground, Su Xiao quickly stepped forward to put away the treasure chest and pulled out the dragon flash.

The ice layer on Esdeath’s body gradually dissipated, the blood dripped down through Esdeath’s arms.

“Beautiful attack.”

Esdeath chest was moving up and down strongly, the battle with Fenrir lasted less than five minutes, but it was abnormally dangerous.

Esdeath’s silver-grey dress of military uniform was scratched out a large crack, her dress was very sexy. After this fierce killing, she had serious baring accident.

Esdeath pulled the clothes up by her trembling arms, hiding the two-thirds part of baring accident.

“What did you see?”

“General, you have baring accident.”

Su Xiao’s straightforwardness made Esdeath’s blue veins stood out her temples but thinking of Su Xiao’s training in the assassination unit. Esdeath sighed helplessly. She was now the chief, Su Xiao, who was the assassin. Of course, he had to answer the facts he witnessed, no matter what he saw.

“If you dare to tell others, I will cut your tongue.”

“I won’t tell others, but the general, you have a baring accident again.”

“Shut up.”

Esdeath mouth twitched. If Su Xiao’s identity is not a cold and ruthless assassin by cruel training, Esdeath may kill him.

“Give me the clothes.”

Su Xiao took off his shirt and threw it to Esdeath.

“Help me bandage the wound, I lost too much blood.”

Esdeath was weak and leaned on the rock wall, Fenrir‘s claws hurt her a lot.

Su Xiao took out a bandage in his clothes. This made Esdeath somewhat surprised.

“Do you carry this with you?”

Su Xiao took a bandage and walked in front of Esdeath.

“Yes, there was a companion who died by losing too much blood in front of me. I still don’t want to die, so I carry bandages with me.”

Su Xiao just bullshits, these bandages were taken out from the storage space.

It was inevitable that Esdeath had baring accidents while dealing with the wounds. Su Xiao looked all of her, but Esdeath didn’t say anything. She lost too much blood, she would die if the wounds were not dealt as soon as possible. She was a woman but also a warrior.

This was the weakness of Teigu users, although their abilities were strong, the physical qualities were not excellent.

Of course, this was only relative. According to Su Xiao’s suspicion, Esdeath’s every attribute should not be worse than him, or even higher.

Cleaning the wounds, suturing, and bandaging, Su Xiao’s movements were skillful, he was often injured.

“Thank you for that attack, no… that is your duty. You just saved my life. You will replace Jerome as my adjutant. Jerome is no longer suitable for fighting, going to the logistics department of empire will be good, it’s very suitable for retiring.”

Although Esdeath was cruel to the enemy, she was very generous and concerned about her subordinates.

As long as subordinates were approved by Esdeath, she would not treat them with her sadist character.

In the original book, Esdeath’s subordinate let a lot of people from the night raid go recklessly, he was only a little penalized by Esdeath.

[The hunter has joined the Empire camp, the current position as an adjutant.]

[Hint: Since the hunter is the first one joined the Empire camp, we reward 1% of the sources of the world, now you have a total of 3.6% the sources of the world.]

Su Xiao looked as usual, but he was relieved in mind.

Being Esdeath’s adjutant was a high position, but it was not present that Esdeath fully believed in him.

Su Xiao was an outside assassin from other countries. Esdeath wanted him next to her. She could play a role as a monitor. It was human nature, Su Xiao would do this as well.

Trust could not be built in one night, which required a process.

Helping Esdeath to bandage the wounds, Esdeath draped Su Xiao’s coat and leaned against the rock wall.

“I want to sleep for a while, wake me up after three hours.”

After that, Esdeath closed her eyes, the breathing became lighter, Esdeath could sleep under this kind of cold climate.

Although Esdeath blocked the exit of the cave with an ice wall, the temperature in the cave was not high, Su Xiao needed to keep his body temperature.

He came to Fenrir’s body, Su Xiao looked at the fur of this giant wolf, the heat insulation of this thing must be good.

After peeling off the wolf skin, Su Xiao came to the ice wall that blocked the cave. The dragon flash cut out a hole on the ice wall, Su Xiao took the wolf skin and walked out of the cave.

Esdeath’s eyes slightly opened, she found that Su Xiao left and did not say anything, just continued to rest.

Coming to the outside of the cave was a world of ice and snow, Su Xiao cleaned the white wolf skin by snow, and put the side with hair on the body, the speed of losing body temperature decreased significantly.

This was not enough, Su Xiao began to search nearby.

Twenty minutes later, Su Xiao, whose head was covered with snowflakes, returned to the cave. At this time, he held a pile of wood in his arms. He found a dead wood nearby and smashed the dead wood to get relatively dry wood.

After five minutes, a bonfires rose, and the temperature in the cave gradually increased.

Two hours later, Esdeath woke up, her injuries recovered, she was still weak because of losing a lot of blood.

Didn’t know when it was already warm in the cave. A smell of meat came, Esdeath sat up with doubts.

“Is it Fenrir’s meat?”

Su Xiao was turning a few pieces of meat on the fire.

“No, I’ve tried Fenrir’s meat, it’s course, and it contains some toxic, this is cony meat.”

Su Xiao shared the barbecue with Esdeath and then silently ate it. He had not drunk water after entering the derivative world.

Roasted cony meat was not delicious, the meat was very tough, and it was difficult to bite.

After dinner, Esdeath tried to stand up and noticed that her body was almost recovered and left the cave with Su Xiao.

Outside of the cave was still cold and whistling, Esdeath, whose body was full of bandages, and Su Xiao, who was wearing a wolf skin, looked particularly interesting.

After half an hour, the two returned to the extreme north fortress. This time Su Xiao’s identity was different.

After Esdeath whispered a few words with the former adjutant, the 50-year-old adjutant’s eye turned a little red.


The old adjutant wanted to say something, but Esdeath waved.

“Just retiring in the empire, no one dares to provoke my subordinates in the empire.”

Esdeath was not arrogant, this was indeed true.

The situation of the empire was somewhat complicated. Although the little emperor in the palace had real powers, he lost his parents when he was a child and was brought up by the minister of the former king.

The minister began to brainwash the little emperor when he was a little. Today the little emperor listened to whatever the minister said. The minister raised the young emperor as the puppet.

It was no longer a small emperor to rule the empire, but the minister.

Although the minister was not very good looking, he was fat, but his IQ was very high.

The parents of the little emperor were poisoned by the minister. After more than ten years, the minister had a lot of real power. If there was no existence of the supreme Teigu, the little emperor would have been killed.

The Supreme Teigu must be started by the people with royal blood. Otherwise, it would be a pile of iron.

If the minister was afraid of someone in the emperor’s side, that person must be Esdeath.