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R.P Chapter 226: The special key

“Is there any Teigu user in the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army?”

Terry nodded.

“How many people?”

”Most of Teigu users do their tasks outside, and there are only one Teigu users at the headquarters.”


“Firing the city, melting the steel, fire sword…”

Terry began to describe the ability of the Teigu, and it would be not difficult to sell out his companions after he spoke.

“One Teigu user and the troop with two thousand men? It seems that I have to be careful.”

Su Xiao generally understood the situation of the Revolutionary Army headquarters.

“Where is the Teigu storehouse of the revolutionary army, how can I enter it?”

Terry’s head lowered, it seemed that he was thinking about something.

“I have a request. If you promise me, I will tell you all the information I know. I also know these things by chances.”

Terry’s eyes shined, something called humanity was going to appear.

“Say it.”

“I need money, a lot of money, you are a member of the assassination unit, you should have a lot of money, or money is just a concept for you.”


Su Xiao threw a bag of gems to Terry. Terry smiled bitterly.

“I know, I will die, I don’t need these things, I want to give this money to my wife.”

Su Xiao looked curious.

”Don’t you fear that I will kill them?”


Terry laughed.

“In this kind of world, what will they happen if I die? My son is just an ordinary soldier. My daughter is so beautiful that many people covet. It will be different with money. Only money can solve the problems.”

Terry’s face distorted. He hated this world and this unfair world.


Su Xiao simply answered.

“I don’t believe in you.”

Su Xiao was stunned.

“You have no choice, and I don’t have much patience.”


Terry began to describe the situation he knew. He was a good father, not a good soldier. Loyalty and allegiance could not exist both from ancient times, no giving no gains.

Terry gave up his faith and chose his family. This was humanity, not a shameful thing.

“I am just a little leader, and I don’t know much.”

“It’s enough.”

Dragon flash appeared in his hands, and the moonlight illuminated the blade, the long sword cut through the night sky, bright red blood splashed out.


Terry fell to the ground, and the blood squirted out from his throat.

It was late at night, and it had a good show in this old-growth forest where no one had been here for a long time.

Su Xiao picked up the bag of gems which was stained by the blood. He only cut one knife from the beginning was to kill Terry.

Terry’s strength was too weak, and he did not drop the treasure chest, killing him only added 2 points of his mana values.

Walking out of the old-growth forest, Su Xiao began to find the flaws of the patrol team.

Half an hour later, a figure appeared from the forest, just as the time that patrol team changed shifts.

Thirty seconds later, the patrol teams around the old castle increased.

Su Xiao was on the roof of the old castle. This old castle was at least forty meters high.

It was impossible to sneak into the main entrance. Su Xiao looked down and quickly found a window which was opened.

Under the night, Su Xiao climbed on the outer wall of the castle like a gecko, after confirming the terrain inside the window he turned his body to get in.

This was a corridor, Su Xiao ran to the direction of the stairs after checking at the floor.

This storehouse was in the basement. If he wants to enter Teigu storehouse, it will not work by opening it forcibly. The sound would alarm the revolutionary army inside the old castle. He had another strategy.

Su Xiao’s current situation was actually very dangerous. Once he was discovered, it would be surrounded by the Revolutionary Army.

Su Xiao, who was in the corridor, suddenly stopped, he jumped up on the wall aside and grabbed the chandelier lamp on the roof.

“How is your wife recently, she’s going to deliver a baby, right?”

“You little guy, there are still two months, don’t be single, I see Tess who is in the logistics department often winks at you, won’t you…”

A burst of laughter came; this was a patrol team with six members.

The patrol team quickly passed through the corridor, and they did not find out a person at their tops for five meters.


A slight sound came, a member of the patrol team looked up with doubts, and eventually found nothing.

At this time, Su Xiao ran quickly on the stairs. The chandelier had not been repaired for a long time just made sounds, but fortunately, he responded quickly enough.

On the third floor of the old castle, Su Xiao perceived whether there were guards in the corridor.

The corridor was quiet, and the patrol team just passed through here, the situation of the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was only intense outside.

Su Xiao walked silently through the corridor, like the elf in the night. “Thirteenth room, fourteenth room, here.”

Su Xiao came to a room with a small piece of hemp rope and wire, which was as long as two fingers.

Crack, crack, crack.

The door was opened, Su Xiao sneaked into the room.

“Who is it? It’s midnight now.”

A lazy girl’s sound came; she sounded young.

Su Xiao rushed to the sound source and put himself into a big bed.


The short and low voice came, Su Xiao used a pillow to press on the short figure’s head.

The short figure was obviously frightened and struggled in the comforter.

It made sense that the girl was sleeping was waken up at midnight after being suddenly pressed by people. She could not be described as having good mental quality.

She struggled for a while; the woman under the pillow did not move, Su Xiao took the pillow away, this woman could not die.

He checked her breath, and she was not dead.

The white moonlight shined into the room; the girl who passed out was beautiful and short.

She looked like seventeen or eight years old, but her height was only about one meter forty.

Su Xiao took out an anesthetic to inject her. After carrying this girl, he began to sneak into Revolutionary Army’s basement.

On the first floor of the old castle, the guards here were obviously more, and there were a few guards standing at the entrance.

The light of the fire shined the first floor of the old castle, Su Xiao, who was carrying a half-naked girl, escaped several guards.

From the position of the stairs to the left side of the first floor, this was the stairs to the basement.

Su Xiao’s index finger pressed on the ground to perceive the situation below.

“One, two, three… twelve guards?”

It could not obviously work by breaking into it, and if he kills one by one knife, his plan will fail when these guards just screamed.

Su Xiao took out a gas mask to put on his face. After perceiving the direction of the wind, he poured a bottle of black medicine on the ground.


White smoke appeared, this was also an anesthetic, which was different from the one that was dealt with the prince in the extreme north.

That one was colorless and odorless, but the effect was a little slow, it was not suitable to use now. When some of the twelve guards fell down first, others would immediately find out.

This medicine’s effect was faster and was suitable to use now, but it had a pungent smell.

“What is this..?”

Boom, boom, the sound of falling down incessantly came.

Su Xia walked down the stairs after waiting for a minute. Soon, a huge metal door appeared in front of him.

If he wants to destroy this metal door quickly, he could only enter it through the normal way unless he had bombs with super strong power. However, the normal way was somewhat weird, and the key could not open the door.