Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 227: Robbing others’ treasure house

Standing in front of the metal door, Su Xiao began to check the structure of the door.

The entire metal door was very firm with a lot of gears and traps.

“It seems that the guy didn’t lie.”

Su Xiao put down the girl on his shoulder and lifted the girl’s thin arm to put into the hole in the metal door.


The gears on the metal door began to work, and the metal door gradually rose after a few seconds.

This thing was not just a door, and it was a Shingu.

The so-called Shingu was fake Teigu, it imitated Teigu’s crafts, but compared with Teigu, Shingu’s ability was much worse.

After Teigu appeared for four hundred years, an emperor wanted to make Teigu again, but he finally made a fake Teigu which was worse than Teigu.

The emperor felt the shame of this, so he hid all the Shingu. After a few hundred years, the empire took out to use these Shingu due to the war.

The door in front was a kind of Shingu, called Mosenia forever strong door, only this Shingu’s user could open it.

The girl who was kidnapped by Su Xiao was this Shingu’s user. It was difficult to open this door without this girl, only crude way to open it.

He perceived the situation around which was safe, but he was not urged to enter the revolutionary army’s Teigu storehouse.

Su Xiao’s eyes slightly opened, he lowered his body to look into the basement, some wires which were hard to notice were scattered throughout the basement.

He took out a package of powder, Su Xiao spilled the powder into the basement.

A red mist spread in the basement and gradually fell to the ground, hundreds of red wires appeared.

It would trigger the alarm when he touched these red wires. These wires should be able to be removed. The little leaver that he just caught may not know the presence of such wires, Su Xiao just discovered it.

It was fortunate that he could understand that ‘Bosnia forever strong door’, he could be not too greedy.

He carefully observed the wires in the basement, Su Xiao found a gap in the wires.

There was a wooden table with several Teigu in the center of the basement.

He lowered his body and climbed through the wires, now he will expose if he is careless.

As time went by, Su Xiao slowly approached the wooden table in the basement, which was a very delicate job.

Ten meters, five meters, three meters.

Su Xiao walked to the front of the wooden table. At this time there were dense wires around his body. If he slightly moves, his body will touch the wires.

Su Xiao could touch the Teigu on the wooden table by raising his hands, but things didn’t go so smoothly.

The Teigu was placed on the wooden table was entwined with a lot of wires; it will definitely trigger the alarm if he just picks the Teigu up.

Su Xiao had other methods, and he just went through the room full of infrared, not to mention these metal wires.

Before entering the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao had the habit of carrying some tools, not to mention that he had the storage space now.

Taking out a plier which was as big as a palm and many other tools, Su Xiao began to remove the alarm system in the room.

The alarm system must be triggered by these wires. He had just tried, as long as he didn’t pull these wires too hard, it would be fine.

The source of the alarm system was in the wall, and he could give up on this; that was, he could only make changes on the wires.

He cut every metal wire by hands and fixed the wires together. After five minutes, he got the first Teigu.

Su Xiao did not check the Teigu’s function and directly put it away. There were five Teigus on the wooden table; there was also a biological Teigu among them, which made him happy.

As long as there was no mistake, he could collect all the items that the drawing needed today.

Su Xiao’s fingers were flexible and stable, Teigus was put into the storage space by him one by one.

Two pieces, three pieces, four pieces.

Su Xiao looked at the last Teigu, which was the biological Teigu, the biological Teigu was put in a medium-sized test tube which was filled with an aqua solution.

Because its size was large, the Teigu was twined with the largest amount of the metal wires. He tried to open this test tube and directly took out the biological Teigu, but the test tube was sealed.

Other Teigu were at most twined with a dozen metal wires, but this test tube, which was a half meter high, was twined with tens of metal wires.

He moved his fingers which were somewhat sore, Su Xiao continued after breathing deeply.

This was the Teigu storehouse of the Revolutionary Army. The guards outside the door may change from time to time. He had entered the basement for an hour.

He could stay for at most two hours, which was planned by Su Xiao previously.

He could take risks, but he couldn’t take risks without plans. It was not worth to lose his life for a biological Teigu.

He broke the wires one by one and the time slipped through his fingers.

Half an hour later, there were three metal wires on the test tube.

Crack, he cut off the last wire and fixed it. Su Xiao pressed on the test tube by his hands, the test tube disappeared.

Su Xiao slowly treated from the basement; those dense metal wires in the basement could not stop him.

He breathed a long sigh of relief after reaching the door of the basement, and this made him more tired than having a fight.

Su Xiao pressed his forehead a bit because he had to perceive the surrounding while he was removing the traps in the basement. Doing too many things at the same time made him very tired.

The perception of the surrounding began to be blurred. Su Xiao knew that this was the aftereffect of running out of the energy. He could recover after taking a rest, and he had experienced this situation before.

His perception was somewhat recovered, Su Xiao had pupils constrictions for a while.

Someone came and ran straight to the basement. What’s more terrible was that there was only one way to the basement; he even did not have the place to hide in the smooth steel wall.

He turned his head to look at the basement, and he shook his head because if he returns to the basement, he will be caught.

Run out directly! And he needed to run in a hurry.

Dragon flash appeared in his hand, Su Xiao looked up at the top of the stairs; the enemy was approaching.

A royal aunt with a white hair walked out from the corner, and there were several officers of the Revolutionary Army next to her.

Su Xiao rushed to the steps, and he could not waste any second.


Su Xiao, who was running, looked at the royal aunt with a white hair, he actually met Najenda, the head of the night raid.

Najenda was stunned after seeing Su Xiao, and her eyes popped out of her head.


Najenda bit her teeth tightly, just wanted to scream, Su Xiao had rushed forward.

At this moment, Su Xiao would not talk nonsense with his enemies.


Najenda had not finished her scream, Su Xiao’s long sword had already come to cut down, Najenda stepped back subconsciously.


The blood was splashed on Su Xiao’s body; the soldiers of the revolutionary army stood in front of Najenda were already killed.

Several soldiers of the revolutionary arm subconsciously rushed forward to protect Najenda, and silver sword light flashed, limbs splashed, several people were suddenly killed, Su Xiao rushed to the front of Najenda, Najenda’s speed was very slow and seemed to be a little weak.

dragon flash cut through the air, the sword light was noticeable abnormally in the moonlight.


Najenda was slashed into two sections from the lower abdomen. Su Xiao was standing on the steps and could only cut at Najenda’s waist.

Najenda, who was attacked, slammed into the ground.


Najenda was not screaming, but deliberately yelling to attract the attention of other soldiers’ of the revolutionary army. Under Su Xiao’s sword, she had no time to speak.

Su Xiao came to the front of Najenda. Although she must die, he still could not let her continue to yell, and he needed to solve her as soon as possible.


A loud sound came from above, a man who was naked broke the ceiling and jumped down from it, the person who was the humanoid creature which was in the testing stage, The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo.