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R.P Chapter 232: 700

The investigation in the capital city ended after three days, although they did not find the prisoner after searching through the whole city.

At night, the night winds blew, the capital city tonight was extra quiet.

Su Xiao took out the tarot card, and he was a bit familiar with this tarot card.

“The contractors? They can quietly kill Dr. stylish and Run, interesting.”

Su Xiao came to the suburb of the capital city, and no one was there. He summoned Bubtney.

After Bubutney appeared, it was affectionate to Su Xiao, Su Xiao put the tarot card in front of Bubtney’s nose.

“Track the smell on the card.”

Bubtney sniffed on the tarot card for a while and began to find the smell in the air.

Bubtney began to run, and the goal was the direction of the capital city.

Su Xiao was stunned, the person dared to stay in the capital city after killing people? Su Xiao was speechless after half an hour, Bobtney took him to Kurome’s house. Kurome also touched this tarot card.

Su Xiao looked upset.

”Looking for other smells.”

Bubtney’s ears dropped, it seemed that it could understand that Su Xiao was not very happy.

This time, Bubutney looked for more than two hours near the capital city. When Su Xiao was preparing for thinking in the long-term perspective, Bubtney suddenly woofed.

“You found it?”

Su Xiao was very surprised. The thing had happened for a few days, Bubtney surprisingly could capture the person’s smell.

Bubtney barked cheerfully and lowered its body to ask Su Xiao to ride on its back.

Riding on Bubtney, the creature combined perfectly with the wolf and the dog began to show its powerful side.

Bubtney ran while sometimes stopped in the forest, tracking the smell a few days ago was a bit difficult to it.

After they wandered for seven or eight times in the suburbs, Bobtney arrived at a forest which was a bit far from the capital city.

“Woof, woof.”

Bubtney barked for a few times in the front and did not want to move forward anymore.

“What happened?”

Bubtney anxiously turned around in the same place, but no longer moved forward.

Su Xiao began to check the surrounding situation. Under the moonlight, he found an abnormality. Some undetectable cyan lights reflected in the forest. It was a reflection of the metal wires.

“A warns placed by Dimensional Formation: Shambhala? Here is…”

Su Xiao suddenly thought of something, and a smile appeared on his face, he seemed to find a very nice place.

“Bubtney, let’s go back.”

Su Xiao did not move forward, but let Bubtney return in the same way.

After returning to the capital city, Su Xiao put Bubtney away and walked into a house.


At noon of the next day, in the meeting room of Esdeath, the four members of Jaegers and Esdeath gathered here.

“Byakuya, talk about what you found.”

Esdeath took the lead to speak.

“I found the headquarters of the night raid on the suburb of the capital city last night. To be exact, I found the defensive enchantment that was placed by a member of the night raid. I didn’t choose to attack them. If I’m right, more than 90% of members in night raid are there.

The conference room was in silence.

“We should ask for justice for our dead companions.”

Wave hammered at the conference table, and the righteous boy had bloodshot eyes, it seemed that he had been investigating the reasons for two companions’ death recently.

“If the intelligence is correct, the night raid now has a total of seven people. According to the information obtained from fighting with the night raid before, even if we only have five people, we will win in the combat power. I decide that all the members of Jaegers mobilize.”

Esdeath ordered, she did not mention the word of revenge in her speech.

In Esdeath’s view, death only represented weakness, and it was not worth to revenge. The night raid was just the target to kill.

“Boss, do you want to go with the army together to attack.”

Wave spoke…

“No, we will strike today. The number of troops is less than one thousand will not have an effect; more than one thousand will be too easy to expose.

We as the troop that attacks first need to drag the night raid, after that, we will let the army mobilize to surround the night raid again, and finally shrunk to surround them. ”

Esdeath’s strategy was good. Let Jaegers drag the night raid first and then let the army to suppress.

Through Su Xiao pointing the directions, Jaegers quickly arrived outside the forest. The members were:

The leader Esdeath, Su Xiao, Kurome, Wave, Bols.

“Is this the headquarters of the night raid? It surprisingly hides here. No wonder that they have not been discovered before.”

Esdeath held a map in her hand, and the map was the terrain of the forest.

The terrain here was very good, complex terrain such as valleys and rivers surrounded.

“Kurome, you are responsible for surrounding the rear.”

Considering Kurome’s Yatsufusa ability, Esdeath asked her to block the enemies’ road.

“Bols, Wave, you two move together.”

Considering that Bols’s melee ability was not strong, Esdeath had arranged Bols and Wave together.

“Byakuya, be ready to sneak in, drag the user of Murasame Akame after the war begins.”


Jaegers began to move, and several people rushed in different directions into the forest. Tens of thousands of troops were ready to act within a kilometer. They would surround the forest after the battle began.

Jaegers rushed into the forest and immediately touched the alarm of Dimensional Formation: Shambhala.

At this time in the headquarters of a night raid, the user of Dimensional Formation: Shambhala, Lubbock immediately perceived it.

“Unknown enemy breaks in.”

Lubbock shouted, the other members of the night raid quickly gathered around Lubbock.

“How many enemies are there?”

Najenda was not there; Akame was the agent leader.

“A total of five people, they get into the nearby forest in four different directions, the speed is very fast, what should we do?”

Leone and others looked worried, their stronghold was exposed.

“Do the same strategy. Let’s first test the strength of the enemies. If the situation is not good, we will prepare for retreating. Then we will gather at the temporary stronghold.”

The members of the night raid now had six people, not the seven people that Esdeath expected.

The six were: Akame, Tatsumi, Mine, Leone, Lubbock, Sheele.

There was actually one person left, but that person was not the main member of the night raid.

The night raid chose to fight, and this must be a killing fight.

In the nearby forest, Su Xiao stood in the same place. He did not rush to the headquarters of the night raid because he saw an acquaintance in front of him.

“It seems that it’s the destiny, we will meet again in such a short time.”

The person played with the tarot card by one hand, a man in a suit stood in front of Su Xiao. He was Carl, a member of ‎Phantom Troupe, ranking 11th.

“Who knows?”

Dragon flash appeared in his hands, the contractors who were in a different camp would only have one situation after they met, that is, killing each other, the key to complete the main task was only one, the competition was fierce.

“Since we can’t be teammates, let’s fight once to see how lucky today is.”

The tarot card in Carl’s hands floated in front.

“Water class, wind class, fire class, three classes? Good luck, it seems that you will die today.”

Carl looked around at the hundreds of tarot cards in front, and a vague smile appeared on his face.

As a member of ‎Phantom Troupe, Carl was certainly not weak. He was a sorcerer who has mastered more than 700 spell skills.

That’s right, and there were more than 700 kinds.


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