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R.P Chapter 18: Pirates! (Edited)

The sound of heavy footsteps was clear to hear, a large group of soldiers approached the office.

Because of their large number, the soldiers huddled in the door of the office.

“Did you hear? This is our new boss, Byakuya-san.”

Hank stood by Su Xiao’s side and expressed his attitude.

The new arrivals were a little confused, but after Su Xiao raised his appointment letter, they knew what was going on.

“Hi, boss.”

“Byakuya-san, I am Kappa.”

“Boss, we brothers will listen to you now.”

Congratulations came without end. Su Xiao just nodded and looked at the two guards of Brandon.

“These two men have privately contacted the pirates, intending to disturb the order in the kingd….”

Before Su Xiao could finish his words, Brandon’s two guards pulled their guns and aimed at him.

“Brothers, don’t listen to him. Brandon is our boss.”

Su Xiao was stunned and looked at the two strangely. Are these guys stupid?

They didn’t resist because they are stupid, but because they were afraid of the position of Su Xiao and the words he said.

He had, after all, just threatened to let the two stay here forever.

“Come, these two guys contacted the pirates. Now that they’re exposed, they want to resist capture!”

Hank was quick and immediately realized the situation.

“Come on, imbecile.”

Su Xiao did not move after sitting down at the desk, and now he didn’t have to.

A large group of soldiers swarmed in, and at this moment, the two guards of Brandon showed their desperation.

“Wait, we just wanted to…”

Not waiting for the two to explain, the large group of soldiers had drawn their weapons to kill them.

The sounds of swords clashing, gunshots, and bodies being hit emerged one after the other.

Thirty seconds later, there were two broken bodies in the office, and the soldiers had bloodstains on them.

The smell of blood was thick in the air.

This seemed a bit ridiculous, but it was not.

The rules of the world of One Piece were obviously cruel. The strict rule and the weak obey or die.

In this office full of blood, the Commander of the royal palace swallowed thickly. Su Xiao’s cruelty scared him a bit. The idea of trying to get some benefits had vanished from his mind.

“Clean up and move on.”

Shortly after, there were only three people in the office: Su Xiao, Hank, and the Commander.

Hank did not wait outside but stood straight beside Su Xiao.

Su Xiao just glanced at Hank and ignored him. He was too new to the headquarters of the soldiers, so he needed Hank’s guidance.

A smart enough and ambitious assistant, he had use for him.

“Byakuya-san, please have your subordinates wait outside. I have something to report.”

“No, he is my close aide.”

When he heard Su Xiao’s words, Hank smiled.

“Well, it’s about tomorrow night’s ‘action,’ have you heard about it?”

The action in the Commander’s word was to burn the Gray Terminal.

“I am somewhat informed.”

“That’s good. I will say it clearly then. There are three groups of pirates that are suitable for this matter. We have contacted them already. Now, you need to meet these three groups, choose a group among them and have them perform the ‘action’ tomorrow night.”

“What?” Su Xiao looked at the Commander. His eyes showed a strange look.

“I can decide who is to do it?”

“Yes, it’s up to you. After all, we just heard about those pirates, and we need to meet them before making a decision.”

With that clear answer, Su Xiao was overjoyed, as he did not choose the wrong path. The current identity would play a crucial function.

“Alright, I will contact the three groups in a moment.”

The Commander smiled at Su Xiao and turned to leave.

“Right, one more thing. Although there are three groups of pirates, we can only choose one group to implement tomorrow’s plan. As for the specific information, it is in this file.”

The Commander left, and Su Xiao picked up the documents on his desk.

The detailed plan for the burning of Gray Terminal was inside the document. It roughly stated:

Choose a group of pirates, then provide them with bombs and burn the Gray Terminal down.

There are three pirate groups to choose from.

The first group was the local power of the Goa Kingdom. The Bluejam Pirates were the group of pirates who had fought with the young Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace in the original story.

The second group was recently formed group pirates, the Krieg Pirates.

Seeing the information of this group, Su Xiao thought about it. This was a group of pirates that he was familiar with.

The Krieg Pirates were a relatively famous pirate group in the East blue. In the original Story, in the arc of the sea restaurant, the Krieg pirate group was almost completely annihilated by Mihawk, then fled to the sea restaurant, fought with the Straw Hat Pirates, and were finally defeated.

Although it was now ten years before the plot began, the Krieg Pirates were definitely not weak, and the entire group had about 600 people.

As for the third group of pirates, named the Skeleton Pirates, their strength was not good, so they were immediately excluded by Su Xiao.

According to the information from the original, the strength of the Bluejam Pirates was ordinary, as could be seen by the fact that they were defeated by the young Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace.

As for the Krieg pirates, Su Xiao had high hopes, so he would go to see them first.

“Hank, go to contact the people from the Krieg Pirates.”

Hank smiled in embarrassment.

“This, boss…”

Hank’s attitude was clear to Su Xiao.

“I will leave it to you. I must see them today.”

Apparently, Hank could contact the Krieg Pirates. As for the relationship between the two sides, Su Xiao was not interested in that.

Government officials and pirates conspired with each other all the time. This was a common phenomenon in the world of One Piece. There were many shared interests between the two.

Hank did not disappoint Su Xiao. After being gone for two hours, he had made an appointment with the Krieg Pirates.

The location was, of course, within the Kingdom. No one would trust pirates after all.


In the civilian area, in a dirty alley, several hooded men in large black robes stood, waited, and looked around vigilantly.

“Boss Krieg, we’ve arrived. The old warehouse in front of us is the meeting place.”

A pirate with a thin body and a sword on his waist stood behind a tall man.

The tall man was also wearing a large black coat and a hood, but in the gaps between the clothes, you could see the golden armor he is wearing.

“Alright, you guys wait for me, Gin, come with me.”

Krieg’s voice was low, but as he walked, the heavy sound of his armor could be heard.

“Yes, boss.”

Gin was also dressed the same, with weapons hidden in his sleeves.

“Boss, it is said that the new leader of the soldier team really ruthless. We should be cautious.”

Krieg looked at Gin.

“So what? Can’t I deal with the leader of this country’s soldiers? If not for the reward, the identity as an aristocrat that can be very convenient for us, I would never work for the Goa Kingdom.”

Arrogance was a common problem for most Pirates.

Gin was silent as the two walked towards the warehouse.