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R.P Chapter 225: Will

“Chu, chu.”

The forest at night was the beasts’ territory. Various carnivores wandered in the woods, the poisonous insects and mouse also came out of the nest.

Su Xiao sat on a trunk, the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was in a blaze, a large group of guards patrolled near the headquarters.

The revolutionary army had its uniform, and the troop was neat, it didn’t look like a loose troop but a troop with abundant combat experience.

After observing for an hour, Su Xiao found that the number of people of the revolutionary army to patrol was more than one hundred. Behind the huge old castle was a large military camp. It looked like a troop had at least more than two thousand people.

This was only a resident troop. If the troops near the headquarters are fully mobilized, there will be at least tens of thousands of people.

Su Xiao did not dare to look down the army with this kind of scale, and the army marched in step and with long weapons was different from the ghouls. Once he was trapped in the troops, he would die in five minutes.

Su Xiao was preparing to sneak into the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army. The goal was to collect the Teigu, destroy them, and leave traces to make them think the imperial troop had come.

The revolutionary army had only two choices when the headquarters was found, and one was to attack the imperial capital, the second was to retreat.

At this time, the revolutionary army had already prepared to fight with the Empire, so it was unlikely for the headquarters to change the location at this time.

If the scale of the revolutionary army is not large now, it will be no problems for the headquarters to move, but now the revolutionary army had a prototype of a national organization with the troops of nearly one million people. If they relocate this time, it will demoralize heavily, so the revolutionary army would only fight with the empire quicker.

Su Xiao wanted this to happen.

Once the two sides started the war, the outer wall of the imperial capital would be the defensive line. Esdeath’s army must fight with them. The two had similar strengths, and the war would last from half a month to two or three months.

The imperial capital in the war was the ideal imperial capital. Su Xiao would not forget another general with strong strength in the palace.

Jumping from the tree, Su Xiao’s figure disappeared in the dark forest.

Ten minutes later, in the military camp behind the Revolutionary Army headquarters.

Su Xiao concealed his breath and sneaked into the military camp. He wanted to kidnap a small leader in an army to understand the general situation of the revolutionary army headquarters. If he sneaks into it without knowing anything, he will die soon.

The position of the person who was going to be kidnapped should not be too high, but should not be too low.

He could not kidnap the soldiers who were patrolling in the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, and the Revolutionary Army is not easy to deal with, a soldier who was patrolling suddenly disappeared would be found out soon.

Soldiers who had already rested behind were different, at least no one would find out until tomorrow morning.

After avoiding the patrol unit in the military camp, Su Xiao began to perceive and check around every tent.

He was finding a military officer in a medium position needed skills; they had logos on the military uniform of the Revolutionary Army, fortunately.

Soon Su Xiao selected the target, after injecting an anesthetic drug and got into the tent to kidnap the person, the action was done smoothing which cost at most two minutes.


The hands and the feet of the middle-aged man with pajamas were tied up, and his mouth was blocked, he struggled on the ground, the leaves were on his body.

“You don’t have to struggle. It’s at least one kilometer from the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army. Unless you are a lion, they can’t hear you.”

Because there were trees covered, even if he screamed with full strength, the sound would only go for a few hundred meters away, even his sound was loud the half-mile would be the limit, so Su Xiao took away the rags in the middle-aged officer’s mouth.

“The empires… assassination unit.”

The middle-aged officer’s voice was rusty, and his lips were trembling. He knew how miserable he would be after being kidnapped by the assassination unit, especially if the person wanted to get information from him.

“Don’t be nervous, although I have a bad habit of killing people, and I don’t have the hobby to torture people. Answer me a few questions, and I will let you die soon.”

It was the most stupid behavior to let people alive after you kidnapped the, especially he would sneak into the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army later.

“I, I won’t say anything, wait, when we overthrow the empire, the assassination unit will not have good results.”

The middle-aged officer tried to bite his tongue, but Su Xiao just looked at him with a smile and did not stop him.

He will not die after biting the tongue. The middle-aged office also knew this, but he feared that he could not hold under assassination unit’s torturing, so he abandoned the ability to speak.

Su Xiao did not care whether he could speak if he cannot say, cannot he write? The officer may be brave and good at war, but he was not professional at in the interrogation.


After a stuffy sound, the middle-aged officer’s mouth bleed, the tears, and snot went out together, biting his tongue was more painful than he imagined, he only gave up when he bit out one-third of the tongue.

“Go on, and I appreciate your heroic behavior. If you can successfully bite your tongue, I will just let you die directly. There are thousands of people in your military camp. I will, at most, kidnap another person. I don’t believe that everyone in the revolutionary army is so brave.”

The middle-aged officer’s sight of darkening, the pain had already made him unable to judge.

“Spark Priesterry, this name is really long, huh? Do you live in a nearby village? You have a daughter, two sons, and the eldest son is in the army as well.”

Su Xiao threw away the information in his hand, which he just found in the tent.

“This photo is your family, right? What will happen if I go to your home?”

Su Xiao put a photo in front of the middle-aged officer. The middle-aged officer was very unstable. He screamed for a few times. The angry flame in his eyes seemed to burn Su Xiao to die.

“I don’t know whether you have not heard a sentence. The most important thing for a family is to die neatly. What do you think? Terry.”

Middle-aged officer, Terry’s body, became stiff.

“Not, not right.”

Terry’s voice was unclear, biting his tongue made him speak unclearly.

“Or we work in this way. I ask questions, you answer. If you don’t agree with me, I will kill you eldest son now, and if you lie, I will kill your wife, you tell half of the truth, I will kill your daughter. Hey, your daughter is pretty, then I won’t kill her.”

Terry’s was desperate.

“I, I said.”

Terry was a farmer before becoming a revolutionary army. He became a small captain with the mind of daring to fight. Under Su Xiao’s mental attacks, Terry was frightened.

Su Xiao did not touch Terry from the beginning, and he was not good at torturing the enemy’s flesh; he was better at destroying the enemy’s will.

“It’s the best.”

Su Xiao tore the photo in his hand when he was talking, Terry’s sights were full of excitement. This may mean that Su Xiao would not go to hurt his family.

Simple desperation could only make people numb, but if there is a little hope in desperation, it will be different.

“How many people are at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army? I mean everyone, including people for cooking and doing odds and ends.”

Terry’s mouth opened and closed, and he didn’t say anything for a long time.

“Wait for me for ten minutes, and I will let you see your eldest son.”

“12,000 people.”

Terry screamed, and there were some water came out of his mouth. At this time, Terry kept apologizing in his mind.

‘for my family, for my family…’

Terry repeated this sentence in his mind to reduce the guilt.

“I don’t really believe in you, and I should still bring your eldest son here.”

Su Xiao walked slowly toward the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army.

“Really, it is 12,000 people. Right, right. More than 9,000 people are out. They will return at noon tomorrow. The remaining 2000 are resident troops. There are probably 900 officials. Believe in me, and I don’t lie to you.

You bastard, come back, don’t go to the military camp! ”

In the end, Terry almost screamed out.

“Oh? Then forget it, let’s continue.”