Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 228: Synthesis.

The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo was a humanoid creature Teigu, mainly responsible for taking care of the owner and serving as a guard.

Najenda got the right of using this Teigu after returning to the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army this time. Susanoo was in the testing stage. Otherwise, he would follow the owner inseparably.

The reason why did Najenda come to the basement was to find the girl who was responsible for managing Teigu. Najenda found that the girl was not in the room when she was in her room, and the bedding in the room was neat. She thought that the girl might do a routine inspection in the basement.

After all, Teigu was stored in the basement, checking it every morning was necessary.

When she arrived at the entrance of the basement, Najenda met Su Xiao.

The fate was so wonderful, Najenda found Su Xiao who sneaked into the headquarters, but she lost her life because of this.

Susanoo blocked in front of Najenda, after seeing Najenda’s injuries, Susanoo knew that his owner was going to die.

“Susanoo…the last order, drag…”

The arm that Najenda raised slammed heavily on the ground, Susanoo slammed to the ground as well. After the owner died, the biological Tiegu would lose energy.

[You killed Najenda.]

[Najenda is a key figure in the plot, gaining 3.9% of the sources of the world, and now you have a total of 12.2% of the sources of the world.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 13 points of mana values, the current mana values are 517 points.]

When the remainder of the reincarnation paradise appeared, Su Xiao had already picked up the treasure chest that Najenda dropped and ran far away.

Although Susanoo was a Teigu, Su Xiao did not look at it at all.

The headquarters of the Revolutionary Army was like a hive that had been stabbed, the screams, sirens, and horns of the army were connected.

Su Xiao quickly ran in the corridor to look for a window, and he finally found a window after running for a dozen meters away.

He suddenly broke through the window and rushed to the forest a few hundred meters away.

“The enemy is there! Everyone chases him at full speed.”

The army which was assembled incompletely swarmed up and surrounded Su Xiao with inverted U shape.

But how could these ordinary soldiers run faster than Su Xiao, although these soldiers were closer to the forest, when Su Xiao ran a dozen meters away from the forest, only a few dozen soldiers were in front of Su Xiao.

Su Xiao rushed straightly through it and ignored the soldiers’ reach weapons.

Rushing to the front of dozens of soldiers, Su Xiao opened the attached skill of the blue pendant [Mikasa’s mind] asylum.

Asylum (active): Quickly form an invisible shield to escape the attack. The shield’s durability was equivalent to 70% of the owner’s maximum life value, and it could last for 10 seconds.

A layer of transparent light shell appeared around his body, and he ignored the soldiers’ attacks, the dragon flashes in his hand quickly cut.

Puchi, Puchi.

The blood poured out, Su Xiao only attacked not defended. The shield formed by ‘the asylum’ blocked all the attacks from soldiers’ weapons.

Crack, crack…

The crisp sounds were connected, the palms of the soldiers who attacked Su Xiao were numb.

The durability of the shield had dropped by more than half through these attacks, which showed the horror of the military team.

Of course, Su Xiao only attacked, which also had an influence on this.

Where Su Xiao went through were full of screams and sorrows, he cut out a bloody path in the dozens of soldiers, a bloody path to escape.

He cut to kill the last soldier in front of him by one knife, Su Xiao rushed into the forest. The durability of the shield was only two points left.

The hurry footsteps came behind him; thousands of soldiers formed a military team.

If Su Xiao is slower for a few seconds, he will be surrounded by the military team.

“Thief, don’t think about escaping.”

A young man with a long sword followed Su Xiao to rush into the forest. The young man held a long red sword; the temperature of the long sword was not low.

Thousands of soldiers also entered the forest, and the sky had already gotten bright.

“This is……”

A girl with a long hair ate a lollipop walked out of the Revolutionary Army headquarters, and she wore headphones and a uniform with British style.

“Chelsea, track the enemy quickly, the specific situation is still unknown, but I just heard Najenda scream.”

An old soldier of the revolutionary army came quickly, and he was in the top position of the revolutionary army.

“Hey, I only came back less than an hour.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Najenda may be killed.”

Chelsea’s pretty face became stiff.

“Najenda was killed?”

Chelsea felt somewhat unbelievable.

“I’m not sure, go ahead, your tracking ability is the strongest, you have to catch the enemy, don’t think about catching him, bring his body back directly.”

“I got it.”

Chelsea opened the cosmetic case she brought and took out a few pieces of cosmetics in her fingers.


After a white smoke appeared, Chelsea became a cat, yes, it was a cat.

Chelsea was the Teigu user of the Revolutionary Army. The Teigu was Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation, she could become anything according to her own wishes.

“Be careful.”

An old soldier of the revolutionary army warned her.

Chelsea, who became a cat, nodded, the cat’s nose twitched and walked into the forest while waving her tail.

In the forest.

Su Xiao quickly walked through the trees. It was dangerous, this time. It was not difficult to sneak into the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army. His perception slacked for a while. Otherwise, this kind of situation would not happen.

He was unfortunate. He was just too tired and drifted off for a little while, but Najenda surprisingly came at this time.

All these things had passed, Su Xiao was now successfully got away from troubles, the army behind could not catch up with him.

One thing made Su Xiao very concerned. A young man was chasing not far behind him. The young man looked ordinary, but the sword in his hand was good.

Su Xiao perceived his distance from the army, his footsteps slowed down to keep the speed that the army could not catch up, but the young man could.

The race started, two hours later, the army behind disappeared completely, and the young man’s footsteps slowed down.

Su Xiao suddenly stopped, holding dragon flash and looking behind.

“Huh, huh, you, thief, finally can’t run away.”

The young man breathed heavily, and he pointed at Su Xiao with the long red sword in his hand.


Su Xiao stepped on the ground, the soil splashed, he had already rushed to the front of the young man before the soil landed.

The young man subconsciously put the sword in front of him, Su Xiao’s pace of rushing forward suddenly stopped. His figure appeared on the side of the young man after he moved to the side.

The young man’s mouth opened wide, and he seemed that was somewhat unable to believe this scene, the sight was like to say is this possible?


Dragon flash went straight into the young man’s side rib and got out from the shoulder on the other side.

“It’s impossible……”

The young man slammed into the ground, and there was no treasure chest appeared.

[You killed Jerry Yates]

[Your talent ‘psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 4 points of mana values, and the current mana values are 521 points.]

As a Teigu user, he did not have the sources of the world. He should be the weak one that has just acquired a Teigu. The strongmen of the revolutionary army were all in night raid…

Although the young man did not drop the treasure chest, the Teigu fell to the ground.

Su Xiao picked it up and checked its attributes, and he nodded with satisfaction.

People in Akame Ga Kill world could directly take the Teigu after killing the Teigu user, but they could not bring those Teigu, if the attributes match, they can use in this world, and the Teigu will become the sources of the world when they are about to going back to the reincarnation paradise.

If you want to get the Tegiu that can take away from Akame Ga Kill world, you need to get it from the treasure chest after killing the Teigu user.

He put the long sword away and continued to move forward, and he was also very tired after he ran for such a long time. It could be described as he was physically and mentally exhausted.

After he kept running for three hours, Su Xiao was completely safe. This army could not be caught up with him in this kind of distance. During this period, he not only covered his footprints along the way but also swam through a river to cover his smell.

According to the map he obtained in the third assassination unit, Su Xiao found a small town.

It was not too far from the capital city. The population in the town was large, but it was not prosperous. The lives of the residents were somewhat hard up.

He found a hotel in the town, Su Xiao took a shower after getting a room. Although he was still tired, the whole person refreshed a lot.

He sat on the bed and took out the Teigu he got this time, six pieces of Teigu.

Five pieces were obtained in the basement of the Revolutionary Army, and he got one by killing the young man who chased him.

Su Xiao took out the “blueprint for revising the Teigu” and took out three pieces of Teigu in the storage space. He was ready to start synthesis.

“What will I get in the end, don’t let me down.”