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R.P Chapter 223: Small cookies.

The door of the conference room was open, a tall man with a shirtless upper body and a mask came into the conference room.

The first feeling that tall men gave people was hard to work with. The mask looked very fierce, and it was like to be worn by the interrogator of the assassination unit.

Su Xiao recognized him. This strong man called Bols. Although he was tall with a bit terrible mask, Bols was a shy and introvert man.

Su Xiao looked at Bols’s body, this man with big muscles surprisingly would be shy. It would offend his eyes when Su Xiao thought that the person put his hands in front of his chest with shyness.

The scene was too beautiful to imagine.

Although he was shy, the position that Bols had served was not ‘shy’ at all.

Burning troop, a terrible department which could be compared with the assassination unit, the responsibility of them was to burn the village or town infected with the plague.

The empire would not send doctors to treat the plague, wherever the plague broke out, they would burn, houses, humans, and livestock would be all burnt to coke.

Bols was in the burning troop, and his Teigu was related to fire, Purgatory’s Invitation: Rubicante, a Teigu which was similar to the extinguisher, it could self-destruct at a critical moment.

The way that Bols walked into the conference room was a little embarrassed, and it seemed that he was shy now.

“That… you are Mr. Byakuya, right? Nice to meet you for the first time. I am Bols.”

Bols walked to the front of the conference table.

“Yes, I am.”


Bols scratched his mask, looking for a chair to sit down, he looked cautious, Su Xiao’s momentum was too sharp, which made Bols a little nervous.

There was dead air in the conference room, Bols‘s cheeks under the mask sweated, he sat straightly.

Unlike the conference room with dead air, there was a light footstep came from the corridor outside the meeting.

A 20-year-old young man with a blue hair, he was Wave was also a Teigu user, his Teigu named Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot, armored Teigu which was similar to Bulat’s Teigu Demon Armor: Incursion. Grand Chariot was an upgraded version with better performance.

Wave carried a large bag with fish inside. He was a navy from the fishing village of the empire’s border. This time he deliberately brought souvenirs to the imperial capital. The purpose was to build a good relationship with peers.

Wave clothes were somewhat low, but he was a young man with a sense of justice.

“It’s coming, and it’s closer.”

Wave looked at the door in front of him, and this was the meeting place.

He stood at the door, and Wave couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. His future colleagues were inside the room. He thought of the reminder from the elders in the fishing village that the first impression was very important, ‘I can’t be looked down, I’m going to show them my power.’

Wave took a deep breath and used his full power to open the room.

“Hi, guys! I am from the Navy of the empire…”

Wave tried to shout, but his voice was getting smaller and smaller after speaking because he saw Bols, who was sitting nervously.

The person’s horrible mask made Wave sweat on his forehead.

Wave turned his head stiffly, he saw a pair of cold eyes and trembled.

“Sorry, I went to the wrong place.”

Wave spoke this sentence very quickly, and immediately retreated outside the door, he sat in the corner outside the door.

“It seems that this is the interrogation room, huh, I’m too careless.”

Wave pressed his chest with one hand; the two people in the room were a little scary, especially the cold eyes. How many people did he kill to get that kind of look?
Wave looked up at the number plate and took out a piece of paper in his pocket. He was suddenly stunned.

“Are… those two people are my colleagues??”

Wave’s young mind was stimulated; the cute personality showed completely.

He quietly opened the door.

“Hi…, sorry for bothering.”

Will walked slowly to the seat and just wanted to pull out the seat.

“and many more.”

Su Xiao spoke, Wave’s hand was stiff.


Wave looked at Su Xiao with stun.

“Your fish.”

Su Xiao pointed to the bag at the door of the room.


Wave quickly took the bag of fish back, sat down, put his hands on his thigh, and lowered his head.

Bols, wearing a horrible mask, stared at Wave, who seemed to want initially to talk to Wave, but he was somewhat shy.

Bols’s move scared Wave a lot, Wave’s face was full of sweats.

Su Xiao was more interested in looking at the two.

Wave legs were shaking, he was confident to come to the imperial capital, but now he wanted to go home.

Seeing Wave’s funny appearance, Su Xiao somewhat wanted to laugh, but he was a member of an assassination unit, he must not laugh.

Wave’s strength was actually not weak, but he was somewhat immature to get along with people.

The door was opened again. This time, a beautiful girl with black hair came in. The beautiful girl wore a black student uniform. She had beautiful black hair. Her appearance was beautiful without makeup and had a long sword at her waist.

This long sword was March of the Dead: Yatsufusa, sword Teigu, this sword could record the eight creatures it killed, and summon those creatures in battle, it could summon at most eight creatures, humans and animals both could be summoned.

The creatures that were summoned would not die. Even if the heads are destroyed, they can continue to fight. After they contacted with Yatsufusa, they will become ordinary bodies.

Although this ability was very strong, there were also some weaknesses. After using Yatsufusa to summon creatures, it will temporarily weaken the user’s ability and quickly consume physical strength.

The current user of March of the Dead: Yatsufusa was Kurome who was the girl in front.

Kurome and Akame, how similar the names were, yes, the two were sisters, but their fates were very different.

Akame was much more fortunate than Kurome. The army where Kurome at transformed her by drugs. Now Kurome could continue to fight unless her head was smashed or her heart was crushed, but her body function would collapse to some extent. So it was necessary for her to maintain her body by having medicine.

Kurome was very strong. If Yatsufusa’s full power is used, she will be no problem to fight with all the members of the night raid directly. But because of physical strength, she couldn’t hold it for long.

The biggest feature of Kurome was loving to eat and to protect her food, at this time she was holding a small bag filled with snacks.

Kurome was not shy, and she started eating small cookies after sitting down.

When Wave saw Kurome, he was joyful, and there was finally a normal peer. He immediately got up and walked to Kurome.

“You… hello, my name is Wave…”

Wave hadn’t finished his words yet, Kurome immediately held the bag in front of her with both arms.

“I will not share my snack with you.”

Kurome’s attitude was firm, and she looked at Wave vigilantly.

Wave stunned, she was also an abnormal girl.

“Excuse me……”

Wave returned to the seat listlessly.

Kurome’s dark eyes glanced around until she saw Su Xiao.

Kurome stood up and came to the seat next to Su Xiao to sit down.

“You have fought against my sister. She is Akame, she looks like me, and her pupils are red.”

Kurome held the bag with cookies and picked up pieces of cookies to eat.

“Oh, we fought.”

Kurome’s pupils flashed.

“So… you killed her?”

Because they weren’t in an assassination unit, Kurome only knew the general matter last night.

“In a few centimeters.”

Su Xiao’s answer made confused.

“I will give it to you, and you tell me what happened last night.”

Kurome handed a cookie after she seemed to have made up her mind.