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R.P Chapter 219: Horrible assassination unit

A group of black men came forward, the front was a fat man whose face was oil wearing luxurious clothes.

“Who are you, get out of the red light district quickly, tell you that even if you have hatred, you can’t do it here. Do you know it’s whose business is? Get out immediately, it’s really disappointing tonight, the shitty guards actually block the street which was affecting my business.”

Fat man’s attitude was arrogant, he pointed to Su Xiao’s nose with fingers, his ten fingers with a variety of rings, it seemed that he made a lot of money from women.

The knife light flashed, a fat head flew up.

If others are kind to Su Xiao, Su Xiao will be polite to them, if others come up and point to his nose, he will let the person’s head move.


A scream of a woman came.

“Assassination unit works, other people leave here.”

Those black men who were still laughing suddenly trembled. They were only the local ruffians of the slum, and the assassination unit was especially to kill people for the empire. The two were not able to compare.

“Yes, yes, sir, we will leave immediately.”

“Fast… run fast.”

Even if these local ruffians wear more luxurious clothes, a neat black suit could not change their nature of bullying the weak, fearing the strong.

When the murder happened on the street, those whoremongers instantly left. They were here for fun, not for death.

The bustling red light district became a ghost street in less than two minutes.

Su Xiao searched for the blood on the streets, but the blood began to turn scarce.

He gave up on searching for the blood, Su Xiao had a strange feeling previously, as if he could perceive Akame’s position.

It had to be known that there were many people in the red light district, it was very difficult to find Akame after she concealed herself. Akame was once the killer trained by the empire’s assassination unit. Her skill was very strong. Otherwise, Su Xiao would not pursue the blood to find her, compared to Akame. Leone was easy to find.

Among many people, he was able to vaguely perceive Akame, as if something was in Akame’s body?

Don’t think too much, he just fought with Akame…

With constant pursuing, this feeling was getting stronger and stronger, he could still feel that the things that belonged to him in the Akame’s body gradually dissipated.

Su Xiao suddenly had a thought in his brain, the energy of Qing Gang Yin!

The energy of Qing Gang Yin was transformed from the mana values through special methods. The mana values were from his body. The energy of Qing Gang Yin was also the energy in his body. In the final analysis, this was his thing. It was normal to have a vague feeling.

He stood on the street and closed his eyes, the panic fleeing and screams around were gradually ignored, perception, the subtle to extreme perception.

The building with three floors in three hundred meters away, Akame was there.

Su Xiao rushed to the building, there were a large number of executioners on the red light district.

Although these people wore different clothes, they were all murderers and had seen blood.

If ordinary people see this scene, their legs will feel like jellies, Su Xiao just looked at these regular enemies sideways.

“Which assassination unit you stay, I am the minister’s nephew, that is, the boss of the red light district, my friend, tell me where you are come from, just in case the ‘family’ to hurt each other.”

The man was a middle-aged man with dark skin. The middle-aged man had a pair of cunning bird eyes. His bags under his eyes were very heavy. He obviously was squeezed out the body and mind by the debauchery life.


After hearing Su Xiao’s answer, the minister’s nephew changed his face, the third assassination unit was Esdeath’s direct assassination unit.

“Haha, we’re family, my name is Carlos. If you need women in the future, just come to find me. There are women with any body shape and any age.”

Carlos’s attitude turned greatly, the gloom on his face had disappeared.

“Now I have work to do, see you.”

Su Xiao walked quickly to the building where Akame stayed.

Carlos saw this scene and felt heart-wrenching.


Su Xiao looked at Carlos sideways.

“You can’t check here, even Esdeath’s assassination unit can’t do this, unless Esdeath comes, the red light district is the minister’s business, I just here for running errands, don’t make my troubles.”

Carlos’s attitude was very determined.

“You want to prevent me from arresting the member of Night raid?”

Carlos’s arm which took out suddenly stopped, even if he was the minister’s nephew, he did not dare to stop arresting the members of the Night Raid. Moreover, he was only one of the seventeen the minister’s nephews.

“Brother, don’t talk jokes.”

Carlos winked at the men behind him, a bag of gems soon appeared in Carlos’s hand.

“Brother had helped us to maintain the peace of the red light district, it is the fee for the hard working.”

Carlos quietly handed a bag of gems which could let civilians lived without worries for more than a few decades.

Su Xiao took over the gems, it would cause more troubles without receiving it. This was actually the hush money. The scene in the room may not be good.

Entering the three-floor building, Su Xiao went straight to the innermost room of the first floor. The Qing Gang Yin’s energy in the Akame body had dissipated. He could only lock her position a minute ago.

Although the identity of the assassination unit brought a lot of conveniences, there were also inconvenienced.

Just like if Su Xiao does not have the identity of the assassination unit, he will not talk nonsense with Carlos.

Before going to the front of the room, Su Xiao opened the door.

A purple smoke floated out of the room, the smoke had a unique aroma.

The Psychedelic drugs, Su Xiao, immediately judged it.

Stopping to breathe and walking into the room, this was an empty room which was two hundred meters long, there was nothing else in the room, only women sat on the floor, at least dozens of women.

These women lied on the yellow floor with loose clothes and silly smiles on their faces.

Using addictive, Psychedelic drugs to control women was a common way in the red light district.


A woman who was not in a clear state hugged Su Xiao’s leg, her body exposed, and the smile on her face was stupid.

The purple smoke floated in the room made the sight blur, Akame may be mixed in these women.

“Open the window and turn on the light.”

Su Xiao observed around vigilantly, Carlos immediately let his men do it.

The room was bright, the night wind blew the purple smoke away, Su Xiao stood in the same place with a knife, he was ready to face Akame who was escaping suddenly.

Fresh air was filled with the room, the women in the room gradually came to their senses.

“What is going on is time up?”

“Ha, so fast, I haven’t been comfortable enough.”

These women who were laughing sat up, and no one was listless.

“Get up, make a row.”

Carlos shouted, these women were very afraid of Carlos, they stood in a row direction.

Su Xiao looked at these women’s faces in turn. He couldn’t just see if they had blood on their bodies. Akame could change to these women’s clothes.

Su Xiao, who was holding a sharp sword, obviously made these women a little scared, their bodies shrank, and their heads lowered down.

Five minutes later, Su Xiao checked all these women’s faces, he did not find Akame.

This made him somewhat confused. Did Akame run away from the window?

Looking at the three windows of the room, no abnormalities were found on the window. Su Xiao looked at the surrounding walls.

“You all get out.”

The women in the room went out incessantly, and Carlos’s men also went out.

“Brother from the assassination unit would you like to give up tonight? Can I find a woman for you to relax? Today is a new batch, absolutely clean.”

“No need, you also can go.”

Carlos coughed with the embarrassment and turned to walk out of the room. He did not dare to offend Su Xiao.

Carlos could become the boss of the red light district, indicating that he was a stupid person. After Su Xiao showed his identity, he never showed hostility.

Su Xiao searched carefully in the room, Akame fled under his sight, which made him somewhat reluctant.

Just as Su Xiao checked the room for more than ten times and was about to give up, he suddenly found a faint red trace on skirting at the corner of the floor.

The finger lightly tapped on the red trace, it was blood!