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R.P Chapter 224: Simultaneous targets

“I met the night raid at noon yesterday, we fought, and I stabbed your sister’s heart position with the sword. She didn’t die; that’s it.”

Kurome nodded and continued to eat cookies.

“You are strong, and you surprisingly can fight with my sister.”

Two people walked into the room while Kurome was talking.

Run, a warm man with a blond hair, he was a teacher, got the Teigu upon the opportunity: Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema, this was a Tiegu with wings which could fly and shoot feathers.

Another person was Dr. Stylish, a homosexual scientist who liked to pursue fashion, and his Teigu was Glorious Hands of God: Perfector, it could do precise actions by fingers for hundreds of time.

Dr. Stylish was good at doing scientific research, but he was overconfident in the battle. He was blindly confident to fight with all the members of a night raid and eventually died.

There were six seats in the conference room, now six people had gathered.

The six people were Su Xiao, Wave, Kurome, Bols, Dr. Stylish, and Run.

After the death of the three beasts, this was Esdeath’s new assassination unit, new assassination unit was established mainly for dealing with the night raid.

After the sixth arrived, Bols got up and walked out of the conference room. After a while, he surprisingly took a few cups of tea.

Bols showed his character at this time, he first apologized to everyone, as the oldest person, he did not say a word till now.

He put a cup of tea in front of Su Xiao, he nodded and said please take care of me afterward, Su Xiao nodded.

Looking out of the door, he perceived Esdeath’s existence, the female general hiding there for a long time.


The door was pushed open rudely, Esdeath with a mask entered the room.

“What are you doing here?”

Esdeath growled, five of the six people stood up. Su Xiao yawned. This is the Esdeath‘s test to the newcomers. He was not a newcomer.

“Hey, we are asked to gather here…”

Wave first stepped forward, the boy from the fishing village was rustic.


Esdeath lifted her leg and kicked Wave to fly for a few rounds, Bols found the situation weird and also rushed forward.

But Bols’s Teigu was not around, and he was certainly knocked down to the ground.

The rest of the three did not move, Run was more stable, and he vaguely guessed something.

Dr. Stylish and Kurome recognized that it was Esdeath; both of them were in the troops near the imperial capital.

They didn’t fight with Esdeath initially, but it didn’t mean that Esdeath would not take the initiative to do it.

Esdeath did not wear weapons, nor used the Teigu, and the three began to fight closely.

Less than a minute, Run had the same result with Wave, Dr. Stylish’s fighting power was weaker than his usual power; he was quickly knocked down, leaving only one Kurome.

“Don’t you attack?”

Kurome looked at Su Xiao, and this girl was smart.

“You solve it yourself…”

Su Xiao had not been finished his words, Esdeath kicked on him.

Su Xiao grabbed the dragon flash on the conference table by one hand and turned to retreat.

“Ha, laziness is a good habit.”

Esdeath rushed to Su Xiao, and she did not bring weapons or use the ice ability of the Teigu at this time.

Su Xiao raised the dragon flash which was in the sheath, Esdeath suddenly stopped.

“You’re too serious, and I almost have a headache. The flaws in your character are not correct at the time.”

Esdeath rushed forward again. She knew that if Su Xiao pulls out the knife, she can’t get any benefit, and she just was angry because she wanted Su Xiao to be serious, but Su Xiao was too serious and almost wanted to pull out the sword.

Looking around, Esdeath knew the test could be finished, and these new subordinates were not weak without using Teigu.

Esdeath took off the mask and looked at the few people in the conference room with a smile in her eyes.

”You perform well.”

A few people in the room were surprised when they saw Esdeath.

“General Esdeath!”

After hearing this title, Wave, who was lying on the ground, was desperate, and his boss was not normal as well.

“All put on formal clothes, and I will take you to meet the emperor, then have a party.”

Esdeath threw the mask in her hand.

“General, I may not be able to see the emperor temporarily.”

Su Xiao spoke, Esdeath looked at Su Xiao with doubts.

“The last night, I killed the minister’s man.”

Esdeath understood.

“Well, that’s true, but you did nice, you can come to the party.”


Su Xiao sat in the conference room and saw the six people went far.

Now that he could enter the palace freely, the timing of completing the mainline task was not good now, and the situation had not been chaotic enough.

It is necessary to make the situation chaotic before the action, the contractors of the empire and the night raid unit had not moved. He needed to be careful.

Su Xiao began to plan carefully in his mind. Maybe he needed to leave the palace for a few days, and it was to make the situation chaotic and to prepare the Teigu that the drawing needed. If the plan goes smooth, the two can be done simultaneously.

After Esdeath took the other five people to see the little emperor and held a small party at her house that night, in fact, it was just having a meal, not a party which was letting the new members be familiar with each other. The fish brought by Wave was very delicious.

During this meal, Su Xiao saw how exaggerated that Kurome protected food, if some food she likes and other people dare to eat, she will stare at the person with the watery pupils.

Jaegers was established today with seven members, and the leader as Esdeath. The main target was the night raid.

Jaegers was just established. Esdeath did not immediately assign tasks. Instead, she gave all members a few days off to let the members of Jaegers familiarize the imperial capital, and it could make future actions more convenient.

After dinner, Su Xiao went to the third assassination unit, and the three beasts were dead. He became the chief here. This was unexpected luck.

Of course, the men in the third assassination unit were not obedient to Su Xiao, Su Xiao did not care; he only needed some information.


Around eight o’clock that night, Su Xiao came to a restaurant, he sat down after ordering some food and wine which looked like feeling upset.

His goal was the owner of the grocery store in the opposite, and he was not to kill him but to monitor him.

The long monitoring began, Su Xiao keenly perceived every guest that the owner of the grocery store contacted until the owner met a middle-aged woman before the store closed.

“Mrs. Angel, what do you need?”

“I ran out of the salt at home.”

“I got it, and there is some nice salt in the store…”

The two were chatting, but what Su Xiao focused on was not in the conversation. The unintentional gesture between Mrs. Angel and the owner of the grocery store was what he cared.

Five minutes later, Mrs. Angel left, Su Xiao also left the restaurant.

With Su Xiao’s tracing ability, Mrs. Angel, who was very sensitive, could not discover it.

Mrs. Angel was a housewife. After she went home, she cooked for her husband and son. Su Xiao observed this scene on the roof in the opposite to her house.

At about one o’clock in the morning, Mrs. Angel went out of her home and looked hurried.

Su Xiao smiled on the roof, he was lucky, he found the right person after following four targets.

Mrs. Angel walked on the street and looked around from time to time. After confirming that no one was tracking her, Mrs. Angel went out of the imperial capital.

Su Xiao tracked Mrs. Angel in distant. His goal this time was not simple; he needed to deal with it carefully.

Mrs. Angel talked to the man with black clothes in the suburb of the imperial capital. The two men left quickly after saying a few words, the man with black clothes ran into the forest.

Su Xiao gave up on following Mrs. Angel and turned to track the man with black clothes.

In this way, Su Xiao began patient to follow, the man with black clothes talked to other people again. Su Xiao changed the target to follow from one to another one.

It took two days and changed nine goals. Su Xiao arrived at the destination, a huge old castle hidden in the forest in the deep part of the mountain.

It was very likely that the headquarter of the Revolutionary Army!

It seemed that Su Xiao found the headquarter of the Revolutionary Army easily. He was definitely the best one at tracking in Akame Ga Kill world.