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R.P Chapter 222: Countermeasures

“That’s it.”

Leone leaned on the seat, looking sideways at Akame, she also fought with Su Xiao before.

“Tell you what I think. The enemy, named Byakuya’s sword skill is very strong and stronger than me.”

Akame’s words surprised several people present.

“His sword skill is better than you?”

Najenda felt somewhat unbelievable. After thinking about for a while, she took out a notebook and began to write and paint on the notebook.

“Yes, better than me. And as Leone said, after being tracked and you should run in the direction with many people, I probably ran across half of the imperial capital, after traveling through two secret passages, then got rid of that man.

The most important point is that I have a strange feeling when I fight against the man. It seems that he has not used his full power. He seems to want to hide something. The Boss said that he was loyal to Esdeath. I was somewhat doubtful. The guy is not like to be loyal to someone, and he may have another purpose. ”

Akame no longer spoke, looking at Mine.

Mine shrugged.

“I didn’t feel too much because I was in the distance, but one thing I can confirm is that the man’s perception is very strong. I couldn’t get a shot on him. Of course, this is related to my lack of sense of crisis at that time. The power of the Roman Artillery is only moderate.”

After three people’s narrations, Najenda knew more about Su Xiao, put down the pen in her hand, the information about Su Xiao was already listed in the notebook.

Najenda said:

“Through my conclusion, the enemy’s ability has the following points.

  1. Stronger than Akame’s sword skills, this is the most difficult to deal with.
  2. A kind of ‘electricity poison’ is on the sword, which can invade the human body and cause great pain.
  3. Tracking ability is very strong.
  4. Strong perception.
  5. He has a lot of combat experience and attacks brutally.
  6. He has an unknown purpose.

The above is all the information, does anyone want to supplement?”

Najenda looked at the six people; they all shook their heads.

“Damn, as this guy’s strength, he will be the second Esdeath, although he is not as horrible as Esdeath in the war, he is stronger than Esdeath in some perspectives, Esdeath does not have the ability to track the enemy for hundreds of kilometers.”

Najenda was very tired and worried. The revolutionary army was about to win, but this kind of strong person suddenly appeared.

“If you meet this man named Byakuya in the future, you need to retreat immediately. After that, I will think of a strategy to deal with him. Recently I have to go out for a few days. My power now is not strong enough to fight against the assassination unit of the imperial capital. It’s time to ask for help.”

The meeting finished, Najenda left overnight.

“Why do we always encounter such an enemy that so strong that makes us desperate, we’re unfortunate.”

Mine stood up to leave after screaming, and several other people sat silently, Akame looked at Murasame in front.

“I will use it next time I meet him, and it doesn’t matter if it backfires.”

Akame picked up Murasame and left. The next time they meet one of them must die, either Akame or Su Xiao, the resentment had already been made. Both of them would try to kill each other.


The next morning, Su Xiao woke up early in the morning.

He habitually sat on a bed to meditate, and it was a habit.

But Su Xiao felt a little different from the past today. He got into the state of meditation in only less than a minute.

After an hour of meditation ended, Su Xiao found out a hint from the reincarnation paradise waiting for him to read surprisingly.

[You have already mastered (the meditation of the heart), you can check it in the skill list.]

Su Xiao scowled, he surprisingly mastered the skills on his own, it seemed that insisting to meditate every day was the right choice, now he got a return.

Opening the skill list, a brand new skill appeared.

Meditation of the heart: Lv.1 (passive)

Skill effect: slightly increasing in perception, willpower, peace of mind, understanding of nature, and so on.

This ability could only be improved by yourself.


The ability was same as the meditation, the reason why did this skill appear was because Su Xiao had reached the level which was recognized by the reincarnation paradise after he meditates for a long period of time, that is, to reach Lv.1.

Su Xiao actually did not care much about how strong the ability of meditation. He mainly used meditation to clear the excess killings on his body, so he could deal with things calmly and won’t be consumed by madness.

Su Xiao killed a lot of people, but he was not mentally destroyed and was very calm. Every time he entered the derivative world, he acted according to the plan.

He could kill, but he must not be tempted by the killings to become a murderer, he killed people to achieve his purpose, acting according to his personal ideas, instead of killing people to kill.

Although those were not very noble, there were essential differences between the two.

He stretched and perceived whether there were other people within one hundred meters. There were not many active people in the morning. He got up to lock the door and close the window.

He got three pieces of Teigu yesterday, but he had not taken out to check it because of too many people there last night. It was a good opportunity now.

Putting three pieces of Teigu in front, Su Xiao found that these three pieces of Teigu could not only be used but also had a high value.

Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin

Category: Ring of the Teigu.

Use demand: If it doesn’t match but still using forcibly, you will get backfired.

Effect: you can control any liquid after contact.

Price: 2% of the sources of the world.


Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac

Category: Axe of the Teigu.

Use demand: If it doesn’t match but still using forcibly, you will get backfired.

Effect: Extremely powerful attack power, it can track enemies insight after throwing.

Price: 1.6% of the sources of the world.


Military Music Dream: Scream

Category: Flute

Use demand: If it doesn’t match but still using forcibly, you will get backfired.

Effect: Playing different songs to control the enemies or companions’ moods and body states.

Price: 1.8% of the sources of the world.


He could not use these three Teigu because he wasn’t a match for them, and the Teigu would also choose the owner.

Su Xiao would use these Teigu for other ways, and he was collecting the materials for the blueprint of revising Teigu.

He had the soul for the main material, and there were three kinds of the item of Teigu.

He only needed one type of biological Teigu and four pieces of the item of Teigu.

In fact, the sub-material only required five pieces of Teigu. But Su Xiao saw the sensitive word of ‘success rate’ on the drawing. If he dares to use five pieces of the item of Teigu to synthesize, then this drawing will not fail probably.

Once it failed, that loss could not be described as painful.

He put away three pieces of Teigu and put on a black trench coat to leave the room.

Last night, Esdeath asked him to wait in the conference room in the palace this morning, she had something to discuss with him.

Su Xiao roughly knew what it was, and the three beasts were dead, Esdeath’s assassination unit became empty, leaving only Su Xiao, in this case, she, of course, needed some new members.

With Esdeath’s position in the imperial capital, the new members for the assassination unit must be Teigu users.

Taking on a carriage to rush to the palace, because this was Esdeath’s carriage, he would not be stopped in the palace.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao arrived at the meeting room they agreed on last night.

As a meeting room in the palace, the area was of course not small, the decoration was magnificent and luxurious, about a few hundred square meters.

In this large room, only a small rectangular conference table was in the center, and there were six seats next to the conference table.

Su Xiao casually found the chair to sit down and put the dragon flash on the conference table in front.

After he thought about where to get the Teigu in the future, he thought of a place that might exist. If he could get there, the amount of the Teigu that the drawing needed could be found.

Crack, someone opened the door to enter the meeting room.