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R.P Chapter 220: The blueprint of revising Teigu

Su Xiao’s eyes suddenly sharpened, Akame had definitely come here.

He carefully checked the nearby walls, and there were no signs of being damaged. Su Xiao tapped the floor by dragon flash’s handle.

Dong, dong, dong.

Under the floor was an empty space, judging from the sound that the space was not small.

The dragon flash in the hands quickly reversed, Su Xiao directly stabbed down by backhand, it was not enough, Su Xiao pulled out the sword and stabbed for a few more times.

Pulling out the dragon flash, he did not find the blood on the tip of the sword, Su Xiao slammed to the floor by his feet.

With a crack, the floor caved in revealing a hole, inside the hole, was dark.

Taking out the strong flashlight and lightening downward, Su Xiao found that this was a tunnel. Akame definitely escaped from it.

“Can the guards of the imperial capital be more stupid, imperial capital has almost become night raid’s nest.”

Su Xiao blamed with a low voice, Akame escaped into this kind of tunnel for the second time, it could be seen that the guards of the imperial capital were so useless, they even did not find out there was a dug-out tunnel under their capital.

Expanding the hole, Su Xiao turned and jumped into the tunnel.

A moldy smell came, Su Xiao used the strong flashlight to lighten his way forward, there was only one way in the underground passage.

The underground passage was not deep, probably five or six meters underground, from the tunnel’s extent of damage, it should exist in very early years, the night raid accidentally discovered it.

The whole tunnel was somewhat similar to the mine ground. The boards supported the soil horizons above and sides. You could see some metal frames sometime. If the metal frames do not support the tunnel, it may have already collapsed. The entire tunnel seemed like it will collapse at any time. It needed to take some courage to get into it.

Although it looked shabby, the mechanics in the tunnel was perfect. Even if the boards were basically rotted, the tunnel would not collapse in a short time. After he was sure that the tunnel was firm, he began to move slowly.

He gained something after pursuing Akame, and he developed an ability accidentally.

After the energy of Qing Gang Yin invaded the enemy’s body, he could sense the enemy’s position within a certain distance.

The energy of Qing Gang Yin was like a coordinate, and he was the only one who could perceive the coordinate.

This ability was very good for pursuing people. As long as the enemy was injured, the enemy could not escape in a short time.

The reason why he let Akame escape for such a long time this time was pure because Su Xiao was not familiar with imperial capital’s terrains.

After traveling in the underground passage for a while, Su Xiao found a pool of blood on the ground. There was also the underwear near the blood. Looking at the left side of the underwear, there was a broken hole, and this underwear was left by Akame.

He walked quickly in the tunnel, after about ten minutes later, there was a crossroad in front of Su Xiao.

There was no clue this time, and he needed to choose one of them, choosing the right one he could catch up with Akame, otherwise just miss the opportunity.

People would subconsciously choose the right side when they were in front of the crossroad, which had clues.

Most people used their right hand to write, and they would raise their right hand first when they wanted to do something. Su Xiao used the right hand to hold a sword after being habitat to do this for a long time, and people would habitually choose the right side.

Anyway, it depended on the luck, and he chose the right side.

After entering the right side of the crossroad, Su Xiao knew that it was a wrong choice after half an hour. This was a dead end.

It was not that Su Xiao’s inference was incorrect, but that Akame had come to this underground passage before, she had known that the right side was a dead end.

The soil horizons collapsed became an earth hummock. Su Xiao could only return. Just as he turned around, he vaguely saw a metallic color on the collapsed earth hummock.

He tried to use the dragon flash to thorn that position, a crisp sound came, how could a metal door in this abandoned tunnel?

Su Xiao had entered this road for half an hour, and even if he returns at full speed, it will take more than ten minutes, Akame could run far away after more than forty minutes.

This metal door indeed made Su Xiao curious, and it was not just a curiosity, some secret locations in the derivative worlds may have good things. Even some contractor sorted out these locations into a set of information. The price of the information was 15,000 paradise coins, which was called the Encyclopedia of the secret places.

He took out a white-quality shield from the storage space, Su Xiao used it as a shovel to start digging.

He obtained this shield in the Titan world, it scored only 3, and it was damaged, the repairing cost was enough to buy a new one, it was that kind of item that it was useless but unable to give it up.

A few minutes later, Su Xiao cleaned the soil in front of the metal door, the red rusty metal door appeared.

A sign could be seen at the center of the metal door, which was the flag of the empire.

The way to open this rusty metal door could only use brute force, Su Xiao held the knife with both hands and pooled all his power to cut it out.


A huge reaction force came, Su Xiao’s hands were a little numb because of it, but only a gap which was two centimeters deep appeared on the metal door.

As dragon flash’s sharpness now, it was not exaggerated to cut metal as cutting mud, but it did not work on this metal door. In the current situation, he needed to spend some efforts to cut open the metal door.

This did not make Su Xiao disappointed, instead of excited him, what did the door so strong mean? Of course, there were treasures inside.

Killing Akame could get a treasure chest. Whether he could get a good thing after opening it depended on his luck, he was not really lucky though.

But exploring this kind of secret places was different. The value of the item in the secret places was fixed. It did not depend on the luck. Just like the warehouse in One piece world he got dragon flash, it was a small-sized secret place.

There were still many this kind of examples. In the shaft of the underground central city of the 24th district in the ghoul’s world, it was a medium-sized secret place, the basement of Eren’s house in the Titan world, which was also a small-sized secret place.

Of course, the word “secret place” was created by the contractors. These places also could be called as treasure houses, but the word “secret place” was more widely known.

Ding, ding, ding.

Su Xiao began to compete with the metal door, and now dragon flash was extremely strong; this level of cutting would not damage its durability.

An hour later, Su Xiao, who was sweating, leaned against the wall in the underground passage, drinking the water quickly, today’s experience could be called fantasy.

From chasing the enemy to hunting the treasure, the change of the style was so fast that people felt stunned.

Finally, he made efforts for a long time, the metal door was cut out and a hole which was barely able to let people enter appeared.

The strong flashlight shined inside. Inside the metal, the door was a long corridor. The corridor was also a civil structure. The boards supported the surrounding mound.

Su Xiao entered from the hole of the metal door. Unlike the turbid air in the tunnel, the air inside the metal door was much fresher. There should be exhaust orifices here, and people could stay for a long time.

After entering the metal door, Su Xiao walked abnormally cautiously to explore the corridor.

There was also a door at the end of the corridor, but it was a wooden door, Su Xiao directly kicked off it.


The wood meal splashed, the wooden door was smashed, a small room appeared in his sight.

Crack, crack.

The sound of machines operating came, a green smoke blew out from the room.

[Warning: Hunter is eroded by ‘Kaniat poison gas’ and suffers 5 points of the real damage per second.]

The prickly feeling came from all over his skins, and his eyes felt burning.

Su Xiao quickly steps a few steps away from the scope of poison gas.

He lightened the room with the flashlight, Su Xiao saw a metal test bench with test tubes and other objects on it. There was a skeleton in front of the test bench.

There were not only a large number of experimental objects on the test bench, but also an item looked like parchment in the center.

The parchment was about half a meter long, and the gorgeous purple light occasionally flashed on it.

Su Xiao took a deep breath and rushed into the lab. When he stepped into the lab, Su Xiao’s life value fell like a stream of water. He would die after at most thirty seconds.

After rushing into the room, he grabbed the parchment and turned to run out of the room quickly.

The prickly feeling came from all over the body, Su Xiao took out the restorative product [energetic springhead] and drank it directly. The prickly feeling of the body then disappeared.

“Huh, huh.”

Clenching the delicate parchment, Su Xiao gasped heavily.

“This time… I seem to earn a lot.”

Seeing the hint of the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao looked happy.

[You got it (the blueprint of revising Teigu).]

The blueprint of revising Teigu.

Origin: Akame Ga Kill

Quality: purple

Genre: Drawing.

Required items to compose:

  1. Main material: a kind of biological Teigu and a spirit of super dangerous species.
  2. Sub-materials: Five pieces of any Teigu item.

Tip: The matching degree of ‘biological Teigu’ and ‘the spirit of super dangerous species’ must exceed more than 60%. (For example, a Teigu of the humanoid creature can’t be combined with a beast’s spirit.)

Tip: The number that Teigu item needed at least five items, the drawing could be added to at most seven items.

Tip: The amount of ‘sub-materials Teigu’ will determine the success rate and the quality of Teigu, which was obtained after success.

Rating: 89 (Note: Purple items are rated from 71 to 150. The higher the score, the more precious the item is.)

Introduction: This design is made by the craftsman, who was the first one to make the Teigu. His dream is to create the strongest Teigu.