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R.P Chapter 215: Do not go.

Outside the forest, next to a small stream.

A handsome young man with green hair and a green trench coat opened his eyes.

“He surprisingly detected the line, what a terrible perception.”

Lubbock began to take back the silk threads, after pulling back Leone, who was covered with a knife marks all over her body, Lubbock was angry.

“This bastard!”

After discovering that Leona’s upper body was already naked, Lubbock quickly took off his trench coat. Although he usually showed hornily, he would never take advantage of Leone at this time.

“This kind of bleeding, it is not good.”

Lubbock, who did not understand medical skills, was anxious, but he had no choice.


Leone woke up, the resilience of Teigu Lion King was not for decorations.

“Leone, big sister, you…”

Seeing Lubbock was anxious, Leone smiled.

“It’s already lucky to be alive after losing an arm under the man’s sword.”

Leone raised the arm that was cut off, now there was only a small piece left on her arm.

“How can I forget such an important thing? We are a combination of ‘being alive after big trouble’.”

Lubbock picked up the broken arm on the side. This was what he took back with the silk thread. Dimensional Formation: Shambhala could control the silk thread to suture the broken arm, with Leone recovery ability was a perfect combination, the injury of a broken arm and a broken leg could fully recoverable.

“You’re indeed my good partner.”

Leone smiled reluctantly, she remembered the previous battle, she was like a brainless beast, she was unable to fight back under the sharp sword.

After helping Leone to suture the cut off an arm, Lubbock got up.

“Big sister, you take a break for a while. The bastard hurts you so much. I have to go to meet him.”

The smile on Lubbock’s face was to comfort Leone, but in fact, he was furious in his mind.

But Lubbock felt that his pants were caught.

“Big sister…”

“Don’t go, you will die, it doesn’t matter if I was heavily injured. Just; I beg you, don’t go, don’t go.”

The man tracked me for several kilometers, no matter how you escape, you couldn’t escape, you will be done after being locked. It was completely desperate. ”

Lubbock lowed his head.


“Unless all of our members besiege him, we can’t win without paying a heavy price.”

Leone grabbed Lubbock’s pants tightly.

“I know.”

In Lubbock’s mind, he was unwilling, but he could not leave under Leone’s petition.

“Where is Akame? Is not she in a team with you?”

“We found your signal and then move separately. She went to support Bulat, they met an enemy, Esdeath’s subordinates the three beasts.”

“That’s it? Then I can be relieved…”

Leone suddenly thought of something, and she struggled to sit up under the pain.

“I met the man when I was looking for Esdeath. The man had said something to Esdeath, it shows that the man has a relationship with Esdeath.

The three beasts are Esdeath’s men, so this action was directed by Esdeath. ”

Leone thought fast in her mind, but someone thought faster than her.

“Is that guy an Esdeath’s subordinate? If all these are ordered by Esdeath, then will he support the side of the luxury cruise?”

It’s not very likely, he will be! ”

Lubbock and Leone look at each other.

”How many people we have on the luxury cruise of the imperial capital’s port?”

Leone looked at Lubbock.

“There are Bulat, Tatsumi, Akame, and Mine.”

“Mine also went?”

“Well, the boss is worried, so she asked more people.”

“With Mine’s long-range support, it should be fine…”

Leone still was worried and wanted to stand up.

“Hey, hello, big sister, don’t act recklessly. It’s not too far from the headquarters. I will send you back to the headquarters and go to support.”

Lubbock tried to stop her but was pushed away by Leone.

“Don’t let me be a drag on you, I know my physical state. Support you is impossible. If I go there, I will only be a drag to you. You will go to support them immediately. I can return to the headquarters alone.”

Lubbock nodded after thinking for a few seconds, if he refuses again, it will be insulting Leone.

“I know, this is a signal. If the retreat is not going smoothly, you must ask for help.”

“Well, I won’t do what I can’t do.”

Lubbock left and turned back in three steps, After Lubbock left, Leone, slammed into the ground.

With a sound of uggh, Leone spat out blood.

Lifting the trembling hand, Leone saw a light blue arc flashing in the wound of the palm.

“What the hell is this, electricity?”

The pain from all over the body made Leone almost faint again, Leone climbed on the tree with her claws and gasped heavily on the trunk.

The energy of Qing Gang Yin was not good to deal with. If Leone dares to dismiss the Lion King state, she will definitely be ‘chilling’ to let she doubt her life.


A port outside the imperial capital, a giant luxury cruise gradually pulled in to the shore.

The luxury cruise had been in a mess, the bodies of the three beasts were lined up, Tatsumi was supporting injured Bulat with his hand.

“It finally pulls in to the shore. Fortunately, we have support from Mine. Otherwise, we will be dangerous.”

Bulat almost died, breathed a sigh of relief. The man who had died in the original book survived this battle because of the support of his teammates.

Mine was a dynamic girl with a pair of pink pigtails, her pink dress was very eye-catching.

It could be seen from the clothes that Mine was not a close fighter, she was a sniper and gunner.

Yes, she was the sniper and gunner, her Teigu was somewhat special.

Roman Artillery: Pumpkin, the gun-shaped Teigu, it could not fire a physical bullet, but transporting the spiritual energy into an impact, it said an impact, in Su Xiao’s view, it was more like a laser.

The more dangerous the user’s situation is, the stronger the power of Roman Artillery: Pumpkin had. If she is closed by the enemy, Roman Artillery: Pumpkin was not the gun, but a cannon, a laser cannon, it could continue to fire and sweep it horizontally.

With the support of Mine’s Roman Artillery: Pumpkin, Bulat solved the three beasts with the strength of Teigu and his own power.

Although there were strengths and weaknesses between Teigu, the strength of the Teigu users also represented how the extent that Teigu could be used.

The luxury cruise slowly pulled in to the shore, Akame and Mine, who was waiting for a long time on the shore, came to meet them.

“The firepower is in time, Mine.”

Bulat, who escaped from the death, smiled, although his body was strong, he had the feeling of being gay, Leone always suspected that Bulat was gay.

“Uh, it’s still… okay, I am a genius for shooting.”

Mine’s body trembled, Bulat’s smile made her shoulders shake.

“Have you collected Teigu?”

Akame spoke, Akame was a girl with black long straight hair, her red eyes were the origin of her name Akame, although Akame was a killer, she was usually silly and cute.

”The collection is complete, a total of three, the harvest this time is not small.”

“Then let’s withdraw quickly. Just now, Lubbock came to the news that some enemies will soon come.”

They walked toward the port.

“You take away Teigu after killing, they want to go, it’s not good, right?”

A figure came from outside the port, the person came with a sword, the blade was straight, there was blood on it.

Su Xiao glanced at the few people present, he quickly locked in Akame. This was the opponent he was about to fight. Others were either injured or remote fighter or were not strong.


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