Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 230: Bob

Su Xiao had slept for more than ten hours. He was too tired this time.

Su Xiao felt that a warm thing was closing to his face; it was still breathing.

At first, Su Xiao thought that he was dreaming, even if he had fallen already asleep, he could feel it if he was in danger.

The feeling of wetness appeared, Su Xiao opened his eyes after his cheeks twitched, it was not a dream!

A long face which looked like a dog and a wolf appeared in front of him. A pair of black eyes were staring at Su Xiao, and his sights were full of curiosity.

Su Xiao’s scalp was numb, and he turned around to get up directly. He did not notice that a creature was close to him.

He kicked the ‘huge beast’, which was more than one meter high and three meters long, on the bed to fly. This thing was larger than the tiger’s body.

The ‘huge beast’ was kicked flying as it screamed piteously.

Dragon flash appeared in his hand, Su Xiao looked at the unknown creature in front of him.

This creature’s hair was smooth was black and white, the black hair was on the back, and white hair was on the chest. It looked similar to the giant wolf Fenrir and very majestic. It also had some characteristics of dogs.


The unknown creature raised its head to scream and looked wronged after being kicked. It wanted to close to Su Xiao but was somewhat hesitated.

Su Xiao relieved, he was completely awake, he knew the matter roughly, this unknown creature was not dangerous.

“Sit down.”

Su Xiao tried to make orders. The unknown creature immediately sat on the ground, and a furry tail was shaking. It seemed that it was happy to be commanded by Su Xiao.


The unknown creatures immediately did it, and the dark eyes were full of joy; its tongue stretched out and gasped.

“Roll a circle.”

The unknown creature rolled on the ground in the direction of Su Xiao’s feet.

Su Xiao touched the unknown creature with his fingers, the hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Teigu: tearing space bad dogs, Bubtney, the owner is Su Xiao, whether to check the information.]

Su Xiao scowled. This Teigu was classified into the dog breed. He was more interested in the dog breed than the wolf breed.

The loyalty of dogs couldn’t be compared with any other animals. The dog was a human’s most loyalist partner.

For a person, raising a dog was only part of life, and for that dog, the owner was the whole world.

Tearing space bad dogs, Bubtney (Teigu)

Life value: 100%

Mana value: 260

Strength: 12

Agility: 15

Physical strength: 20

Intelligence: 26

Charm: 10

Skill 1: Rushing with full speed (active): When this skill was turned on, Bobtney’s moving speed will increase by 100%, it consumed 10 points of mana values per minute, it could carry heavy things.

Skill 2: The gift of the goddess of the snow (aura): It could generate an aura of a goddess of the snow, and restore the companions’ life values of 1 point every second. No consumption, the recovery effect would improve according to the intelligence property.

Skill 3: Guarding owner loyally (active): Consumed 50% of mana values, and restored 50% of the owner’s life values in 3 seconds, the cooling time was 48 hours.


Su Xiao was shocked after reviewing Bobtney’s information; its physics and intelligence attributes were actually higher than his.

Even if he doesn’t look at the property, Bubtney was also an accessory Teigu which could be called as the best quality, and it was the amount and a healer.

If he had Bubtney before, Su Xiao would not be as embarrassed as he was now, he could know how fast the moving speed increased by 100% by calculating Bubtney’s agile attribute.

Bubtneyit’s agility attribute was 15 points, 100% was equivalent to a double, that was, the moving speed of 30 points of the agility attribute.

And Bubtney’s skill 2 and skill 3 were recovery skills, and skill 2 was recovery for a whole day, the recovery amount of skill 3 was surprisingly high.

Su Xiao was very satisfied with Bubtney’s ability, although its property was not low, Bubtney’s combat power should not be strong; after all, it had the only skill to support.

But Butbtney’s auxiliary ability was very strong, and it combined the abilities of chasing, escaping, and recovering together.

For the biological Teigu, Su Xiao did not want it had a strong fighting power. He had been accustomed to fighting alone. He would not be used to have an assistant suddenly.

Bubtney could stand by while he was in the battle. If the battle did not go smoothly, Su Xiao could ride on Bubtney to escape.

Bubtney’s size was not small, and the power attribute was 12 points; it would be absolutely no problem to ride.

Su Xiao asked Bubtney to stand in front of him, he rolled over and rode on Bubtney’s back.

Bubtney did not react; its body was very stable, which made Su Xiao very satisfied.

“Rush forward.”

Bubtney immediately did it.


Bubutney and Su Xiao both hit on the wall, and a large hole was knocked out on the wall, dust rose.

Su Xiao brushed down the dust on the head.

“This silly dog.”

Su Xiao looked at Bubtney speechlessly, and the dog was stroking on his body.

Unlike the imagination, Bubtney seemed to be a bit stupid, Su Xiao let it rush forward, it actually rushed forward until it hit the wall.

Perhaps even if Su Xiao asks Bubtney to die, Bubtney will do it.

Su Xiao observed the appearance of Bubtney, and it looked more familiar.

“Will it be…”

Su Xiao thought of a kind of a dog, in reality, the black and white color on the head, which was roughly the same as the wolf…

Bubtney began to walk around Su Xiao, and it seemed that he would be happy when it saw Su Xiao.

Su Xiao gave a pat on Bubtny’s head, which made Bubtney super happy, its tail waged faster.

There was a problem in front, Bubtney’s body was not small, other people in the capital city would doubt when Su Xiao had a biological Teigu near him.

After a while, Su Xiao found that this was not a problem. The core of Bubtney was a sphere which was as big as a fist.

Trying to put Bubtny away, Bubtney’s body gradually shrank, it finally turned into an ice blue sphere and fell to the ground.

Su Xiao picked up the ice blue sphere, which was the initial appearance of Tearing space bad dogs, Bubtney. This thing also had an introduction.

[The core of Bobtney]

Origin: Akame Ga Kill

Quality: purple

Category: Biological Teigu

Effect: After activating, it will become ‘Tearing space bad dogs, Bubtney’.

Rating: 130 (Note: Purple items are rated from 71 to 150.)

Introduction: Extremely rare accessory Teigu.

Price: 36,000 points of paradise coins.


Su Xiao was surprised while throwing the core on his hands. This kind of biological Teigu that was easy to carry was rare; at least it didn’t appear in the original plot.

Removing the trap alert on the window, Su Xiao jumped out of the window, the hotel owner also knocked to break the door, if he leaves in the main entrance will increase unnecessary trouble.

Leaving the town, Su Xiao summoned Bubtney and rode on Bubtney’s back.

Bubtney’s hair was very soft was a pure natural mat.

“That way.”

After receiving Su Xiao’s order, Bubtney began to run fast, and it looked it could do anything without complaining.

The strong wind rushed through his cheeks, Bubtney’s running speed was faster than he expected. After all, it had four legs, and the speed was doubled directly after the skill was opened.

Riding Bubtney was different from riding a horse; the degree of the bump was much smaller.

He had an energetic feeling when he was neat Bubtney, and this was the recovery effect of the goddess of the snow.

One thing made Su Xiao very confused. The full name of Bubtney was ‘Tearing space bad dogs, Bubtney’], the bad dog was in large part of it.

He looked at Bubtney’s silly appearance, and he couldn’t connect Bubtney with the bad dogs.

Soon after, Su Xiao understood the meaning of the bad dog. Although Bubtney showed a little bit silly in front of him, it would tear any creature that dared to close to Su Xiao.