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R.P Chapter 1: The Avenger (EDITED)

(EDITED by Igor) 

One night inside a particular bustling second-tiered city, filled with congested traffic, some youths enjoyed their time. 

A man named Su Xiao sat on the roof of some two-story villa while the somewhat chilly night air whooshed around him. 

He wore a large black hood to hide his body in the darkness of the night. 

These kinds of clothes during the summer, even at night, would still make you feel sultry, but comparing it to what he had to endure already, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

He has already been waiting for two hours at this roof. 

Other people Su Xiao’s age were either attending college or working. At the same time, he was occupied by other things, like learning knowledge such as human anatomy, combat skills, pick-locking, etc. The cause being the hatred lurking inside his heart.

The long wait continued…

-Suddenly, a black luxury car slowly drove into the cottage’s courtyard. As Su Xiao heard the car’s engine stop, the door opened, and a drunk middle-aged man walked out of the luxury car. 

His footstep seemed a bit shaky. 

Su Xiao, who was at the top of the two-story villa, grabbed the weapon beside him; it was a long blade with a black edge, making it hard to detect during the night. 

Jumping from the top of the five-meter-high roof, Su Xiao’s arms grabbed on a steel pipe coming out of the cottage as he proceeded to slide down in a fireman like fashion, almost without making a single sound due to the gloves he was wearing. 

Arriving at the ground smoothly, Su Xiao stood in front of his enemy. Without saying any nonsense, the long blade held in Su Xiao’s hand had cut through the air with a horrible sound, slashing the enemy’s throat and causing a huge stream of blood to erupt. Though Su Xiao tried to avoid it, his whole body still got splashed with the liquid. 

The drunk enemy had a baffled look on his face as he fell to the ground, twitching and choking. Death was imminent and unavoidable at this point.

Su Xiao immediately ran out into a less crowded street. As he looked around, he saw some security guards close by. 

Though he just killed someone, he didn’t think it was wise to run away immediately. So he decided to hide. He was confident in his stealth and was sure a simple security guard would never find him. 

In the next moment, he felt a chill, and his hair stood straight. The security guard took out a gun from a holster hidden in his jacket. It was a long black pistol, a Gen 4 Glock equipped with a classic round silencer one would see in movies. 

‘How can a security guard have a gun?’ Still, Su Xiao had no time to think about it. 

The villa was behind him while the security guard was roughly 20 meters ahead of him. If he chooses to run, it would be evident that he was the murderer, and he would become the target of the man with the gun. 

Su Xiao chose to solve the danger instead of running. Thus, he moved forward to the man in a zig-zag pattern to avoid being shot. 

Pew! Pew! 

The gun only made two slight sounds. 

Su Xiao felt an impact on his shin and on his chest, which pushed him back a step and a half, making him almost fall on his back. Then he felt pain in his chest. He knew he was shot, though he was seeking revenge, he has never been shot before. 

A powerless feeling spreads around his body, Su Xiao didn’t fear death, but he didn’t wish for it either. Because if he died now without taking his revenge, it would be a slap to his face, especially since his death came from an unknown enemy.

So he exhausted the last efforts to throw the long sword held in his hand as he was falling. It was a desperate move that was unlikely to work, but luckily enough, the blade did what he intended to do as if the gods were answering Su Xiao’s desperate pleas. 

The blade flew in an arch because Su Xiao no longer had the strength to throw it straight ahead. Although the sword didn’t fly very fast, it was spinning wildly while making swishing sounds. The blade needed less than a second to reach its target, the security guard’s chest.

Su Xiao fell down on the ground with a smile. The security guard was sure to die since his blade was covered with pure liquid prussic acid or, in other words, Cyanide. In the past, this poison was used when hunting whales, but it was deemed too dangerous for the crew, and it was banned. Su Xiao found it hard to imagine that a human could survive after being poisoned with such a thing.

After his head hit the ground, Su Xiao’s consciousness started to blur, and his vision turned black. 

He roughly heard something before losing consciousness. 

“Hunter, “Reincarnation Paradise” is open for you.” 

{Body transfer} 

{10%, 50%, 100%, the transmission was completed. The Hunter’s body was analyzed and needed to be repaired} 

{The Hunter’s consciousness didn’t return. Postponed the recovery and maintaining life support. Life support shall be maintained for 10 minutes} 

{Drip… The Hunter has an ability related to growth. Life support shall be maintained for another 2 hours.} 

Some pale blue text floated in the air. The brightness from the letters shed light on Su Xian’s body. He seemed to be in perpetual darkness while covered in blood and floating in the void like space.

His fingers twitched, and he gradually woke up. After waking up, he seemed a bit stunned. After remembering everything, he wanted to get up, but pain instantly invaded his body, which in turn almost caused him to lose consciousness again. 

As he struggled to sit down, he glanced around the environment. He could only perceive darkness and a few blue words floating in front of him. 

{Hunter, welcome to “The Reincarnation Paradise”} 

Text appeared in front of Su Xiao, but he didn’t look at the sentence and instead began to check his injuries. His calf was shot, the flesh around his wounds was rolled up, and the hole was big enough for a finger to pass through. 

Su Xiao only frowned. He already witnessed scenes much worse than this in his life. 

His chest injury was the most severe injury he had, but the wound was no longer bleeding. 

“I’m not dead?” 

He touched his chest and felt his heart still beating. 

{Hunter, you are not dead, would you like to join “Reincarnation Paradise” and have all your desires granted.} 

Su Xiao had already noticed those weird words, but he didn’t react. He was cautious with everything he didn’t know. 

The current situation was weird. His injuries were fatal, and he should be dead, but instead, here he is, somewhere dark with numbers made of blood ticking down. 

{1:35:10} , {1:35:9}…. 

One hour and thirty-five minutes and nine seconds. If Su Xiao’s feelings were right, then these numbers meant only one thing. 

He felt that as soon as the counter hit zero, he is dead. 

{Hunter, please communicate with “Reincarnation Paradise” as soon as possible to establish a contract. Otherwise, you will die after one hour and thirty-five minutes.} 

Those numbers did present the time for which he can stay alive, Su Xiao had speculated it because the injuries he got were too grave, and he was supposed to die. 

“My sword?” 

Su Xiao didn’t care about any “contract” or “Reincarnation Paradise,” but asked for his sword, which was the only memento that his parents left him. It was a military sword that his grand-grandfather seized during a war and passed down all the way to his generation. 

{The property from reality cannot be brought into “Reincarnation Paradise,” please make the Contract as soon as possible.} 

Su Xiao didn’t speak as the pale blue text kept flashing. 

It kept referring to him as ‘Hunter,’ and he didn’t know what it meant. 

“Contract? So what should I give you, and what can I get from it?” 

The timer was going down gradually. Su Xiao didn’t have too much time to waste. He felt that it was too risky to sign this ‘contract’ the text mentioned. He was desperate for revenge and needed the power to achieve it, but he was not stupid, so he decided to try and get some information before proceeding. 

{After signing the Contract, you will go around to all kinds of different places to accomplish missions given to you by the Reincarnation Paradise. Your goal will be to acquire the “source of the world.” Based on the quality of the “source of the world,” you will receive an equivalent reward .} 

{“Reincarnation Paradise is an omnipotent system”} 


A bunch of words appeared, and Su Xiao read them carefully. 

“Can you really do anything? Even revive dead people?” 

All light blue texts were static in the air suddenly and then disappeared. 

{With your identity as a Hunter, no.} 

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