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R.P Chapter 231: Sad news

Su Xiao’s travel with Bubtney became easier, and he did not need to walk any further.

Although Bubtney was a Teigu, if it wants to maintain energy, it will need to eat food normally. This was the commonality of biological Teigu.

Bubtney only needed to eat once in three days, but Bubtney had a large appetite.

Su Xiao looked at the buffalo that was eaten for the most. Looking at the situation, this buffalo could barely satisfy Bubtney’s meal once.

Bubtney licked the blood on its mouth, although it was the first time to eat. But it seemed to be very interested in eating and eating happily.

“Let’s go.”

When it heard Su Xiao’s voice, Bubtney rushed over quickly and did not miss the remaining flesh.

Su Xiao noticed that Bubtney’s dark eyes were staring at the pile of meat and seemed to want to continue eating.

It seemed to be no problem with its loyalty.

Su Xiao rode on Bubtney, indicating Bobtney to continue to hurry.

Three hours later, in front of a small village.

Terry lived in this village. Su Xiao had promised to hand over the gems to Terry’s wife and daughter.

Su Xiao would do it if he promised, but now it seemed that there was no chance.

The village where Terry’s family lived was burned black, and there were cyan smokes appeared in the village. All the buildings in this village had been burned down, a kind of charred smell passed far away.

“Bubtney, get in.”

Bubtney carefully stepped into the charred village, the wolf’s light shined in his eyes, Bubtney was not stupid when he was in danger.

Bubtney head suddenly lowered down, and the sensitive nose seemed to smell something.

After a while, Bubtney ran to the front of a charred building and woofed for twice.


Su Xiao looked at Bubtney with doubts. He didn’t know what did Bubtney mean.

Bubtney walked into a pile of coke, the sharp claws got out from the front paws and began to dig in the coke.

Su Xiao jumped down from Bubtney’s back, and he looked at Bubtney with confusion.

Bubtney surprisingly pulled out a dark figure from the pile of coke after a minute.

This was a man who was burned with a large scale. His limbs were carbonized, and he looked alive.

Bubtney put the man in front of Su Xiao and gnashed at his sharp teeth. It seemed that if the man had slightly moved, it would bite on the person’s throat.

Bubtney inherited the dog’s loyalty and the fierceness and acuity of the wolf. In this environment, he could find survivors, showing how acute Bubtney’s sense of smell is.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

A severe cough came and the man who was burned by a large area awaked.

“Kill…me, please kill me.”

The pain of being burned for the whole body made the man want to die.

“What happened here, I will kill you after you answer the question.”

“Burn…the burning troop, killing…kill me.”

Su Xiao understood. It turned out that the burning troop came here. No wonder there was such a tragedy here.

“Where is Terry’s home?”

“The first one in the entrance of the village, quickly… it’s painful.”

Su Xiao got the answer that he wanted and gestured Bubtney to solve person.

Bubtney understood very well, it immediately understood Su Xiao’s meaning, aiming at the man’s throat to bite.

“Let’s go.”

Riding on Bubtney’s back, Su Xiao asked to go to the direction of the village entrance.

When they came to the entrance to the village, the scene here was even worse than before. The house was burned to leave only a frame, and the people inside could not survive.

“It seems that all of his family completely die.”

Su Xiao took out the bag of gems and threw the gems into the coke not far away.

A gem bag was slammed to break with a crack, a variety of crystal gems were noticeable in the dark coke.

“Let’s go, this direction.”

Su Xiao pointed to the direction of the capital city, Bubtney ran wildly.

He had left the capital city for three days and had five days to rest. He had to return quickly.

Su Xiao began to travel with Bubtney in long distances. He had to say that Bubtney had a strong endurance; it ran for seven hours incessantly without breathing heavily.

In another perspective, Bubtney was more suitable to travel for long distances than the car, and it was not only comfortable to sit, but also could ignore the rough terrain.

Su Xiao could not help but thought that if he had Bubtney previously, Leone and Akame could not escape successfully.

Su Xiao had tested, Bubtney’s sense of smell was several times stronger than the average dogs, he could ride Bubtney to pursue his enemies in the future.

Imagine that the enemies were running in front, he was riding on Bubtney’s back to chase, this kind of killing saved time and energy, and it was very convenient.

After traveling for about ten hours, Su Xiao returned to the suburbs of the capital city.

He put Bubtney away when he got here and put Bubtney’s core into the storage space.

He suddenly had an extra piece of Teigu would be very hard to explain, or he could not explain at all.

Don’t talk about the appearance and function of forty-eight Teigu that recorded by the empire, Bubtney was not among those at all.

If Esdeath sees Bubtney, she will definitely recognize it, because Bubtney looked too similar to the giant wolf Fenrir.

The capital city was still the original appearance. Su Xiao appeared near the palace first and then appeared in the third assassination unit, Esdeath’s military camp and other places which were in order to fool the public’s opinions.

Walking on the street, Su Xiao vaguely felt that the atmosphere of the capital city was somewhat different. At this moment, a girl with black hair came with a group of soldiers in the distance.

“Byakuya? Where did you go in these few days?”

The person came was Kurome, Yatsufusa was on her waist, she was followed by the army looked like to be ready to fight at any time.

“I went to the suburbs to find the base of the night raid, the two members of the night raid fled in the suburbs of the capital city before.”

Kurome did not suspect with anything.

“Something happened, Dr. stylish and Run were killed.”

Su Xiao was shocked.

“When did this happen?”

“Last night, both of them were killed in their homes. The nearby residents did not hear the sound of fighting and found the card on the scene.”

Kurome took out a tarot card, Su Xiao’s eyes slightly closed after seeing this kind of the tarot card.

He took over the tarot card from Kurome’s hands, Su Xiao seriously looked like the appearance of the tarot card.

On the back of the tarot card was a large piece of the mysterious pattern, the front was blank with the vague traces of being burned.

“The murderer left it?”

”Yes, they left dozens of cards on the scene, the appearances are the same.”

“I will take one.”

“Ok, do you want to find the murderer together?”

Su Xiao nodded and moved with Kurome so that others could no longer doubt where did he go in the past few days.

Su Xiao and Kurome brought a large group of soldiers in the capital city to investigate.

Although Kurome was not enthusiastic about the companions of Jaegers, Kurome had an extremely strong-boned relationship with her companions.

In order not to lose her companion, Kurome had used her Yatsufusa to kill her companion who was about dying. The purpose was to see her companions in the future.

When Jaegers were just set up, the two people were killed, which obviously irritated Esdeath, so she sent troops to do a detailed investigation in the capital city. Any suspects could not be let off even if they caught wrong people.

Su Xiao also joined the search camp, but he was waiting for something.