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R.P Chapter 2: Hunter!

‘Hunter’, this mysterious ‘Reincarnation Paradise’ called Su Xiao like this from the beginning.

This nickname made Su Xiao feel a bit weird because he did not sign that contract.
“What does the hunter represent?”

This question from Su Xiao made ‘the Reincarnation Paradise’ has a reaction.

“After signing the contract, ordinary people will become contractors, and perform missions for ‘the Reincarnation Paradise’ and get the reward after completing the missions.”

“Hunters are some contractors who have special talents, and these talents are more suitable to combat.”

“When hunters perform ordinary missions,‘Reincarnation Paradise’ will simultaneously give a hunting missions to clean up those ‘offending’ contractors.”

“Running out the number of the inquiries, ‘Reincarnation Paradise’ will no longer answer questions, please sign the contract or wait for death.”

All Lights faded, the surrounding became dark.

A quaint parchment, which popped up in the void, hanged in the air.

Su Xiao struggled to stand up and walked to the parchment.

The parchment is full with weird symbols and at the bottom a blank space.

“Do I sign the contract?”

Su Xiao felt that if he signs the contract, his life will undergo earth-shaking changes.

He has too many things to do, Even if there’s a deep abyss in front of him, he only can jump into it.

“I, agree.”

Su Xiao’s voice just fell, and his hand was uncontrollably lifted, his thumb pressed on the blank space on the parchment.

A stinging pain came from his fingertips, a touch of blood dropped on the parchment, and the parchment became pale red, with a faint bloody odor.

“The contract is established! Healing the hunter’s injuries started.”

A pale green light appeared around Su Xiao and covered his body, his injuries completely recovered in a few seconds.

[Recovery complete, waking up the hunter’s talents forcibly.]

His body just became normal, and without waiting for him to speak, a severe pain came from all over his body.

The pain came suddenly made Su Xiao’s blood vessels in his body rise.

However, Su Xiao’s endurance was beyond ordinary people, but he just let out a sigh and fell on the ground on one knee.

The pain left as fast as it came. Su Xiao felt that something in his body was awakened.

This feeling is not abrupt. It seemed he had some kind of ability, but he hasn’t been able to detect it.

“In order to observe the overall quality of the ‘hunter’, semi-Digitalization is turned on.”

“Warning: ‘semi-Digitalization’ is not accurate. If important organisms such as the heart, brain and so on were injured severely, the ‘hunter’ would still die. Please deal with the ‘derivative world’ discreetly.”

“Starting ’Hunter’ special trial, if the trial cannot be finished, ‘The Reincarnation paradise’ take back the hunter’s identity and you will be an ordinary contractor. If you die during the trial, you will die without any chance for revival. ”
“Reincarnation paradise Regulations: Every exchange has an equal price.”
Su Xiao just read those words in front of him. He felt dizzy and lost consciousness.

“Starting transmission.”

When Su Xiao woke up again, he was already in a broken house.

This house is only a dozen square meters in size, and the roof was half-collapsed, and sunlight entered the room without any hindrance.

There’re a lot of spider webs in the corners which were covered with dust, the windows and doors were blocked, with no any light around them. Only the huge piles of trash can be seen, and even some garbage has poured through windows and doors into the room.

This broken room is covered by a huge pile of trash, only the roof could be used to get out of this place.

When Su Xiao prepared to leave here, a Stinky smell came with a burning sensation in his arm.

A black tattoo with a shape of a sword appeared on his arm.

The pale blue texts appeared again.

It appeared directly in his sight this time instead of drafting in the air, though he moved his sight, those words just stayed static, as if they were attached to his eye.

The content of those words was as below:

World: one piece.

World difficulty: LV.6. Nightmare (this is the difficulty of the Hunter’s exclusive trial)

The source of the world: 0% (interacting with the characters in this world will help you gain the source of the world which will be calculated along with the mission rate to give the final reward to the hunter.)

World camps: marine, the revolutionary army, pirates, world government.

Main task: kill the king of the Goa Kingdom.

Secondary task: none.

Warning: please do not mention anything related to ‘reincarnation paradise’, if the warning is ignored, the hunter will be executed instantly.

Tip: This world is high ‘derivative world’, please do not leave the area of ‘Goa kingdom’, otherwise the world’s difficulty will rise

Tip: Because ‘Hunter’ entered this world for the first time, ‘Hunter’ can automatically utilize the world’s language, the mission’s time limit is three days.

The world starts now!

Those texts disappeared, and Su Xiao started sorting out the information he received.

First, he was invited to a mysterious thing called ‘Reincarnation paradise’, he did not know its purpose, but his purpose is obvious, which was getting power from ‘reincarnation paradise’ and execute his revenge.

The second thing is his current situation. He actually came to the one piece’s world.

Though he wanted his revenge, in some free time, he still read watched some animes to relax, people cannot be stressed all the time.

With Su Xiao’s understanding of one piece’s world, this was a highly dangerous world, those people even can destroy an island or annihilate a country alone.

Su Xiao was only an ordinary person, though he knew some killing skills.

From the word ‘nightmare’ in world difficulty, you can tell how difficult this world was.

As for the task, Su Xiao could not understand it.

“kill the king of the Goa kingdom’”, only these few simple words, there was no other clues.

Su Xiao had some headache.

He first tried what he got from the tattoo. This was what appeared in his eyes.

First, personal information (status).

Second, tasks.

Third, storage space.

Forth, skills.

Fifth, equipment.

This was all because his level was too low to unlock other functions.

Su Xiao now cannot use other functions temperately except for the first (status) and the second (tasks).

He was eager to know about the specific content of the task. He had a feeling that the reincarnation paradise will not tolerate any failure during the tasks, if he fails, he will die.

He didn’t want to be lowered to an ordinary contractor. Su Xiao acutely perceived the cruelty of ‘Reincarnation Paradise’, though he only signed the contract with the reincarnation paradise shortly.

Opening the options of the tasks, the specific information of the task appeared.

“Primarily task: kill the king of the Goa kingdom’”

Difficulty level: LV.3

Task description: ‘Goa kingdom’ is located in the east blue, which rules those nearby cities and villages. It is surrounded by Foosha village and ‘Colubo Mountain’.

Task information: Use any methods to kill the king of the Goa kingdom’, ‘Phillips Herbert’ who stayed in the palace for a long period of time which made the difficulty higher.

Task period: 72 hours.

Task reward: Get the hunter’s identity permanently.

With this information, Su Xiao finally understood who he was going to kill, and the precise place.

Where he stayed is supposed to be ‘Gray terminal’ nears ‘goa kingdom’, no wonder there’re lots of trash surrounding this place. This place will be burned when the Celestial dragons decide to visit this place.

The main character Monkey D. Luffy and crucial character Ace and Sabo stayed in Colubo Mountain in their childhood. There is also a group of pirates living inside the mountain.

But he didn’t know the current time period, whether those three brothers have gone out or not, or whether they are born yet….

The Gao kingdom’s capital was beside the Colubo mountain as well as the Gray terminal.

The trash here was produced by the Goa kingdom.

When Su Xiao thought about those things, he didn’t hesitate to leave eagerly. Because the situation was very dangerous, a lot of homeless people wandered near this place.

He wanted to think of the next steps after understanding situations.
Su Xiao closed the task window and opened his status.



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