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R.P Chapter 213: Swamp.

In the forest in the imperial capital’s countryside, a figure walked quickly through the trees.

“I can’t escape from the direction of the headquarters. Otherwise, I will expose everyone.”

Leone’s footsteps stopped, the two beasts moved, after distinguishing the direction, she ran to the swamps in the deep part of the forest.

“If you dare to come, then come, you monster.”

Leone bit her silver teeth tightly, she had been running for two hours, but the sense of threat was still there.

After Leone ran out for two minutes, Su Xiao arrived at the location where Leone was.

He could only roughly perceive Leone’s direction, Leone ran away in a hurry, she had no time to cover up the traces.

Judging from the footprints and broken branches, he could judge her specific position.

After confirming the direction that Leone went, Su Xiao quickly followed. He knew that the enemy had discovered him. Now they were in the relationship between prey and hunter.

The final result depended on between the prey and a hunter, which one was more sophisticated.

Gradually moving forward, Su Xiao felt that the air became wet and the smell of rotten vegetation in the forest was dense.

The feeling under his feet was soft, Su Xiao stepped into a swamp.

“This is… the swamp?”

Pulling his leg out of the mire, he became cautious.

The swamp was a very dangerous place. The general swamp was okay. Even if he accidentally falls into it, he has a way to get out, but if it is mire, it will be dangerous.

The kind of swamp could swallow people in less than five seconds. He struggled seriously would die faster. Because the water contained a lot of mud, swimming in mire was also a delusion.

No matter how skillful the survival master, after falling into the mire, he would attack himself to avoid the pain of suffocation.

Some people may wonder why they go to the swamp even if they know how dangerous it is.

If the swamp can be seen with the naked eye, it will not be dangerous. Most swamps have a layer of dry soil on the surface, which is formed by the sunlight.

Sometimes the wind blew the leaves onto the swamp to form a natural trap.

Su Xiao took a branch on the tree which was five or six meters long, the branch was roughly as thick as the arm.

Holding the branch with one hand, Su Xiao did not pay attention to the swamp.

If you traveled in a swamp, the best way is to find a long branch, so that if you fall into the swamp, you can grab it to get out of the swamp.

Although it was a bit funny to hold a long branch in the left hand and a knife in the right hand, it was nothing compared to life.

Under his foot was soft, Su Xiao’s leg fell into the swamp.

After stepping into the swamp, Su Xiao clearly felt the suction of the mud in the swamp.

Dragon flash was stabbed into the ground, Su Xiao leaned his body and pulled his legs out of the swamp, but his shoes stayed in the swamp forever, his right leg was covered with mud.

Su Xiao looked unhappy, the enemy chose this battlefield was a bit shitty.

“Don’t be caught by me, or I will throw you into the swamp to die.”

Continue to track the enemy’s traces, after about half an hour, a row of footprints with mud came into his view.

The enemy also fell into the swamp, she seemed to fell with her whole body.

Su Xiao was happy in his mind, you also have this situation he thought.

After leaving a row of single footprints with mud, Su Xiao’s feet felt soft again.

With a snigger, Su Xiao’s half body was in the swamp, it was mire.


A minute later, Su Xiao struggled to get out of the swamp, his face looked not good, this time he would leave two rows of footprints with mud.

The tracking continued, ten minutes later, a red signal shell fired in front.


The red signal shell exploded, leaving red dust in the air.

“Asking for help?”

Su Xiao quickly rushed to the direction of the signal shell was fired. He saw the enemy two minutes later, but he could not see the enemy’s appearance. The enemy’s whole body was covered with mud.

“Did I kill your relatives or friends?”

After meeting, Leone asked directly.


Su Xiao threw away the wooden stick in his hand. If he responded cautiously, Leone couldn’t make any troubles. He restrained Leone this type of close fight.

Leone bit her sharp teeth tightly, which appeared after becoming the beast.

“Since I haven’t killed your relatives and friends, why do you keep chasing me, we run around the imperial capital for two rounds, hundreds of kilometers away, just because I stared at you?”

Leone’s pair of furry animal claws cracked, her identity was not exposed in the imperial capital, she thought Su Xiao did not recognize her.

“Leone, the main member of ‘NightRaid’, Teigu is the ‘K Animal King: Lionelle ‘, was born in a slum, she stole for a living when she was a child. At the age of fourteen, she studied with an old monk of the ‘Huangju Temple’. At the age of sixteen, she got the Teigu. At the age of 17, she joined the Revolutionary Army. At the age of 18, she became a member of the ‘NightRaid’ through selection.”

Su Xiao smiled.

“What else do you want to know?”

Leone looked at Su Xiao with a stun, she even didn’t remember some of the information.

Before entering Akame Ga Kill world, Su Xiao checked all the information he had searched before, not to mention the information, even if he was clear about Leone’s BWH.

“In this case, we can only fight.”

Leone wiped the mud on her face. Her sight was like an angered lion.

“It’s not that you die or I die, you must die, oh, finally I can speak freely.”

Su Xiao was upset these two days. Although he was not talkative, after pretending an assassin, the sentences he said the most were ‘um’, ‘ok, ‘I know’.

After relaxing, Su Xiao stopped talking, the light blue arc was on the surface of the dragon flash.

After strengthening the dragon flash, he hadn’t fought with others with full power. He did not make any effort at that time with Esdese. And he only cut two knives with the giant wolf. The two did not show the sharpness of the dragon flash.

The blade screamed, Su Xiao stepped on the ground under his feet, the withered leaves on the ground splashed. In less than two seconds, he had appeared in front of Leone.

Su Xiao’s agile attribute was 24 points. This speed was not fast in Leone’s sight after she became the beast, but Su Xiao did not rely on speed and strength to deal with strong enemies. He was better at using skill, and knife kills to battle, strength, and agility was the foundation.

The long sword broke the air, the blue light flowed, Leone subconsciously attacked the long sword with her hands, which was the way she used to.

Leone, who became a beast, her claws became very hard, even if some Teigu could not break it.

The sound of breaking the air came, the sharp edge of the dragon flash seemed to cut through the air.

When the claws were about to close with dragon flash, Leone felt a prickle front the claws.

The instinct of the beast told her that she might have to lose the furry hand if she continued.

But now it was too late to go back, Leone could only keep defending.

When the dragon flash’s blade touched Leone’s claw, the hardened film of Leone’s claws was suddenly cut through the two contacted.

The red blood floated in the air, the half of the furry hands was conspicuous in the blood.

The half hand landed with a crack, Leone took a few steps back while holding the broken palm.

“How can it be… so sharp.”

Pap, pap.

Blood dripped on the withered leaves, the forest was quiet.