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R.P Chapter 209: Victory

Su Xiao laid in the bedroom, there were noisy running sounds, horns and so on came from outside, the army of the empire was assembling.

The war already had results before the war began, the empire would win.

Not talking about that the leader of the extreme north army was dead. Esdeath‘s Teigu ‘demon’s extract ‘ could not be blocked by the extreme north army.

Teigu was a very magical thing that could help users to control the ice, water flow and so on, some Teigu were simply weapons with special abilities, such as killing by one hit, abnormal sharpness and so on.

Teigu could be a ring, a knife, a sword, an armor and so on.

Teigu could not be used by everyone, Teigu would choose the host who was matched with it, the ability of Teigu would still exist after the host died, waiting for the next host.

Teigu could be divided into several major categories.

The first one was edible or could drink like a demon’s extract, which could only be used once. The ability of these Teigu was generally strong.

The second type was weapons. This kind of Teigu had a wide variety of forms, it could use in knife, gun, sword and so on, and had various abilities.

The third one was more magical. It was a biological Teigu. This Teigu may be a humanoid creature, or it may be a dog or a bear.

Each of the three Teigu had its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, the one time Teigu was still stronger.

Su Xiao recalled various Teigu’s appearance and abilities in mind, he would face the Teigu users in the future.

When he thought about the information of Teigu, the horn for gathering came from outside of the fortress.

“Are they finally going to attack? What is the situation now?”

It was too early to think about it. The most important thing was to rest. After five minutes, Su Xiao fell asleep deeply. After returning to the empire, he was not so comfortable. He was like walking deeply into the enemy’s camp.


The next morning, the cold wind blew through.

Inside tonta’s fortress.

At this time, tonta’s fortress was completely different from last night. A large piece of ice appeared in the fortress, the house was frozen, people in extreme north were frozen to death were everywhere on the ground. The entire fortress had become a world of ice.

An empire soldier rushed out of the fortress, his heart tightened when he went through the snowfield.

The scene on the snowfield could only be described as terrible, a large number of prisoners of war were stabbed on the sticks, the sticks stood in the snowfield.

Looking at it, there were at least thousands of sticks with humans on it, the scene behind the sticks was even crueler.

After the war broke out last night, the extreme north army suddenly collapsed, without the command of the leader and Esdeath’s strong ice ability made the battlefield become a shamble.

the extreme north army surrendered at five in the morning.

The tonta of the fortress stationed at the army of 30,000 people and 70,000 to 80,000 civilians. Didn’t underestimate these 70,000 to 80,000 civilians. They were also soldiers at a crucial moment.

After all these people surrendered, Esdeath issued an order.

Kill, didn’t leave anyone of them! killing them in a cruel way, using the blood of the extreme north army to shock other unstable aliens around the empire.

The massacre began at six o’clock and ended before seven o’clock.

Nearly 100,000 people were killed less than an hour. Some of their bodies were piled up, some were made into ‘snowmen,’ and some were stabbed by sticks.

The news was transferred to the other small units scattered around the extreme north army at 9:00 in the morning. The troops of the extreme north army began to flee and fled to the colder and deeper place of the extreme north.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, they could not see any people of extreme north within a few kilometers of the fortress in the extreme north. These people were scared a lot.

The empire army withdrew to the fortress of extreme north around 12 o’clock. Around 1 pm, more than 300,000 soldiers took the lead to return to the empire.

Around two o’clock, more than 100,000 empire soldiers who were not injured also began to leave, leaving only less than 50,000 in the fortress of the extreme north.

The reason why did they retreat so fast was because the marching war required a lot of money. The army provision that the 500,000 soldiers ate every day was a terrible number, these foods were shipped, the cost was higher, there were other expenses. Such as medical, drugs, armors, weapons, pensions for people who were dead, and others.

If 500,000 people guard the fortress, the current saving of the empire treasury would be in arrears of soldiers’ pay in half of the year, the economy of the empire would be greatly declined within a year.

It would be enough to have 50,000 people to guard in the fortress. In the past, there were only a few thousand people to guard in the fortress of the extreme north.

It was too difficult to transport supplies to the extreme north, the empire had been reducing the number of border guards.

It was no wonder that the empire would eventually perish, reducing the number of border guards was a fantastic way to wait for death.

The current empire was like a rotten tree so you could see who had the courage to kick it.


On the way that the empire army back, most of the soldiers were walking, which led to the overall speed slowing down.

Su Xiao was sitting on a bumpy horse’s back. He never rode a horse. He didn’t think that it was so difficult to master.

How could an assassin not ride a horse, so he should ride even he could not.

Su Xiao used his waist and bottom to put the strength to ride the horse forcibly. The first horse he rode fell to the ground after 30 minutes of traveling, its mouth spat white foam, the abdomen kept twitching which was because he slammed too hard made the horse suffer.

The fate of the second horse was much better, it had not had the sign of spitting foam from its mouth.

This horse was fine, but Su Xiao was not good. It was a very tiring thing to ride barely. His bottom was very painful now, the position below the chest was sore.

“General, how long until we return to the empire?”

Su Xiao took the initiative to ask Esdeath rarely.


Esdeath was surprised.

“About two days or so.”

Su Xiao’s face looked worse.

“You can’t ride a horse, right?”

He was discovered, this point Su Xiao was also very helpless.



“I hate this hairy beast, which makes me very uncomfortable.”

Esdeath was surprised, she may not have thought that Su Xiao ‘this cold person’ would hate something.

“Have not your previous organization taught you how to ride a horse?”

“They taught, but I killed the horse.”

This time, Esdeath was not calm.

“Killing the horse? What’s the consequence?”

“I was lifted and whipped for two hundred times. I almost died.”

Esdeath chuckled and looked at Su Xiao with amazement.

“What happened to this in the end?”

“I practiced running, and finally ran faster than the horse, the endurance was not worse than the horse.”

Esdeath once again chuckled, other officers near com also laughed.

“Running faster than horses. What kind of subordinates did I get? If you don’t like to ride the horse, why do you ride the horse now?”

Su Xiao knew that he could not escape this problem, he gave an unexpected answer.

“If the assassin can’t ride a horse will be suspected.”

If ten sentences are a lie, the lie will be exposed sooner or later, but if there are a few truths in the ten sentences, then the lies would be treated as truth.

“Don’t force yourself. Go to sit on the back of the supply wagon, your horse is spitting foam again.”

The war horse under Su Xiao turned its head, the innocent gaze seemed to accuse Su Xiao.

“Thank you, general.”

Jumping off from the horse, Su Xiao walked with a limp to the supply wagon, he finally got rid of it and succeeded in deceiving them.