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R.P Chapter 211: Very weak man

“General Esdeath, the suppression in the extreme north is very excellent, I will give you a ton of gold for the reward.”

The little emperor spoke. This was a very majestic sentence. It changed the feeling when the little emperor spoke it. The slightly childish voice had no sense of majesty. It was like the students in the primary school were reading the text.

“Thank you, your majesty, I will reward those soldiers who are heroic to kill the enemies. Since I have already returned, the ‘Night Raid’ that affects your life, I will annihilate it.”

Esdeath talked to the little emperor and claimed herself as me, not as the subordinate.

Su Xiao looked at the minister besides the little emperor and Esdeath. The empire might be controlled by these two people.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate your assistance, except for…”

The little emperor was talking, Su Xiao’s sights suddenly sharpened.

“Enemies come.”

Su Xiao looked at Esdeath.

“Are you sure?”


“Kill it!”

Su Xiao rushed to the side of the main hall.

“This is?”

The little emperor was stunned, the minister on the side was also puzzled.

“That is my subordinate. He found that there are enemies in the palace, it may be the members of ‘Night Raid’.”

Esdeath no longer half squatted but stood up.

Two minutes later.


A body full of blood was thrown from the side of the hall and stopped at Esdeath’s feet after rolling for a few times.

Su Xiao’s figure came out from the side of the hall, his body was stained with some blood. He carried a dragon flash which was stained with blood on his right hand and held a broken gun in his left hand.

This body was a contractor, Su Xiao had long perceived the person. He did not pay attention to it. It was normal to have other contractors in the empire camp.

But this guy pointed his gun at Su Xiao’s head for more than a dozen seconds. He was clearly aimed at Su Xiao.

With a growing sense of danger, Su Xiao could judge that the person was using a certain skill to prepare to kill him by one attack.

Su Xiao could not endure this, he decisively violently rushed to the front of the guy and killed him.

With Su Xiao’s perception, aiming at him in this close distance was simply looking for death.

“Is this the person’s gun?”

Esdeath knew that Su Xiao did not use guns, at least she did not see Su Xiao used it.

“Yes, I thought that he was the guard of the palace, but he aimed at a certain position for a too long time, he pointed the gun at the emperor. This is not what the guard should do.”

Esdeath pondered for a while.

“My majesty, is this the guard in the palace?”


The little emperor looked to the minister for help, it could be seen how the little emperor relied on the minister from this scene.

“Hey, anyone?”

The minister shouted loudly, several guards immediately rushed into the hall.

“Is this person a guard?”

The minister’s question was quickly answered.

He was a guard, not a guard of the main hall, but a low-level guard of the palace gate.

It was obviously nothing to talk about that this kind of guard took the gun into the hall.

“Sure enough, there will be no weak soldiers under the strong generals, anyone comes, give him gold.”

Under the minister’s order, the guards carried on a plate of gold.

Esdeath looked very distant, the minister’s behavior was obviously to headhunt.

“Minister, this is my subordinate, I will reward him in person.”

Hearing Esdeath’s somewhat unfriendly tone, the minister smiled apologetically.

“I got so confused and somewhat scared by the assassin, general Esdeath doesn’t mind it.”

The minister was an old, cunny person. He knew he couldn’t be hostile to Esdeath. Otherwise, they would both be hurt.

“In this case, we will go back first, I will deal with the matter of ‘Night Raid’.”

Esdeath pretended to leave.

“Wait a minute, as for dealing with ‘Night Raid’, I have a good idea.”

The minister picked up a piece of meat which was not fully cooked and put them into the mouth. As he chewed, a trace of blood slipped from the minister’s mouth.

“I’m here to listen, sincerely.”

Esdeath also did not want to be hostile with the minister, the minister began to describe his plan.

The Minister’s plan was very simple, let Esdeath’s men assassinated some “disobedient” officials near the imperial capital. After assassinating the officials, they would say ‘Night Raid’ did this, that is, the night raid would never tolerate this thing happened so that the night raid would expose.

The plan seems a bit silly, but it was not realistically.

The minister’s goal was not the night raid, but those ‘disobedient’ officials. He just wanted to use Esdeath to exclude them.

“Of course, General Esdeath will not do things in vain. This military spending this season will increase by 30%.”

The minister was indeed an old cunny person. He knew that Esdeath did not love money, and he simply helped Esdeath to expand the arms.

“This case? That’s good.”

Esdeath promised, the minister smiled joyfully, and the little emperor sat with some bored.

The national events were basically decided in this way. The little emperor did have no power. After all, he could control the Teigu, the little emperor had no intentions to manage.

“My majesty, how about those last night, I prepare something for you tonight again…”

The minister looked at the little emperor with an indecent smile, the little emperor blushed, his eyes were full of expectations.

As a fatuous ruler, the little emperor would love women’s charms under the minister’s guidance, but the little emperor was too young, at most fourteen or five years old.

Su Xiao suspected that the reason why the little emperor was thin was that the nutrition could not keep up as how much he spent.

The minister and the little emperor walked behind the hall, Esdeath looked at the three beasts and Su Xiao.

“You handle this, but I have other ideas.”

Several people walked outside the main hall. After leaving the main hall, the three beasts were ordered to assassinate the ‘obedient’ official. Su Xiao did not go together. Esdeath arranged it intentionally.


The next day, in the imperial capital’s countryside, the night raid’s headquarters.

“Now let’s talk about the reasons for calling everyone.”

The head of the night raid, Najenda, sat in front of a dozen people. Najenda was a woman with one eye, one arm, and white hair. The broken arm was replaced by a blackish green metal arm. The blind eye was covered with a black eye patch.

There were several main forces of night raid in front of Najenda. There were still some new people around them. These were contractors with strong strength.

Najenda rose a piece of paper with the night raid’s logo for everyone to see.

“There are several murders in imperial capital last night. The victims were all Imperial officials who tended to rely on us. They were still hesitating, and this was left on the spot.”

Several people in the night raid were silent for a while.

“This is obviously shifting the blame on us. Only the minister will do this kind of thing. No one will do that except for him.”

Bulat, the strongest force of the night raid spoke. His strength in the night raid absolutely ranked in the top three. The Teigu was the “Demon Armor: Incursio “, the armored Teigu, Teigu’s usual appearance was a sword. It could transform to armor in the battle.

“This is indeed the case. At first, the people did not believe that we did it, but now they believe it.”

Najenda talked with a heavy tone.


The newcomer of the night raid Tatsumi said, he was a rural boy from the border of the Empire. He had justice in his mind and wanted to join the empire camp. After witnessing the darkness of the emperor, he joined the night raid by chance.

According to the original information, Tatsumi may not be the protagonist, the protagonist of Akame Ga Kill world may be another person.