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R.P Chapter 218: Runaway in all directions

“Cough, cough.”

Akame leaned forward and coughed and spat out blood incessantly.

The severe pain from the energy of the body being burned caused her to tremble, but Akame did not make any sound.

Tatsumi in the distance wanted to rush forward to help, but when he had a movement to move, an orange laser entered the ground in front of his feet, the hole which was as thick as the finger appeared, the cyan smoke appeared.

The meaning of Mine was very obvious. Don’t go for the death, the enemy that Akame could not fight head to head you could not even fight.

The state of Akame was very pessimistic now. Her many parts of the bones in the body broke, and the chest was pierced.


Akame screamed out a serial number, which was obviously a sign.

Tatsumi just joined the night raid and was not familiar with this sign, but Mine understood.

Three orange lasers were shot to the front of Tatsumi, the three orange lasers gradually approached Tatsumi which meant to retreat.

Akame pulled the injured body and began to retreat gradually, Mine’s firepower disappeared. Tatsumi also understood the general matter and began to retreat slowly.

Akame stared at Su Xiao and looked forward that Su Xiao to chase her.

Su Xiao looked at Akame, the next one was Mine in the distance. Finally, he looked at Tatsumi. The three men retreated from three directions. He could only chase one person.

“Do they use this way helplessly?”

Su Xiao suddenly rushed to a person at full speed.

His goal was Tatsumi! He did not believe that Akame would give up on rescuing him.

Akane bit her silver teeth tightly, the enemy was a hundred times more cunning than her imagination, she could only give up the original strategy.

At this time, Tatsumi understood that he became a burden.

After understanding this, Tatsumi’s chest was like pressing by a big stone. His eyes were gradually firm, the boy gradually matured.

Tatsumi looked at Su Xiao, who was rushing to him with a fast pace and looked at the bottomless river in three meters away.

He Jumped, Tatsumi jumped into the river from the port, which needed a lot of courage, you had to know that Tatsumi’s entire chest had been cut open. Even if he did not drown, he might die from a bacterial infection.

Tatsumi fell into the water with a thump.

“What a courage, boy.”

Su Xiao’s direction of running changed to Mine’s direction.

In the distance, it was a thump again, Mine also jumped into the river. Although Mine was not old, she was an experienced assassinator.

Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped, it wasted that these members of the night raid did not participate in scuba diving.

“As you wish.”

Su Xiao chased Akame this time. Akame turned to run after finding Tatsumi and Mine Jumped into the river. She ran faster than the rabbit.

If there is no blood along the way, Su Xiao will suspect whether the girl is injured, she ran too fast, and Akame knew the terrain of the emperor well.

Su Xiao was somewhat hesitant on the way, he was thinking whether he should continue chasing.

He had been chasing the enemy from the noon till now sunset. Today, he was not like fighting with the enemies but participating in the sports day.

First marathon (chasing Leone)

Then long jump in the swamp (jumping through visible swamps)

He also served as an audience of the diving(seeing Tatsumi and Mine to jump into the river)

Now there was a new marathon again(chasing Akame)

The direction that Akame escaped was the interior of the imperial capital. The environment inside the imperial capital was complex, which was more suitable for her to flee. Leone chose the forest was because of the influence of the Teigu Animal King: Lionelle, the beast preferred nature.

A bloody girl was running ahead, and a man with a sword chased after her.

This scene scared the residents in the imperial city, some residents notified the guards in the imperial capital.

Of course, it was not allowed to chase and kill people in the imperial capital. A large number of guards set out.

They did not stop Akame in front, but stop Su Xiao in half an hour.

“Stop, put your sword down, you murderer.”

A guard captain raised a gun with a strange shape, the guards in the imperial capital would have firearms.

“I’m a member of the assassination unit to do my works.”

Su Xiao showed the identification of the assassination unit.

“Boss, sorry.”

After Su Xiao showed the identification of the assassination unit, the attitude of the guard captain changed greatly.

“I am chasing a member of Night Raid, immediately inform you, general commander, blocking every exit of the imperial capital. She is an 18-year-old girl with a sword, black clothes, and has wounds on her body, do not allow any suspicious people to enter or leave the imperial capital.”

“Yes, sir!”

The guard captain stood up straight and was already sweating all over his face.

These guards were arrogant in front of the civilians, but they would become obedient sheep in front of the assassination unit.

The assassination unit was generally managed by the royal family or individual generals. They had the right to do it now and fix it later. Even if they kill people in the street, people could only admit the truth, their families were not even compensated.

This was the imperial capital. The right was everything. People had the right could trample on others’ dignity and minds.

Such an empire was destroyed was no more reasonable.

The guards in the imperial capital were quickly mobilized, the entrances and exits were blocked. It was not a trivial matter for the members of the night raid to sneak into the imperial capital.

Walking into an alley, Su Xiao squatted and found a pool of blood on the ground.

He put the finger on the blood, the blood was still warm. This showed that Akame just left, he was very close to Akame.

There were some white clothes scattered around, which were stained with large pieces of blood. This should be Akame tore her clothes to wrap her wounds.

Su Xiao chuckled, after stabbing dragon flash into Akame’s chest, he cut out the wound obliquely.

Although this kind of wound was not long, it is extremely difficult to bandage, not to mention that Akame was a woman, the injury to the chest was more difficult to bandage.

Followed by the blood Su Xiao chased her in the imperial capital, Akame was like a wounded reindeer ran in the imperial capital.

“Let’s me see how long you can persist after losing a lot of blood.”

Followed by the blood on the ground, after twenty minutes, Su Xiao found that the surrounding buildings were ruined, and he occasionally could see some drunken men on the street.

Here was the slum, the most chaotic and poorest place in the imperial capital.

If a beautiful woman dares to walk alone in the streets of a slum, she may be taken away, and the next day, she will appear in the red light street not far away.

The extent of chaos here was far more than the imagination. The women were taken away was not the most terrible thing. The drunkards on the street were the poorest people. They may still sleep on the dirty street today, and lied on the bench tomorrow morning, what waiting for them was a crazy human experiment.

Su Xiao walked through a dark alley first and came to a bustling street after a short time.

At this time, the sky is dark.

This street’s key color was pink or red lights.

The two sides of the street were mainly spire buildings with two or three floors. The roof was covered with glasses, several rounds or square lanterns hanging in front of the building.

The gentle music was intertwined with the laughter on the street, many men and women cuddled intimately together.

On attic of the street side, he could see some women faintly with exposed clothes and slender pipes in their hands. These women looked at the pedestrians below and seemed to look for the sexy buddy tonight or the rich guy.

Su Xiao came to the red light district of the imperial capital, which was the most bustling place in the slum.

Su Xiao not only came to the red light district but also took the knife into the red light district. The blood on the clothes indicated that he had just murdered someone.

This scared the guests of the red light district a lot, several couples who cuddled together ran away.

Su Xiao entered the red light district with a sword which affected the interests of some people. Some people could not see it without any action immediately.