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R.P Chapter 221: The meeting About Su Xiao.

Su Xiao put away the “the blueprint of revising Teigu.”, he finally knew what the quality above the blue quality was.

Seeing the score’s upper limit, which was extremely high, Su Xiao couldn’t calm down in a short time.

The score of [The blueprint of revising Teigu.] was 89. How would the equipment with a rating of more than a hundred be? He was temporarily unable to estimate, and it could only be judged after obtaining the physical object.

The green poison gas gradually spread, Su Xiao quickly stepped out of the metal door. After he traveled for half an hour in the tunnel, he returned to the crossroad.

He hesitated for a while and chose to return in the original road.

It was impossible to catch up with Akame, and he was eroded by poison gas. His current state was not very good. Once someone laid an ambush at the end of the tunnel, it would be troublesome.

If it changes to Su Xiao, he will definitely destroy the exit of the tunnel after leaving the tunnel, just in case that he will not be tracked by the enemies.

Su Xiao returned to the room in the red light district in a short time. He had heard the noisy footsteps before he returned to the ground.

“Quickly, immediately surround here.”

“Man, all routes nearby have been blocked.”

He ignored the noise on the ground and walked out from the tunnel.

Su Xiao suddenly appeared made soldiers in the room shocked, they all raised the weapons in their hands. These people were not the guards of the imperial capital, but an elite force.

“Mr. Byakuya, are you okay?”

A captain greeted him. Su Xiao nodded after seeing the person’s face. It was Esdeath’s troops.

“General Esdeath will arrive immediately, how about the thief of night raid…”

“She ran, there is a crossroad in the tunnel.”

A lot of footsteps came outside the room. Esdeath led a group of soldiers to get into the room.

“How many people did you kill?”

Esdeath had understood a general situation.

“I killed one, and three seriously hurt.”

Su Xiao became cold and expressionless.

“Well? Did other thieves flee? Is Night Raid all out?”

“I don’t know, a total of six people were there.”

Esdeath understood it was an excellent, fighting with six people and making three seriously injured and killing one that is.

“I appreciate your hard work, and I will handle the follow-up things, have you successfully gained the Teigu?”

“Those were taken away by a member of the Night raid called Akame.”

Of course, this kind of bad things should drag the night raid with him. They were impossible to talk with Esdeath. Otherwise, they would be exposed.

Even if they talked, it was evident whether Esdeath would believe the night raid or Su Xiao, this was the advantage of sneaking into the enemy’s camp.

Today, the imperial capital could be described as being chaotic, Su Xiao returned to a mansion arranged by Esdeath.

Here was the reward from the little emperor to Esdeath, the environment was excellent, but Esdeath usually lived in the military camp, rarely came here.

There were many maids in the mansion, and there were two maids greeted Su Xiao when he just walked into the mansion.

Su Xiao first ate a luxurious midnight snack, the tub had been filled, and new clothes had prepared for him.

As a member of the assassination unit, he certainly would not wear the military uniform of the empire. The iron-gray army uniform of the empire was not suitable for his aesthetics.

The third assassination unit had a distinctive uniform, which was a black long trench coat.

After taking a shower, Su Xiao lay in a big bed that could sleep at least five people.

He hesitated in bed for a while, and he did not choose to open Bulat’s treasure chest before Lucky Flame’s cooldown time was over, he would not open any treasure chest with the quality above blue, including blue quality.

He had something to do tomorrow morning, so Su Xiao fell asleep very early.


At two o’clock in the morning, the night raid’s headquarters in the imperial capital’s suburb, in a conference room.

At this time, there were seven people in the conference room, all of whom were the main members of the night raid.


The leader of the night raid: Najenda.

Newcomer: Tatsumi.

A user of Murasame: Akame.

A user of Roman Artillery: Mine.

A user of Animal King: Lionelle: Leone.

A user of Dimensional Formation: Shambhala: Lubbock.

Finally, a somewhat cute Sheele.

Sheele was a naïve girl with glasses and a long purple hair, and her Teigu was Cutter of Creation: Extase, Teigu of the scissor class.

This Teigu scissor was at least one meter long and was extremely sharp. From the name could know how sharp the Teigu was.

At this point in time, Sheele was already dead. Under the influence of the contractors, the naïve girl with glasses was not dead.

There were seven people in the conference room, three of whom were seriously injured, and one vital force had already died. The loss of the night raid was hefty.

The atmosphere in the conference room was very dull. The seven people were silently lowered down their heads. Among them, Tatsumi had tears on his face. Bulat had always taken care of Tatsumi. Bulat was an important person who was like his brother in Tatsumi’s mind.

“Tatsumi, I understand how you feel, but this is our destiny. We are assassins; the moment of death is always with us.”

Leone with pale face softly comforted Tatsumi.

“Ok, I know.”

Tatsumi pressed his face by one hand and blew his nose.

“I must revenge my brother.”

Tatsumi ’s fists made cracks, and he hated his incompetence at this time. When the man rushed over with the sword, he was scared by the amazing murderousness. If Bulat did not push him, he would have been a body.


Najenda spat out a cyan smoke, and she wanted to sum up today’s situation.

“Don, don, don.”

Najenda tapped the conference table slightly to attract others.

“I’m gonna sum up today’s events. According to the information obtained from the revolutionary army’s informant, today the man you met named Byakuya, the member of third assassination unit, Esdeath ‘s trusted follower, he was other country’s assassination unit that accepted by Esdeath when she went to the extreme north.

Although he has not followed Esdeath for a long time, with his strength and loyal character, he is trusted by Esdeath, and he is almost inseparable from Esdeath like Esdeath’s personal guard.

Although it is ridiculous to say that Esdeath has a personal guard, as for Byakuya’s strength is not exaggerated to be Esdeath’s guard.

Next, tell me about the information you got personally. The first is Leonard.”

Najenda flicked the ash after finishing her words, though the night raid suffered heavy casualties, this woman was very calm.

Leone took a deep breath.

“I have been fighting the man for about five minutes. During the period, I was attacked by hundreds of sword attack on my body. Every attack is straight through the bones. If Animal King: Lionelle’s restoration is not strong, I will have died. Ordinary people can’t survive over three attacks. Absolutely!

There is also a critical point. If you are seen by the man and tracked by the man, don’t flee to the place with fewer people. Never, you will be done after being followed by the man in the wild, no matter how you escape, you can’t get rid of him, the feeling of being traced is entirely desperate. ”

Leone still felt shudder and felt some wounds that had not healed on her body.

“There is another point. The man’s sword may be poisonous. A kind of poison which is similar to electricity. It is similar to the curse of Akame’s Murasame. It can invade the human body.

If Murasame’s curse kills people, then the ‘Electricity’ on the sword is to bring pain to people, the kind of pain that make you want to kill yourself.”

Leone, who was always brave, stopped after finishing her words, her pupils were shaking.