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R.P Chapter 217: Heart

[You killed Bulat]

[Bulat is a key figure in the plot, gaining 3.6% of the source of the world, and now you have a total of 8.3% of the source of the world.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, permanently adding 15 points of mana values, and the current mana values are 517 points.]


“Bulat brother.”

Tatsumi was struggled to get up and rushed to Bulat’s body after screaming.

He just ran after a few steps, Tatsumi was stopped by one person.

“Calm down, Tatsumi .”

The voice of Akame was somewhat low. Although the companion was dead in front of her, the enemy was still there. Even if she was angry, she must remain calm.

“How can I be calm?”

Tatsumi struggled hard and the blood on his body stained on Akame’s sleeves.

“Calm down, Tatsumi.”

Akame’s voice became serious, if Tatsumi rushes forward this time, he will be looking for death.

Su Xiao picked up the key that Bulat fell. The two had no hatred. Bulat injected the stimulant under injuries to cover companion. He was a respectable opponent. The two were just in different positions, even if he does not kill him, he will also kill Su Xiao.

The Empire and the Revolutionary army were deadly enemies. This could not be solved by negotiation.

Between killing people or being killed, Su Xiao chose to kill people, he was not a saint, any hostile creatures provoked him, he would treat them with the sharp sword in his hand.

Bulat’s strength was not weak, so he dropped a blue treasure chest, there are three Teigu in the package behind Bulat, he took all away.

When these Teigus in his hands, even if they were in the terminal, he would have never done the stupid things like handing it to the empire.

The battle was still going on, even if he wants to leave, the night raid will not agree.

“Tatsumi, have you calmed down?”

Akame supported Tatsumi.


Tatsumi looked down, this is the first time he experienced his companion died after joining the night raid.

At this time, Tatsumi was still somewhat naive. He believed that the night raid was fighting for justice. The night raid was the assassination of the revolutionary army. They did those dirty and ‘tiring’ works, how could they not die.

The revolutionary army was indeed good, but the night raid must be evil, although the members of them all believed in the justice, the assassination was the assassination.

The duty of the assassination was to help the country kill people, no matter how the people they killed evil, they were still killing people.

“Contacting BOSS with this, tell them we need support, we may encounter a guy who is as scary as Esdeath.”

Akame gave the intercom to Tatsumi, Tatsumi nodded listlessly.

“Although it is a bit naive to say this, the hatred of my companions must be paid back today.”

Akame held the sword with both hands and stood opposite Su Xiao.

“If you can kill me then come, I have the consciousness of being killed when I take the sword to cut others.”

Su Xiao never thought that he was a good person. He knew that he was a rascal. He could kill others. Others could kill him as well, but it depended on who was stronger.

Su Xiao and Akame rushed toward each other at the same time.

Ding, ding, ding.

The sound of weapons collided came incessantly.

The long knife smashed out silver silk threads in front, the sparkles splashed.

Su Xiao’s strategy was the main attack. He highly concentrated on capturing the enemy’s flaws at any time, and Akame was work for the passive defense. When Su Xiao made mistakes, she would cut a knife.

The enemy’s tiny mistakes would be Akame’s opportunity to kill the enemy. Murasame ‘s ability was so shameless.

Mine in the distance did not continue shooting. She understood that it was more useful to distract the enemy than shooting indiscriminately.

Murasame cut in front, Su Xiao attitudinized to put dragon flash in front of him horizontally.


The anti-vibration passed from the handle to the palm. Su Xiao did not defend with full force. Instead, he shifted the blade downward along with Akame’s attack.

Akame prepared for receiving the anti-vibration from the collision of weapons, she had begun to make powers in her hands. What Akame did not expect was that her knife continued cutting down surprisingly.

This sudden change made Akame stand unstably, the posture she had been made deformed, the body staggered forward for a few steps.

This was the gap between the sword skills, the master fought, any slight deviation was fatal, not to mention staggering for a few steps forward.

Su Xiao accurately seized the opportunity, he first sided to be as far as possible away from Murasame, he did not want to fail miserably in a very easy task.

And put dragon flash on the left side horizontally to defend the possible attacks that Akame would use. Su Xiao’s body lowed down, the right leg swept Akame’s side calf.


Akame immediately felt the pain from the side of her left calf, her entire left leg was numb.

Su Xiao’s attack did not end here. His body leaned forward, he was almost close to Akame’s body, just like the couple hugged each other.

But Su Xiao, the gentleman, was a bit rude, he lifted his knees to slam into Akame’s lower abdomen.


Akame’s body uncontrollably bent, and spat out the gastric acid, her sights became black.

At this point, Akame knew it was finished, she may never have the chance to fight back, she would even die.

It was as same as Akame’s imagination, after Akame’s body bent forward, Su Xiao’s left arm raised, his elbow slammed down with full strength.


His elbow’s hard bones slammed on Akame’s back rib. After her chest was attacked, there was a dull sound came. This time, what Akame spat out was not the gastric acid, but red blood.

Her back ribs behind were broken, Akame could feel it.

This terrible three combo attacks made Akame unable to control her body and slammed down to the ground.

It was not only the sword that could kill people. After being close, Su Xiao’s whole body was a weapon.

Akame fell down, Su Xiao would not miss this kind of great opportunity, he would not talk nonsense after the enemy fell to the ground, he usually directly cut with a sword, if he wants to talk something, he will talk to the enemy’s body.

Su Xiao stared at Akame’s white neck, but she was very smart. She left Murasame behind her, just in case her head would not be attacked. From this point, we could see how rich Akame’s fighting experience was.

Only hesitated less than a second, Su Xiao changed to stab from the cut, he stabbed to Akame’s head directly.


The long sword was deeply inserted into the ground, dragon flash stabbed along Akame ‘s cheeks, the blade cut out a wound on Akame’s cheeks.

For a moment of life or death situation, Akame broke out with a terrible desire to survive.

Time was no more left, Su Xiao felt that Mine’s attack from a distance was coming soon.

He decisively gave up to cut her head, Su Xiao second sword stabbed to the trunk which was a larger part, Akame was absolutely unable to escape.


Dragon flash cut through Akame’s left chest and even inserted into the ground. This was where the heart was. Su Xiao had killed many people and was good at judging the position of the heart.

Although Akame was beautiful, the purpose of the two was to kill each other in any way, without cards in their sleeves.

Akame’s body twitched, her eyes gradually dimmed.

The way that Su Xiao held his sword changed from one hand to both hands, the long knife cut sideways so that Akame’s heart could be completely cut through.

Puchi, blood surged.

Tatsumi and Mine saw this scene, both of them were a little stunned, their pupils gradually constricted, they seemed to be unable to believe what happened in front of them.

“How can this be possible?”

Tatsumi murmured stupidly.

A hot orange laser aimed at Su Xiao’s chest, but Su Xiao could only escape helplessly.

The second one had been solved, now he only needed to complete the finishing touches.

Mine began to shoot at Su Xiao madly, he tried his best to avoid it. This kind of shooting in his perception could not injure him.

He shook the blood on the blade, Su Xiao waited for Akame to die while escaping the shooting.

Her heart was pierced, but she would not die immediately. The character died immediately after his heart was pierced in the movie was fake. After the heart was pierced, the blood circulation function would be destroyed. Because the oxygen in the blood could not be transmitted to all parts of the body, people would suffer from shock and die in short time which was from ten seconds to a few minutes, this depended on the size of the wound in the heart.

Five seconds, eight seconds, ten seconds.

Ten seconds later, Akame stood up surprisingly, Su Xiao was shocked. Was this the ability of Murasame?

No, he had studied the sword Murasame in detail. Although this knife had a way to make people temporarily stronger, it could not immune death.

Akame held the wound on the left chest and breathed the air heavily, which was clearly recovering strength.

“This is… her heart is on the right side?”

Su Xiao was somewhat unbelievable. Some people had a heart on the right side, but the probability was one per million, or even one per tens of millions, which was less than the chance of winning money from the lottery.

Su Xiao obviously hit the jackpot, but he was not happy, the enemy was not dead.

Sure enough, the lucky protagonist could not die easily, the other people in the night raid in the original plot all died, or almost die, only Akame did not die.