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R.P Chapter 212: Kitty.

“Those people that pretend to be us had killed a lot of powerful guards, so the ordinary people begin to doubt us. We ‘Night Raid’ still needs to recruit talents around, this absolutely can’t be tolerated.”

Najenda held a black cigarette in her hand, she looked somewhat helplessness.

“This is obviously a bait which wants to attract us.”

Bulat spoke, when several people of night raid talked, the contractors around them were silent, they could only listen, they were not the official members of the night raid.

“It is indeed a bait.”

Najenda nodded and continue to talk after thinking for a while:

“Under the premise of knowing this, I have something to say to you.

The officials who are now murdered were good officials who had power, resisted the minister, and worried about the country and the people. This kind of talent needs establishing a new empire by our revolutionary army. We can no longer lose nice talents in the future. What do you think?”

Najenda did not directly issue orders but used the way of discussion.

When Tatsumi heard this situation and spoke first, after a speech which was full of a sense of justice, Najenda stood up.

“Ok, let them know what the result of using our name is, let’s teach them the rules of the killer.

Two officials may be attacked next, so we have to work separately.”

Najenda began to arrange the plan, Bulat and Tatsumi were a team, another team were Akame and Lubbock.

Both Akame and Lubbock were members of the night raid. Both of them were Teigu users, especially the Akame’s Teigu, which was famous in the imperial capital.

One Cut Killer: Murasame, if you’re injured by this sword, you’ll die.

Even said so, Murasame’s One Cut Killer was not a rule. Instead, the sword was attached with a kind of poison. After being stabbed by Murasame, the poison would invade the body to achieve the effect of one cut killer which was similar to the principle of Su Xiao’s Qing gang Yin.

Najenda pondered for a while after ordering, looking at Leone.

Leone was a beauty with blond hair and big breast. Unlike women’s weakness, she looked chubby, but her body was not fat. The skeleton was very large, which made people think her body shape was good.

Leone Teigu was ‘Animal King: Lionelle’, after using it, it could make the Leone become an animal, greatly improving her physical quality, smell, sensory and so on would be strengthened, after the transformation, Leone still looked like a human, there were ears on the head, hands became half beast which was two furry hands.

“Leone, you will go to investigate Esdeath’s actions, she has returned to the imperial capital.”

Najenda was worried, only she knew how terrible Esdeath was.

“OK, I am also curious about what kind of woman she is.”

Leone was straight, she had begun to consider whether assassinate Esdeath in her mind.

“Just like this, move…”

Just when Najenda was about to order, a contractor spoke.

“Boss, I don’t know if I can give you some advice.”

The contractor wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses talked, his tone was soft.

This contractor was Ivan. This was, of course, a pseudonym. Ivan was the representative of the contractors. He did not have the strongest strength, but he had the highest charm attributes.

“Ivan, talk about your opinion.”

The benefits of high charm appeared, he could be easy to communicate with Najenda. This kind of person had a neutral attitude.

”Thank you for the boss. I had some suggestions for the plan, just some suggestions.”

Ivan continued to talk after finishing his thoughts.

“This is the case. Since Mr. Bulat and Ms. Akame are to be divided into two teams, one of them may fail to get them. I have a method for remote contact, which was an advanced technology stolen in the imperial capital.

If any team of the two teams encounters an enemy with strong strength, they can immediately contact another team and the headquarters, so that they can get support in time.”

During the talk, Ivan took out three intercoms, the intercoms occasionally flashed through the green lights, indicating that this was green equipment.

Najenda looked curious, she soon understood the value of this thing immediately after testing it.

”Good, this will reduce the risk of action.”

Najenda gave the intercoms to Akame and Bulat.

The reason why the contractors did this was to try to maintain the strength of the night raid. Bulat with strong power in the original book, was killed at this time.

“The action begins.”

Najenda gave a command, everyone in the night raid moved. Among them, Leone was the most active, and she was very curious about how the famous general Esdeath looked like.

After the night raid all left, the contractors began to discuss.

“How do you think what will happen to this action?”

“I don’t know, Teigu in the Akame Ga Kill world is too dangerous. I am not prepared to fight against them, especially the horrible woman in the empire camp.”

“Try to protect the power of the night raid, so that the rate of winning will be higher in the final battle. As for the key… it can only depend on our abilities.”

The contractors nodded to agree, a contractor sitting in the corner had not spoken, just playing the tarot cards in his hands.

“The friend there, don’t you discuss countermeasures with us?”

Ivan smiled and walked forward, which looked like a leader of the contractors.

“There is nothing to discuss. Compared to solving the power of the imperial capital, I would like to kill you first. I am not targeting anyone. I just want to say that everyone present is trash.”

The tarot card flew, the man sitting in the corner raised his arm. At this time, a tattoo appeared on his backhand. It was a black number 11.

All the contractors were horrified when they saw this tattoo of a black number, they seemed to see a beast.


The screams came, the night raid that had left was not aware of it. Didn’t know when there was a layer of enchantment around the room.

Three minutes later, the man playing the tarot card on his hand walked out of the room. The other contractors in the room had disappeared without a trace, there was no blood on the ground.


Imperial capital, the block of the central street.

The streets were bustling, crowds walked through the central street, there were all kinds of shops on the street. A woman with a blue hair sat on the seat near the street, a woman enjoyed an ice cream in her hand.

”Don’t you eat? This thing tastes very good.”

The woman was Esdeath, she walked alone on the street today as bait and wanted to attract members of the night raid.

No answer appeared, Esdeath glanced around.

“You’re so distant, I’ve been hanging around for a morning, no one will come.”

Esdeath found that no one answered her, but she could not perceive his position as well, and she could only give up.

In the distance, a robust figure jumped across the roof, she was Leone who had already become a beast.

Leone became a woman with yellow hair and beast ears after using Teigu, a pair of the furry beast ear made her look very cute.


Leone jumped on a roof and limited her breath then looked down.

“Is she Esdeath?”

Leone, who was originally confident bit her teeth tightly, she seemed to see terrible creatures.

“This feeling, the killing is so dense that makes me numb, I am too naive, I surprisingly want to assassinate this kind of person.”

Leone was very sensitive after transforming to the beast, she decided to retreat, she has no desire to fight with this kind of enemy, if they fight, she will definitely die.

Just as Leone was preparing to retreat, a man with a long sword went to Esdeath and said something to Esdeath, after that the man looked in her direction.

Leone felt numb in her whole body at that moment, the horrible gaze made her unforgettable.

Escape! She must escape immediately, or she will die.

Leone did not care about exposing, she stepped on the tiles of the roof, and fled in the opposite direction. Leone, who was running away, still felt a palpitation, she seemed to be aimed.

On the street, Su Xiao looked at Leone, who fled far away, with no expression on his face.

“She escaped.”

Esdeath ate the ice cream in her hand and looked at Su Xiao.

“She can’t escape.”

Su Xiao pulled out the dragon flash from the waist, he was going to meet the night raid to see their strengths.

“After killing the kitty, remember to support the three beasts, ‘Night Raid’ seems to act now.”


Su Xiao’s figure disappeared on the street.