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R.P Chapter 229: Situation

Su Xiao took out [the blueprint for revising Teigu and put the drawing on the bed.

The first was the two blanks of the main material.

The first blank was to put a biological Teigu, Su Xiao looked at the test tube placed on the bed.

The test tube was about a half meter high, and it was filled with an aqua solution. A white puppy doll was soaked in the solution.

This was the capital’s Teigu, named Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires, the user was a military girl named Seryu Ubiquitous, a member of Jaeger in the original plot.

This Teigu appeared in the revolutionary army, indicating that Seryu Ubiquitous was dead.

In the original plot, Seryu Ubiquitous confronted with Sheele and other people in the night raid. In the end, Seryu Ubiquitous won, the night raid defeated, Sheele died, and other people fled.

Now, it was Seryu Ubiquitous died. Sheele was still alive, and it must be intervened by contractors.

Su Xiao took out dragon flash to cut open the top of the test tube and pulled out the puppy doll. The puppy which was forty centimeters long was motionless and obviously did not match with Su Xiao’s attribute.

Look at the properties of Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires, the price of this thing was as high as 3% of the sources of the world.

Su Xiao put Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires on the main place of the “blueprint of revising Teigu.”

[Yes/No, put ‘Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires ‘ into the ‘blueprint of revising Teigu’, which could not be taken back after filling in.]

He chose yes, Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires in his hand gradually shrank, finally the main space of “blueprint of revising Teigu” appeared an image of a puppy.

In addition to the biological Teigu, it also needed the spirit of dangerous species. Su Xiao also had. He took out the spirit of the giant wolf Fenrir.

It was also filled into the “blueprint of revising Teigu”, this time there were two cute version images, one was a wolf, and one was a dog.

What will a wolf and a dog equal? Wolf dog? Su Xiao was not clear, but he vaguely had a bad feeling.

Recollection, Su Xiao waited the extent of matching of the two which was judged by [blueprint of revising Teigu], only the degree of matching was more than 60% could continue to synthesize.

[Judging the degree of matching]…

[Drop, The degree of matching of ‘Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires’ and ‘Fenrir’s spirit’ is 96%, there is no rejection, the success rate is greatly improved.]

This result made Su Xiao surprisingly happy, and now he only needed to fill in the accessory materials.

Su Xiao obtained a total of six Teigu this time, leaving biological Teigu he still had five pieces.

He also obtained three Teigu in the capital city before. He had eight Teigu now.

The position of the accessory material could be filled in at most seven pieces of Teigu, and he could have one left.

Choosing among the eight Teigu, Su Xiao finally left the long red sword, and he had a thought that did not whether it could achieve.

The main position of the blueprint of revising Teigu was filled in, and the accessory position was also filled in. The whole parchment was full of images of various Teigu.

There were forty-eight Teigu in the empire. There were eight Teigu on this parchment. If the existence of this parchment is known by the Empire or the Revolutionary Army, the two sides will surely chase him forever.


Su Xiao breathed a long sigh of relief. At this time, he was also a little nervous. The Teigu that had been harvested since he got in Akame Ga Kill world was basically all here. These Teigu could be sold as the sources of the world.

[Requirements of Synthesis have been reached, yes / no start to synthesize.]

“Start to synthesize.”

After Su Xiao confirmed, the whole parchment paper shined white light, the eight Teigu gradually dissolved.


A roar came, it was the illusion of the giant wolf Fenrir.

In the sight of this giant wolf was full of unwillingness, it seemed to be clear that its consciousness would dissipate.

But this drawing was the item that reincarnation park certified. Su Xiao had never seen any creatures were able to resist the power of the reincarnation park.

The drawing gradually calms down, the whole parchment began to shrink, eventually forming a metal ball which was as big as a football. The metal ball was wriggling, some kind of life was breeding in this.

Su Xiao tried to touch the metal ball, the hint of the reincarnation park appeared.

[Synthesizing… it will take eight hours and five minutes.]

Su Xiao put his hand on the metal ball, intending to put the metal ball into the storage space.

[It can’t be put into the storage space during synthesis, 73% chance of fluctuations of space will lead to synthetic failure.]

Su Xiao’s expression changed, it was bad news that it could not be put into the storage space.

He almost could not hold. He was exhausted previously, now he had a severe headache and needed a rest.

If he doesn’t take a break, it will be very troublesome when he encounters enemies during this period. He could use at most 50% of his combat power.

It was obviously not a way to hold for eight hours. He took out some wires in the storage space and placed some trap alerts on the room and door.

Taking out three bombs with small power, Su Xiao linked them on the wires. If someone comes in, the bomb will be triggered. Although it couldn’t kill the enemy, it was a good alarm.

After finishing all this, he began to have a top-heavy feeling and fell into the bed, after a few seconds he fell into a deep sleep, although it was somewhat risky, he had to do so.

At the same time, a mountain region in a few kilometers away, a beautiful girl with a long hair was sitting on the ground, she was Chelsea who was tracking Su Xiao.

At this time, Chelsea’s hair was messy, the headphones on her head had disappeared, her appearance was ragged.

“Is it normal? Does this guy have Persecutory Type? He placed more than 20 traps along the way.”

Chelsea opened the gin trap on her shoes with full power, and this thing almost broke her leg.

“I have no strength to chase anymore. There must be a lot of traps along the way. If I keep trashing, I will die before finding the enemy.”

Chelsea looked at surroundings vigilantly, on the way of pursuing Su Xiao, she felt that the whole world was targeting her.

“Persecutory Type, pervert, I hate the assassination unit!”

Chelsea punched the ground and leaned on a large stone.

“I will continue to chase after resting for a while.”

Although she said to take a break, Chelsea’s breath was more and more stable, she was obviously falling asleep.

Chelsea’s tracing ability was not weak, and she could find hereafter Su Xiao covered his traces.

But Chelsea did not know that if she continues to chase, there are various surprises waiting for her.

In order to prevent being tracked by the enemies, Su Xiao put a lot of traps along the way. Some traps were noticed easily. Others were very difficult to detect.

Revolutionary army headquarters would soon see the effect though Su Xiao’s actions. He had been wearing the third assassination unit’s uniform. The revolutionary army would know that he was the men of the empire as long as they are not stupid.

Moreover, the revolutionary army lost Najenda the important cadre, and it was adding fuel to the fire.

In Su Xiao’s original plan, the revolutionary army may not directly confront the empire in the first ten days.

Su Xiao’s judgment was wrong this time. After the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army returned without success, the leader of the revolutionary army was angry and ordered to mass troops to attack the capital city immediately.

The revolutionary army had already prepared. This incident was only a fuse. The revolutionary army was like a gunpowder barrel which would explode through lighting. Su Xiao’s actions were to pour a pot of red charcoal fire on the gunpowder barrel.

A war that would change the world was about to begin.