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R.P Chapter 214: The slash that can’t be defended.

“It’s too weak, it seems that the plan had to make some changes.”

Su Xiao spoke, he had previously wanted to use the night raid to delay the assassination of the empire. But from the combat power that Leone performed, in addition to Akame, even if others fight Esdese together, they may not win.

He would not judge the development from the original plot after a lot of contractors entered the derivative world, it would be stupid to follow the original plot to work, such as the former cold fish.

The plot of the titan world and the ghouls’ world had been stirred up by Su Xiao. After he entered the derivative world, this would be a brand new world, the butterfly effect would embody directly.

“The Teigu is good, I got it.”

Su Xiao rushed to Leone.

Leone condemned in mind, where did the powerful monster emerge?

“Meaning, the lion will never die.”

Leone screamed, the degree of animalization increased significantly, her blonde hair became longer, and the claws became sharper.

Unexpected things happened, Leone’s half hand that was cut off was gradually regenerating.

When Leone used the skill, Su Xiao had already rushed to the front of Leone.

The long sword cut from top to bottom.


Blood surged, a lot of blood poured out from Leone‘s chest, splashing in front of Su Xiao, blood was constantly out of shape.

This sword cut on Leone’s chest, the wound spread from the shoulder to the waist.

Leone only wore a bra, this attack directly made her naked.

After a sword cut out, Su Xiao did not stop, the second sword was ready to cut down.

Leone was not weak. After using the ultimate, power suddenly grew a lot.

“Go to hell!”

Leone hit a straight fist to Su Xiao’s face, the wind pressure came to the face. If he was hit by this punch, he would have almost died.


The first wind was close to Su Xiao’s ear, his hair was blown up by the wind.

She did not attack him, Leone subconsciously took back her fist, but Su Xiao would not let her easily retreat.

The long sword cut in front, a cold light reflected into Leone’s sight.


After that, her arm was numb, Leonard could no longer feel her right arm.

A white arm flew up, one attack cut an arm, Leone’s physical defense was weak in front of the dragon flash.

After a few steps back, Leone stopped bleeding at the position of the broken arm, but there was no sign of regeneration.

Su Xiao looked at Leone and roughly understood the ability of ‘lion never to die’.

Small parts of the broken limb could be regenerated, but the broken legs or arms could not be regenerated, but the recovery ability was greatly improved.

For example, the wound in Leone’s chest, at this time, it had been sealed and stopped bleeding, it could be healed in a few minutes.

Su Xiao took out the [Hawana’s eyes] to detect Leone’s properties.

Hawana’s eyes floated in the air, the red light rushed out to wrap Leone and began to detect her.

[Comparing the intelligence properties of both parties…, the comparison is completed, hunter’s intelligence is 2.4 times higher than the enemy, the enemy’s data will be obtained.]

The information was as follows:

Name: Leone (in the status of Lion King)

Health: 72%.

Mana Value: 21/100

Strength: 30

Agility: 26

Vitality: 28

Intelligence: 10

Charm: 12

Skill 1: Lion King (active): After using it, the user will turn into a lion, power +15, agility +8, Vitality +10, reduce 80% injuries.

Skill 2: Beast instinct (passive): The ability of sense of smell, hearing, and perception is greatly improved (this will be activated passively when using the Lion King)

Skill 3: the lion will never die (active). After using it, it will greatly improve the resilience and restore a small part of a severed limb.

Skill 4: Stealing Lv.4 (active), stealing items without others’ awareness.

Skill 5: Close combat Lv.6 (passive): Improve close fight’s skills.


From attributes, Leone was stronger than Su Xiao.

The attribute was very important to Su Xiao, that was the basis of everything, but the high attribute did not mean strength.

Su Xiao’s sword specialization was Lv.11, skills such as Qing Gang Yin, Heart Eye, and Extreme Blade would enhance combat effectiveness.

Although his attributes were not stronger than her, Su Xiao’s skill ability was stronger. Only knife specialization of Lv.11 Leone’s fighting technique could not be compared with him.

After reading the information of Leone, Su Xiao was ready to end the battle. He had been guarding against the enemy just in case she had another skill.

The one-sided battle began, Leone would not die in a short time with super strong resilience, but she often on the edge of death.


An old tree which was half meter thick was cut off, the broken part was as smooth as the mirror. After Leone saw this scene, her pupils shrank to like a needle. If the sword was on the neck, it would be her head falling down instead of the tree.

The old tree fell to the ground, and a lot of withered leaves were blown up.

Three minutes later.

The crossing scars appeared on Leone’s body. She had already forgotten how many times she was cut. Each wound was deep to the bone, and a piece of her furry ears was smashed.


Leone gasped heavily, she had become a blood man, a small piece of blood under her feet was seen in less than three seconds.


Leone’s body fell softly, even if her resilience was strong, she could not bear the wounds.

Leone did not fall directly to the ground, her body stopped in the air like a puppet.

Su Xiao frowned, he did not perceive any abnormality around him.


The rush of wire shrinkage came, Leona’s body was quickly dragged to far distance.

“This is, Dimensional Formation: Shambhala?”

Su Xiao quickly chased Leone, she had no power to fight, only one attack and he could kill her.

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was a kind of Teigu, the user named Lubbock, was a member of the night raid.

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala belonged to the item Teigu, the whole was a bobbin. The bobbin was wrapped with super dangerous species’ body hair. The strength of the body hair exceeded all known metals, the user could flexibly manipulate the body hair of these dangerous species.

I say that it’s the body hair, Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was more like a high-strength nichrome wire, it contained softness, sharpness, and strength.

Su Xiao, who was chasing, was puzzled. How did Lubbock arrange these silk threads? He didn’t even notice it.

An idea suddenly appeared in his mind, this silk thread could make hind the perception! This is, after all, a super dangerous body’s organization, it was not surprising to have this ability.

Su Xiao was shocked to think of this.

At this time, a feeling made his flesh creep appeared.

If he keeps going, he will die!

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped suddenly, an unnoticeable cold light flashed a few centimeters in front of him.

He checked by the dragon flash.


A slight crisp sound came, there was a silk thread that was extremely difficult to detect in front of him. If he hit the silk thread at speed just now, this sharp line would cut off his neck.

Obviously, Lubbock accurately calculated Su Xiao’s height, running speed, and the direction he chased.

According to Su Xiao’s understanding, it was not surprising that Lubbock had such intelligence.

Leone had disappeared in his perception, Su Xiao gave up the meaningless pursuit, understanding the general strength of the night raid was enough, there were some enemies waiting for him.