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R.P Chapter 210: Imperial capital

After the army marched south for two days, the temperature gradually increased.

The empire was in the fall, the weather of the early autumn was not hot, the cool breeze blowing from time to time made people feel refreshed.

Their current position was in front of the imperial capital.

Finally arrived, the imperial capital was the main battlefield.

Gradually closing to the imperial capital, they occasionally encountered traders on the main road, these traders immediately rushed cart to give way after seeing the troop, their heads drooped, and did not dare to look directly at the army.

After seeing the female general with blue hair at the head of the team, the traders were obviously surprised.

“General Esdeath is back. Isn’t she going to the battlefield of the extreme north?”

“Don’t tell me……”

A trader did not dare to talk more.

“Don’t talk nonsense, look at the momentum of the army. Does this look like defeat? It is clear that they won.”

“But that scale of battle will finish at least for a year and a half, right?”

Merchants whispered the previous fears and resentments had vanished.

If the imperial capital has an army that is supported by civilians, it must be this one.

The direction of the army was not going to the imperial capital, but the military camp outside the imperial capital. The news of having a great victory in the extreme north had been sent back. There were three generals in front of the military camp waited for Esdeath to return. The three of them were Esdeath’s henchmen. The three were all Teigu users, the three were called the three beasts.

They were an old man, a muscular man, a cute girl?

He dressed like a butler, named Liver, was the former general of the empire. He was imprisoned by offending the mogul and was rescued by Esdeath. His loyalty was extremely high. His Teigu was ‘Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin’, the ring-shaped Teigu, It could control any liquid.

The strong man named Daidara, the battle madman, his Teigu named ‘Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac’, two-bladed axes were usually one, it could be disassembled from the middle, after the ax was out, as long as the ax still had the power, it would track the enemy.

The last ‘girl’ dressed like a cute girl named Nyau. Although this guy dressed like a cute girl, he was not a cute girl but a man cross-dressing.

Nyau’s Teigu was ‘Military Music Dream: Scream’. This kind of Teigu was a flute, it sounded different music to manipulate the enemy’s emotions and physical state, it was an assistant Teigu.

The three men stood in front of the military camp at the moment, after seeing Esdeath’s figure, the three immediately greeted in front.

“General, how was your journey? Subordinates had prepared a feast for you.”

The old man Liver spoke, he bowed while talking, with one hand on the chest, white gloves on the hand and the clothes made him look like a butler. He was the captain of the three beasts.

“The banquet is not needed now. I will take you to meet the little emperor, but first I want to introduce you to a coworker.”

The three beasts were somewhat confused.

“Coworker? Is the general recruiting the talent in the extreme north?”

“Well, this time I was getting a treasure, he’s an assassin of another country.”

After hearing Esdeath’s words, the old man Liver slightly frowned, the background of a member of the assassination unit were generally complicated.

But Liver would not say anything, this was Esdeath’s willingness, he would not defy.

“Tell you in advance, your coworker is the top member of the assassination unit. I used to fight with him. If only talking about the ability to fight alone, his strength may not be weaker than me.”

The three beasts were shocked and looked at Esdeath with stun.

“Strength… was not weaker than the general?”

Cute girl Nyau swallowed, his voice was neutral.


Esdeath shouted to the army behind, the three beasts’ eyes stared in that direction.

A black-haired man with a long sword at the waist came, the man’s body was not strong, but it gave people a sharp feeling.

“This is your coworker in the future, Byakuya.”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao.

“The three are also my men.”


Su Xiao responded, he already recognized the three.

The three was called the three beasts. Although the strength of them was not weak, they would die in one of the following tasks. The strongest man died at the fastest speed, he was killed less than five minutes.

“Pay attention to your tone to talk to the general.”

The old man Liver spoke, his sight was not friendly.

“Don’t care about this. Byakuya’s character is like this. The members of the top assassination unit are flawed. He is the most normal one.”

“I offended general.”

Liver bowed again.

Su Xiao didn’t care about Liver’s tone. Why should he care about a guy who would soon die?

“It’s getting late, let’s go see the emperor.”

Four people took on a cart to the imperial capital. The imperial capital’s area was not small. It was a large city. The whole city was an echelon form, the higher the position would be more prosperous.

The center of the imperial capital was the palace, the palace could be called the city of the imperial capital. It could be seen how large the palace was.

The entire palace was a plump round, the final building with upward layers, the highest point was even hundreds of meters.

The carriages passed through the imperial capital. There were many people on the streets of the imperial city. They dressed well. This was the capital of a country. Economic prosperity was reasonable.

The sun hung on the sky listlessly, the whole imperial capital was covered by dim sunshine, the time was six o’clock in the evening.

The carriage drove to the front of the palace, this should be guarded heavily. But the guards in front of the door saw the sign on the carriage, they simply let them go after asking a question, they did not even need Esdeath to show up.

The scope of the palace was not small, the carriage arrived in front of the palace after driving a while.

This made Su Xiao a bit strange. This was the palace, how could the generals drive the carriage to the front of the hall? They should get off the car outside of the palace and walk to the hall would be right.

It seemed that the little emperor was more useless than he imagined, at least Esdeath did not care much about the little emperor.

Getting off the cart and entering the hall. The hall was very majestic. The floor was covered with red carpet. There was a seat made of gold on the inner side. The seat was in a higher position, which was emperor’s seat.

A body with 13 or 14 years old was sitting in the seat, this was the little emperor.

The little emperor was thin, giving a feeling of malnutrition. A purple dress was neither fish nor fowl, which looked a little girly.

Although he was an emperor, he had no sense of majesty, Su Xiao felt that he was a very weak boy.

Esdeath walked into the hall with Su Xiao and others, they walked for a few meters in front of the little emperor and then kneeled to the ground.

If it says Esdeath partly kneels, it will be better to say that she partly squats on the ground, the leg which was kneeled did not land. This posture showed many problems.

Looking at the little emperor, his expression had not changed, it seemed that this was normal.

Su Xiao did the same thing, he partly squats, he would never kneel.

At this time, he had already considered whether he would capture the little emperor, this teenager was definitely a pushover.

An old man with a fat body and beard stood next to the little emperor.

A middle-aged old man’s beard was white, the skin did not have wrinkles because his body was fat, having nice life made the old man look not old, if his hair is not white, people will believe that he is a middle-aged man.

This fat old man was the minister and controlled the little emperor.

The minister held a plate of meat in his hand and stood next to the little emperor with a big belly. The meat he held was eaten by himself, not for the little emperor.

After the initial observation, Su Xiao decided to give up. He was not sure whether the key was on the little emperor’s body. He needed to consider for a long time.