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R.P Chapter 208: Weird

[You killed Numa Seka]

[Numa Seka is a key character in the extreme north, gaining 1.1% of the sources of the world, and now you have a total of 4.7% sources of the world.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, permanently adding 14 points of mana values, and the current mana values are 502 points.]

The Psychic added 14 points of mana values, which meant that Numa Seka’s strength was not weak, which showed how terrible an assassin who was good at assassination was.

Assassinating the enemy’s leader before the war, the death of the leader would have a devastating shock to morals.

A blue treasure chest appeared on Numa Seka’s body. Su Xiao had good luck recently, or the enemies he had recently contacted were very strong.

Put away the blue treasure chest and Numa Seka’s head. After three minutes, Su Xiao left the town of the fortress. Two hours later, Su Xiao returned to the fortress of the empire.

After two hours and ten minutes, Numa Seka’s head was placed in front of Esdeath, which took six hours and four minutes.

Killing people in the dust, getting out of the white blade.

Esdeath had already slept, she intentionally came back after hearing that Su Xiao had come back.

“The head of Numa Seka?”

Su Xiao’s efficiency made Esdeath somewhat unbelievable. She originally planned to assassinate Numa Seka during the war. There were more opportunities at that time.

Esdeath opened the bag which was stained by the blood, a skull rolled on the wooden table.

The other generals who were present screamed, they were not afraid of the skull but were somewhat shocked by Numa Seka’s death.

“Great, without Numa Seka’s leading, let’s see how these aliens in the extreme north resist.”

“Tomorrow we will be able to defeat these aliens.”

The atmosphere in the room was warm, some of the generals who ruled out Su Xiao gave him looks of approval.

“Is there an accident in action, or have the enemies found you?”

Esdeath was very calm, but she could not hide the smile near the corner of her mouth, it seemed that she was very satisfied with Su Xiao’s efficiency.

“At least until the time I left, the extreme north army did not find it. I only killed Numa Seka during the whole process. I seriously injured a soldier that was guarding the wall. The soldier was thrown into the snow pile after I broke his spine, he will not be discovered for a short time. ”

The generals looked at each other, they had a new understanding of Su Xiao’s action.

“It is good!”

Esdeath clapped the wooden table and stood up.

“The soldiers have been resting for more than six hours, gather the whole army, and immediately attack the enemy’s fortress.”

Esdeath commanded, all the generals got up and took the lead. This was a great opportunity.

The night raids and the death of the leader were buried beneath the waves for the extreme north army.

“You work hard, you don’t have to participate in the war. Go back to sleep and get ready to return to the capital of the empire with me tomorrow.”

Esdeath got up and left, it seemed that the war had been already won.

After everyone in the room left, on Su Xiao’s mouth appeared an undetectable smile.

The work had finally paid off, he would return to the capital of an empire with a high position, the plan went well.

Back to the bedroom, there was only one bed, a closet, which looked a bit rudimentary.

The army with fifty thousand stationed at the extreme north’s fortress, having a single room was already a VIP, Esdeath was his neighbor.

An exquisite lighter appeared in his hand, Su Xiao checked the cooldown time of the lucky flame.

After enhancing to + 7, the cooldown time of the lucky flame was greatly reduced, some embarrassing problems appeared. He did not have 600 points of park coins to use the lucky flame.

Looking at the only 157 points of park coins, Su Xiao felt helpless.

Two blue treasure chests could only be opened one. First, it was very possible to get the paradise coins after opening the treasure chest.

After hesitating for a while, Su Xiao decided to open the treasure chest that Numa Seka dropped. The huge Fenrir’s power was stronger, the value of its treasure chest would be higher.

[You opened the treasure chest (blue) and got the following items]

[Get 2700 paradise coins]

[Get Icefield Prince Token]


[Icefield Prince Token]

Origin: Akame Ga Kill

Quality: blue

Category: Jewelry

Durability: 42/42

Equipment needs more than 15 points of charm.

Equipment effect: The prince’s token (active) summons three to five extreme northern soldiers to fight. The soldiers of the extreme north army have no personal consciousness and can execute cumbersome orders.

Hint: Using the prince’s token (active) will consume 80 points of mana values.

Tip: the existing time of the soldiers of the extreme north army is ten minutes to two hours. (According to the charm attribute.)

Hint: The number of summoning the soldiers of the extreme north army will depend on your charm attribute.

Hint: The attribute of soldiers of the extreme north army will depend on your intelligence attributes.

Rating: 46 (Note: Blue equipment scores range from 31 to 70.)

Introduction: Sacrifice before achieving triumph? No… I died with the wrong treatment.

Price: 8600 paradise coins.


Seeing the attribute of [Icefield Prince Token] Su Xiao was a bit surprised, this thing he may not be able to use it at all.

He looked at his charm attribute that had three points and looked at the 15 points of charm attributes that the Icefield Prince Token required.


He threw the token on the bed, Su Xiao looked into another treasure chest.

In fact, [Iceland Prince Token] was not rubbish. This thing was very valuable for summoners. There were not many summoners in the reincarnation paradise, it was difficult to sell.

Crack, the lighter cover of Lucky Flame popped open, a light blue flame appeared.

Lucky Flame was different from before. In the past, it was +1 luck. Now it was strengthened to +7 and grew to +2 luck.

Lighting up the smoke, opening the box, the action went smoothly, the flash he imagined did not appear.

What was strange was that the treasure chest had neither flashed nor normal opened process.

In the past, when the treasure chest was opened, the items would automatically fall into the hand, but the treasure chest was opened, nothing appeared in hand, even no hint

“Could it be…”

Su Xiao’s face looked bad, he thought of a situation which was unlucky to the extreme.

That was the treasure chest empty.

Using the lucky flame, the treasure chest itself was still blue quality, the two added together actually became empty boxes? This made Su Xiao somewhat unacceptable.

But he noticed a strange scene. After opening, the treasure chest did not disappear. The opened treasure chest seemed to make Su Xiao angry.

At this time, a cyan light surged from the treasure chest, a shadow of wolf head rushed out of the treasure chest.


A howl was spread, Su Xiao was sitting on the bed, this sudden change made him shocked, he immediately turned back, dragon flash appeared in the hands.

Su Xiao accepted the empty box, but the treasure box also had a f**king trap?

Dragon flashed blocked in front of him, Su Xiao stared at the treasure chest vigilantly.

The howl spread very far away. What was strange was that no one rushed into the room. This showed that the howl only he could hear.

In the treasure chest was the illusion of the giant wolf Fenrir. At this time, this giant wolf was staring at Su Xiao with hatred, it waved its claws but could not escape from the treasure chest.


The treasure chest shook, a black hole was formed in the center, the illusion of Fenrir was instantly sucked into the black hole.

The strange phenomenon disappeared, the blue treasure chest gradually turned into light particles, an egg-sized meatball fell on the bed.

Using the dragon for flashing to touch meatball, the meatball did not react, Su Xiao tried to touch it with the fingers, the properties of the meatball appeared.

[Fenrir’s soul]

Origin: Akame Ga Kill




Introduction: the soul is a rare strategic material, it can be sold to the reincarnation paradise.

Price: 20000 paradise coins, soul crystal (small) × 4.


Su Xiao scowled, with the style of the reincarnation paradise, the price of this thing was definitely more than 20,000 park coins + soul crystal.

But what was the soul, maybe it could enhance attributes after eating it?

Hesitating for a long time, Su Xiao did not dare to eat it, this thing had neither expiration date nor safety certification, if he dies after eating, he can only think he’s unlucky.