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R.P Chapter 216: The first one

In Akame Ga Kill world, there were few people that Su Xiao wanted to fight with the most, namely, Esdeath, Akame, and Kurome.

The three all had strong sword skills. Fighting with masters with the same fighting style could make his sword skills grow faster.

Dragon flash in his hand waved fabulously, Su Xiao walked slowly to Akame and others.

“Mine, keep the distance to cover me, Tatsumi, Bulat first withdraw.”

Akame spoke and slowly walked to Su Xiao.

Mine did not hesitate to run for a distance, Tatsumi somewhat hesitated, but after seeing Bulat who seriously injured, he decided to leave first.

After Su Xiao noticed the few people’s actions, he had a black grenade in his hand.

[High-strength bomb (white)], Su Xiao got this from the ghouls’ world, he had never used it.

After the ring of the bomb was pulled out and thrown to a few people, Su Xiao immediately held the ear by one hand and closed his eyes.


A boom came, the power of the bomb was not big, but it would produce strong light, loud noise, high-strength infrasonic.

The strong light could cause the enemy’s blind for a short period. The loud noise could make the enemy have ringing in his ears, and the high-strength infrasonic would interfere with the enemy’s nervous system.

Akame and others obviously don’t know what bomb was, except for Mine in the distance, other people were influenced.

Akame was struggled to stand, she put Murasame in front of her to avoid being attacked.

At this time, Akame saw a lot of after images and had ringing in her ears, a top-heavy feeling came.



The sound of the limbs being cut off and the gunshots came at the same time.


It was Tatsumi’s voice, Akame was very anxious in her mind, what happened exactly?

When Akame’s sight became clear, the scene she saw made her angry in her mind, but she just looked down with no expressions.

Bulat’s arm, along with the majority of his shoulder was cut off.

Tatsumi’s’ chest had a deep scar, which was so deep that his bones could be seen. If Mine did not fire strongly to cover them, the two would have already died under the sword attack.


Akame rushed up with a low roar, Su Xiao was highly concentrated.

The Teigu ‘One Cut Killer: Murasame ‘ that Akame had, was said to kill by one attack. Su Xiao did not know whether this killing by one attack would be effective to the contractors.

Judging from the original plot, Murasame’s poison was effective on Esdeath, so it would be likely to be effective on him.

He could not be injured, even if a slight flesh wound.

Su Xiao held dragon flash tightly, he walked to Akame.

After the two men were close to each other, they did not talk nonsense, every attack was aimed at each other’s vital part.

Crack, crack, crack.

There was a piece of sword net in front of the two, the bright knife light crossed, the blade crashed, sparkles splattered, the tragic close fight started.


Blocking the attack from Akame, dragon flash in Su Xiao’s hand moved to the side and led the Murasame to the side.


The blades against each other and the sharp sound passed far.

Akame’s combat experience was very rich, she immediately took a step back and cut toward Su Xiao with the sword held by both hands.


This attack could be said as huge power, Su Xiao blocked with dragon flash in front, and avoid this attack firmly.

After the initial fighting, Su Xiao felt that Akame’s physical quality was similar to him, her combat experience was very rich, but her sword skill was weaker than him.

Qing Gang Yin opened, the light blue arc surged around the surface of dragon flash.


Akame found that this situation and immediately retreated, electricity could be conducted.

After retreating for a few steps, Akame found her arm was not numb.

“It’s not electricity.”

Akame rushed forward again.

Ding, ding, ding.

The two both had nice sword skills, so the time of battle would not last long and would have a result soon.

The dragon flash in his hand cut in high speed, Su Xiao’s pupil gradually shrank, he was looking for Akame’s flaws.

Murasame cut through the side of Su Xiao’s body, the sharp blade was swept over his shoulder closely. If he was reckless, he would have died. Nothing was more exciting than this.

The feeling of fighting with the enemy in person was completely different from seeing through the animation. The enemy’s sword cut through with whistling sound, the pace under the feet during the fight, the gradual consumption of energy. The feeling of holding dragon flash in hand and the vibration when the swords collided.

The fight continued, but at this point, a feeling of being aimed at appeared.

It was Mine!

Su Xiao slashed to suppress Akame with full power and turned his back to kick on Akame’s soft abdomen.


Akame put Murasame in front horizontally, the feet were pulled out far away. She had a certain disagreeable feeling in her stomach, she was somewhat wanted to vomit.


An orange laser shot at Su Xiao’s head, Su Xiao immediately turned his head, the orange laser swept across his ear, the scorching heat passed to his cheek.

Su Xiao looked at Mine in the distance. His first goal was her. But Mine ran too far, he could only choose Bulat helplessly.

As for killing Akame at first, Su Xiao never thought about it. Not that he didn’t want to kill her, he couldn’t kill her.

If Akame can’t be so easily killed, she will not become the trump card of the night raid.

And Su Xiao also had an idea which was compared with Tatsumi, Akame may be the real protagonist.

“Brother, are you okay?”

Tatsumi and Bulat sat not far away, both of them were seriously injured.

“Nothing, just an arm, Akame may not be able to hold on.”

Bulat spoke out a thing that made them surprised.

“How is it possible, these two people’s powers are roughly the same.”

“No, that guy is a little afraid of the Murasame. Now that he is used to it, Tatsumi, hold me up.”

Bulat barely stood up and took out a small syringe in his clothes.

“What is this? Brother.”

“A stimulant.”

Bulat injected the stimulant into his body and tore off the clothes which wrapped the wound on the shoulder carelessly.

“Demon Armor: Incursio.”

A short sword was inserted to the ground, Bulat was wrapped in an iron-grey armor suddenly, which was full body armor.

A long gun appeared in Bulat’s hands, Bulat’s footsteps became stable.

“Brother… you…”

“The drug works, I can probably fight for five minutes.”

The slab under Bulat’s feet broke, and Bulat rushed to them.


Akame blocked Su Xiao’s sword, there was a sore came from her arm. The enemy’s sword skill was stronger than hers. Akame discovered this very early.

A tall figure rushed into the battle. One arm with a long spear, he swept the long spear to force Su Xiao to retreat.

“Bulat? You…”

“Nothing, I can support you for five minutes. It is not a problem to solve the enemy in front of Mine’s power.”

“You used that kind of medicine?”


Akame’s eyes became dim, the stimulant would cause irreversible damage to the body and greatly reduced his life.

“Don’t care about these, my current combat power is only half of what I used to be, now I can only cover you.”

Bulat and Akame greeted each other and rushed to Su Xiao.

At the same time, facing Akame and Bulat, Su Xiao also felt pressure, not to mention there was Mine in distant.

“I can only use that.”

Su Xiao took a deep breath, the blue light flashed on dragon flash in his hand, the mana values reduced at a rate of 30 points per second.

Holding the sword with one hand to meet the enemy, Su Xiao’s muscles of the right arm slightly rose.

“Akame, let’s retreat.”

Bulat immediately noticed that the situation was wrong, the pose of rushing forward stopped immediately, even if they were close to Su Xiao.

The feeling that Su Xiao gave Bulat now was sharp, sharp to the extreme, it seemed that any defense would be meaningless under this sword.

Bulat subconsciously blocked in front of Akame and raised the long spear in his hand.


The long sword cut down, a blue light shadow still stopped in the air, Su Xiao jumped back.

“Bulat, are you okay…”


A body that had been smashed from the upper body into two sections fell to the ground, the blood was poured out at this time.

“The first one.”

Su Xiao looked at Akame, this was the second one.